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36 Easter Basket Gifts | Happy Easter Gift Ideas!

It's time to start stuffing those Easter baskets. Whether you're shopping for your kids, family, or ready to go full DIY this year, Tellinga brings you a selection of Easter-approved gifts they'll adore for a long time. In this blog, Tellinga covers a wide range of Easter gift ideas, ranging from fun and creative front door decorations, to Easter egg baskets, to fluffy bunny treats you can give to party-guests in the upcoming Easter 2021 season.

Our list contains various quirky gift items for any Easter celebration and party ideas to welcome the Easter season in a fun-filled environment. Go through our gallery of 36 Easter basket gifts and pick any Easter idea that gives you the inspiration for enjoying your party and make it Easter-ready for the spring season.


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Tellinga is a great Easter gift idea. Subscribe to one of their subscription packages to send out greetings for a Happy Easter to your friends and family.


These Easter bunnies will undoubtedly be huge crowd-pleasers and make your treats truly next level. A delicious treat you can place in your Easter gift baskets. Surprise your kids with these Easter bunny-shaped chocolates. Don’t forget to add a happy Easter card from Tellinga in your Easter gift baskets for kids to complete the set!


Celebrate the occasion by twinning with your son for the happy Easter party. Add this tie to your son and husband's Easter basket to ensure that they're appropriately dressed for this year's Easter brunch with the family. A perfect Easter gift for the family when combined with a funny bunny card for Easter from Tellinga.


Kids will enjoy hours of fun with this Easter art & coloring book. This custom coloring book includes many Easter pictures to color, featuring fun seasonal images like a bunny in a hot air balloon, a basket of chicks, and of course, an Easter egg hunt! Just in time for spring, these egg-cellent coloring books bloom with your creative touch! Add a fun Easter card from Tellinga for an Easter basket stuffer.


Children will just adore cookies made with this fabulous cookie cutter set. It will also be well-liked by party guests of all ages, who love cupcakes. So, give them an extra Easter treat by using this special cutter kit. Bake these delicious cookies with this kit and add a card from Tellinga to complete your Easter gift baskets for kids.


This carrot pair plates can serve dips or even just to store jewelry; the options are endless! Add a little humor and fun to your Easter celebration with the favorite food of the Easter rabbit. This small, festive dish is perfect for holding candies, and small Easter treats or even as part of your Easter decor! Give a fun, farmhouse decorative touch to your space. Make this item part of your Easter gift basket with a happy Easter card from Tellinga.


Bring the warmth of fun to your home sweet home with this Easter rabbit serving bowl. This mischievous antic serves as the perfect conversation starter during Easter dinners or happy good Friday weekends. These three bunnies will welcome guests to your home with Easter desserts, Easter cookies, or a selection of mixed nuts. A fun item for the Easter gift basket. Personalize your Easter basket by pairing a happy Easter card from Tellinga.


These freshly cut blooms are bound to brighten anyone's Easter Sunday or Good Friday. Even the Easter bunny himself would have difficulty picking a bouquet as perfect and as colorful as this one! These Easter flowers will make any celebration more delightful and colorful! Send an Easter basket for your boyfriend and a card for Easter from Tellinga!


Party guests of all ages love Easter desserts. Give them a delight by using these unique cookie baskets. These spring-themed cookie baskets are sure to immediately disappear from any Easter table. Pair an Easter 2021 card from Tellinga with Easter baskets.


If your kids are big fans of Disney characters, this one's for you! They'll be happily hopping down the bunny trail with this super cute, huggable mickey plush in your happy Easter gift basket for kids. Mickey makes the perfect pal for Easter weekend selfies too! Complete this Easter basket gift by tucking in an Easter greeting card from Tellinga.


Little ones will instantly feel excited when given this ooey-gooey must-have! If your kid is into things of a slimy nature, this sunny-side-up slime is a wise choice for an Easter basket gift idea. Kids have a blast with these unadorned playthings that they can squeeze, twist, knead, bounce, or swirl. Attach an Easter themed greeting card from Tellinga to complete your Easter gift baskets for kids.


What does every bunny need? Carrots! These carrot candies are a tasty Easter basket stuffer idea. They can be served alone or paired with Easter desserts. These veggies are ones your kid will have no problem devouring. They are great for decorating Easter Sunday baskets! These carrot candies pair well with a happy Easter card from Tellinga.


Because that perfect Easter dress needs an even more perfect accessory to match. This crossbody handbag makes a fabulous Easter gift upgrade. Children who love fun accessories or are animal lovers, particularly around the Easter celebration, will adore this pink bunny bag. Fill this bag with fun Easter treats and a greeting card from Tellinga!


This adorable doormat is the perfect way to welcome Easter 2021. This bunny doormat is ready to hop onto your porch to help welcome your guests to the Easter weekend celebration! Be sure to pair this Easter bunny mat with coordinating outdoor spring colors. It can also be part of a gift for Easter baskets filled with Easter flowers and a card from Tellinga.


These Easter egg bath fizzers are the perfect way to unwind after the spring season and are a fun addition to any Easter basket. This is a great idea for Easter gifts for adults. You can deliver this gift basket with an Easter 2021 greeting card from Tellinga!


The breeze is warm, and the days are sunny, so it must be spring! These traditional egg candles fill the Easter gift basket perfectly, and they make lovely Easter egg hunt surprises. Egg-cellent Easter scents, their playful shapes, and vibrant colors make it an ideal Easter treat for family. Complete the holiday gift by attaching a funny Easter card from Tellinga!


Another sweet little basket filler for Easter gifts for adults, these ceramic bunnies are designed to hold your rings. Let these little bunnies keep your jewels safe. Set them by the sink or nightstand, and they'll watch over your rings with maximum cuteness. Complete your personalized Easter basket with an Easter 2021 card from Tellinga!


