6 Valentine’s Day Card Ideas to Surprise Your Love Interest!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and this time around you’re not getting caught flat footed with zero ideas. After all, this is the perfect opportunity to show that special someone that you’re not one to drop the ball. But you need Valentine’s Day Card ideas, fast! What is Valentine’s Day without a Valentine’s Day Card? You think of taking a quick trip to your local gift shop, but the cards there are mundane and almost uninviting. You need Valentine’s Day Card ideas to surprise your love interest.

Feeling innovative? This is a great time with all the cool greeting card startups that have created new ideas for Valentines Day cards. Unlike the past, you can expect the following dazzling features when shopping for Valentines Day Cards:

  • Uploading your very own unique graphics

  • Personalizing your own romantic message

  • Even selecting your very own unique font

This is a great time to shop for cards given all the wonderful innovative designs and ideas that have hit the market. Refuse to settle for the norm, and take matters into your own heart by making use of these 6 ideas for Valentine's Day cards. In this article, we have highlighted 6 amazing Valentine Card ideas that will surely surprise your love interest.

1. Tellinga

Tellinga (like telling a story) is a Houston-based startup that creates 100% personalized hand-drawn greeting cards that tell your story through snail mail. Story recipients receive illustrated stories about themselves based on unique preferences. Tellinga is truly reimagining the traditional greeting card by turning it into an experience that is fun, dramatic, and thoughtful.

How it works:

  1. Select your story length (options-one day, one week, two weeks, or one month)

  2. Upload a photo and add a description of your desired story (you can reminisce a memory from your past or create a brand-new story)

  3. Our team of talented illustrators and artists will start working on your story

  4. A few days later, the designated recipient of the story will start receiving unique hand-drawn greeting card-sized illustrations every other day in their mailbox until the package ends

The world has gone truly digital, and most of us live our entire lives, emailing, text messaging, and following each other’s profiles on social media. This has come at a cost: things we typically took for granted, such as traditional mail have somewhat fallen through the cracks For those who still insist on checking their mail once in a while, they are greeted by the unsavory sight of bills and unwanted junk mail, coupon books, and solicitation postcards. Tellinga aims to change all that by breathing new life into the way we view our mailboxes. They offer a truly innovative way to tap back into the tangible and traditional mail by providing a product that you can touch and feel on a deeper level rather than staring at another screen. It provides that old level of eagerness and anticipation of looking forward to checking your mailbox every day. Remember that exciting feeling and adrenaline rush you felt when you went to the mailbox and saw a letter addressed to you by a love interest? How about when you looked forward to the new edition of a comic book or magazine that you had been looking forward to? Or even better, when a loved one who is overseas sent a letter or postcard from their location directly to your mailbox. Tellinga wants to rekindle those same emotions by providing an extremely personalized gift that brightens a loved one’s day by delivering little hand-drawn story surprises in their mailboxes. It gives people the chance to be a character of their own mailbox story sent out piece by piece.

2. Printable Glow Stick Valentine’s Day Cards

Feeling creative and sweet this Valentine’s season? Then you don’t want to pass up this awesome opportunity to be uber-surprising to your special someone with a very personalized Glow Stick DIY Valentine’s Day card from Little Bins for Little Hands. Being extra romantic and sentimental doesn’t have to belong to the movies. Nothing truly beats the thought of a handmade, customized card crafted with love for someone who truly deserves it.

The Glow Stick Valentines Day cards were originally popular with kids but, over time, have crossed over to the romantic side of Valentine’s Day. The handy glow stick Valentines are super-easy to make. The requirements include card stock and a glow stick, both of which are available at any large discount store or gift shop. While incredibly simple, your love interest will surely remember this Valentines Day card and treasure it as a romantic hit!

3. Printable Valentine Swedish Fish Bowls

Want to really surprise your love interest this Valentine’s Day? Etsy can help you make it especially creative with customized and printable Valentine’s Day Swedish Fish Bowls. These $10.00 cards come in four designs per 8.5 x 11" sheet, and you can print as many as you need on cardstock paper. These handsome fish bowls are available for immediate download on Etsy. Etsy is a popular online platform for arts and crafts.