These adorable Easter bunny-shaped pop suckers are the perfect Easter treats to celebrate the spring season. A sweet Easter candy to use in your Easter baskets for kids or adult Easter baskets. These Easter bunny lollipops are sure to be loved by kids and adults of all ages. You can also stick a vintage Easter card from Tellinga with each pop suckers to set the tone for your Easter celebration.


These bunny carrots are filled with fun little Easter treats, and they're a fun addition to anyone's Easter gathering table-space. It's a fantastic idea for Easter gifts for kids as they love collecting Easter treats in their decorative Easter baskets. With every basket, create a card for Easter from Tellinga and see the smile on every kid's face.


Not only are these Easter flower coasters perfectly springy, but they also come in packaging made from seed paper, which you can plant instead of throwing in the trash. Celebrate Easter with this spring coaster set. An excellent item for your family Easter basket. Add a happy Easter card from Tellinga!


For something that feels festive but a little less in-your-face, gift this vibrant spring floral spoon rest to someone who loves to cook. A perfect present for an Easter basket for adults as they’ll cherish the beauty of its design. To complete the gift, add a beautiful Easter greeting card from Tellinga!


Looking for an easy way to bring along the Easter egg hunt wherever you go? These Easter egg boxes could pass as Easter decor. Fill the kids' table at Easter with these egg-shaped boxes and crayons to keep them busy during the meal. Fill these plastic Easter eggs with Easter treats or Easter art & crafts. Hide them around your yard and whoever wins the Easter egg hunt, give them a fun Easter card from Tellinga.


Before your guests arrive for Easter Sunday lunch, let them know that you and your family take the spring holiday season very seriously by hanging one of these Easter wreaths on your front door. It can also be a gift item for Easter baskets paired with a card from Tellinga.


Set up a DIY Easter basket station at your Easter party where all the kids can participate in Easter activities such as making these beautiful handmade Easter arts. The child that makes the most fun-filled Easter basket will get a Easter card for kids from Tellinga.


Swap traditional bunny ears for a playful version. In your Easter-themed party, pass on these cute Easter bunny hats to your guests before they go for an Easter egg hunt in your backyard. You can also gift a funny Easter card from Tellinga with your Easter basket gifts.


Make your Easter treats sweeter with these Easter cake pops! Bake an Easter bunny themed cake with a flavor of carrots in your cake pops. These sugary Easter cake pops can be used in your Easter baskets for kids or for party favors at your Easter celebrations. Add a happy Easter greeting card from Tellinga to personalize your Easter baskets.


Every bunny will want to get their paws on these! Fun and festive for Easter accessories, these sunglasses transform everybody into a peppy white bunny. You’ll love sporting these during a happy good Friday office party, whether you’re posing in a DIY photo booth or rooting on your little chickadees at an Easter egg hunt. You can put this item in your Easter gift basket for your boyfriend paired with a greeting card from Tellinga.


Can any gathering without balloons really call itself a party? Take your Easter party ideas one step further by decorating the entire house with these Easter light up balloons. You can give away this decoration to every kid with Easter gift baskets and a greeting card from Tellinga.


Create Easter Sunday treats with these colorful goody bags. A cute idea for party favors or a fun addition to Easter party supplies. These cute pouches will have your little bunnies hopping with joy, even before they discover the tasty Easter treats and tiny Easter eggs hidden inside. These drawstring bags are the cutest way to receive Easter gifts this year. Fill them up, then set the assortment out on a table with a happy Easter greeting card from Tellinga.


The kids will be rocking PJs for most of the day anyway, so they might as well hop into some festive Easter socks to show-off their Easter bunny style. Merging comfort with vibrant Easter vibes, these bunny socks are a perfect Easter gift idea. Pair this with a happy Easter Day card from Tellinga to complete your Easter bunny socks.


Rekindle your love for home décor with a beautiful hanging succulent. Their elaborate greenery makes them a perfect outdoor decoration in autumnal months. Decorate your backyard with these statue planters, Easter art station for kids, and other Easter activities to complete the brunch Easter celebration. You can also giveaway a Easter card from Tellinga to each of your guests!


This adorable bunny treat canister is a festive and fun way to store your child's Easter candies. The ceramic lid features a plush rabbit placed on top to safely treasure the kid's Easter treats. Personalize this canister by engraving your children's names on it and attach a card for Easter from Tellinga.


Celebrate Easter in style with these cute, personalized mugs for your kids. These adorable mugs will look fantastic on someone’s desk, tucked into an Easter basket, or filled with Easter treats as a delightful gift for an Easter party. Engrave a name on the mug and pair it with a happy Easter card from Tellinga.


Replicate the rustic-wood-themed Easter display with a wooden tray, fresh flowers, ferns, crochet runner, and speckled eggs. Complete this Easter party brunch with an Easter greeting card from Tellinga!


Hosting a party for Easter is a beautiful way to enjoy the holiday, and since this fun celebration is geared toward kids, it’s easy to find kid-friendly Easter party ideas. Attach these party tags to Easter baskets and a cute Easter greeting card from Tellinga.


This bright and colorful Easter cookie basket is a fun way to celebrate the Easter season. Include this yummy assortment of cookies and a greeting card from Tellinga in your Easter basket for your boyfriend.



You may be too old for an Easter egg hunt, but you can relish the Easter celebration spirit with artistic Easter basket gifts. These Easter gift ideas are typically bursting with customized decorations, Easter treats, and small personalized Easter baskets tailored to your loved one. Bring joy to your family and friends with unique Easter basket gifts full of their favorite treats!

Basically, these Easter gift ideas will help you pick a gift for any type of person. Add a personalized touch from Tellinga by sending hand-drawn storybook Easter cards for your celebration. Start your Easter story at


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