The Swedish Fish Bowls come in a choice of two Adobe pdf file formats. You can contact the owner of the listing to have the wording customized to fit your specific liking or message. Another option is to purchase the printable fish bowls with the generic ready-to-go text, which is also very catchy. To download, simply purchase the downloadable files by adding them to the secure shopping cart and checking out with a major credit or debit card. You’ll then receive an email with a link to the downloadable file within an hour or less. The email is sent to the same email address you used when registering at Etsy.

4. Simply Creative Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards

If you have a knack for graphic design, you can quickly churn out impressive Valentines Day cards for him or her, with a DIY technique. All you need is a graphic design program, computer, and a good printer. Need ideas? There are plenty of places you can receive inspiration from. Here are a few good ones:

These sites contain a choke-full of helpful ideas that can inspire you when it comes to designing cute, catchy telltale cards that speak from your heart. Here are a few helpful graphic design programs:

Remember, simplicity is beautiful when it comes to ideas for a Valentine’s Day card for a friend. Using the tools above, you can easily create a handmade Valentine’s Day card that will truly melt the heart of your love interest. For real inspiration, visit Dribbble and browse through the collections of innovative art, including flame designs, stitches on the pelt paper hearts, cute patterns, and up and down hearts Valentines Day Card messages. You can also get amazing inspiration designs to create embellished hearts and many more designs that will totally take your love interest’s breathe away.

4. Fabulous Felt Fortune Cookies

Who would have thought that a paper Fortune cookie could add so much beauty and festive flavor to Valentine’s Day? Fabulous Felt Fortune Cookies from Live Laugh Rowe happens to be a brilliant idea when it comes to sparking the flames of romance this Valentine's Day. They are perfect for couples, love interests, and just about anyone else you would want to shower with affection.

5. DIY Silhouette Valentines

These sweet silhouette cards from NoBiggie seem to amaze each year and add a special romantic flavor to Valentine’s Day. The process involves making a simple trip to your local discount store or gift shop where you can purchase great frames that are begging for silhouettes to be placed inside them. Most thrift stores also stock cool frames that are always a fun addition to your Valentine’s Day DIY ideas.

One creative idea would be to use the picture of your love interest. Make sure it's on a solid white background, or you can get a graphic designer to remove the background. It doesn’t have to be one photo. You can begin with a bunch of photos here until you get it right. This a simple yet sweet project that can send a strong romantic message even to the most hard-to-please love interests.

6. Celebration Cards

A service known as Quick Celebration has a handy tool that creates highly innovative yet attractive Valentine’s Day Cards. It’s called the Online Designing tool which can be used to create amazing DIY Valentine’s Days Cards by selecting the page size, the number of pages, adding custom art, free celebration ornaments, love quotes, and messages. The program even allows you to add unlimited images and text all geared towards having the maximum effect on your romantic love interest. Want to be really sentimental this Valentine’s Day? Use components such as rose and heart clip art pictures to make your Valentine’s Day cards special and remember it always works best to use a material that is more or less customized towards your love interests desires (assuming you know them).

Struggling to get ideas for a Valentines Day Card? This tool comes with a photo gallery full of inspirational graphics that you can use to jump-start your creative appetite. You can even download the art and use free tools such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Paintshop. In a nutshell, the tool allows you to edit images, transfer your own particular pictures or browse the entire stock library of more than 1 million photos, designs, and representations including 130 crisp text styles. You can even change the hue and shades for additional effect.


This Valentine’s Day, reveal your true feelings for your loved one in unconventional ways by bringing your ideas for Valentine's Day cards to life. Show them how lucky you feel to have them in your life by using the above truly innovative ideas that are both cheap to implement and easy to deliver. Embed your innermost feelings into these amazing Valentine's Day cards ideas.

All of the options listed above are sure to provide a unique Valentine's Day card experience suitable for that special someone in your life. If you are seeking a 100% personalized and hand-drawn storybook Valentine's Day card to send as a unique gift by snail mail, then start your story at

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