12 Part Stories

The 12 Part Story consists of 12 hand-drawn greeting card-sized illustrations sent by snail mail every week over 12 weeks. Create a fictional story or reminisce a memory from your past. Customers are given the option of posting their stories on the Tellinga website. The following are examples of stories written by previous customers:

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Customer Description: STORY 2008: Met at Xmas party at Mary's house. Mary was a friend of a friend. We went to the Xmas light display on our 2nd date & kissed in front of live Nativity. Our first kiss was in front of sweet Baby Jesus! 2009: Our first big trip to Hawaii's Big Island. We'd been dating for 3 months& were together 24/7 for a week & never got sick of each other. The highlight was holding hands as we snorkeled off a black sand beach with 3-4 sea turtles around us. 2010: After trips to Curacao, Mexico, etc. we launched our blog Green Global Travel. Made decision in Costa Rica during a tropical downpour: tree frogs & hummingbirds were incorporated into our logo. 2011: Trip to Galapagos Islands, swimming with Galapagos Sea Lions. I was filming as Sea Lion swam all around me, blowing bubbles. Search "Green Global Travel Swimming With Sea Lions" and you can see the video! 2012: Highlight was Antarctica cruise, saw Penguins, Humpback Whales, etc 2013: Mary's dream come true trip to Bora Bora, Tahiti. 2014: We start speaking at blogging conferences around the world, including Greece. We recreated a pic of my granddad walking down the steps of the Acropolis, while I held the photo. 2015: 17-day trip to Tanzania and Rwanda. The highlight was hiking to see the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda. That was one of the first stories we sold to National Geographic– a major dream come true for us! 2016: Travel conference in the Philippines. I love the pic of her on a hidden beach at our private island resort.  2017: My beloved grandparents never met Mary. We went to Scotland & traced my ancestry to the Isle of Skye. We climbed a hill to the ruins of my Clan's old castle, where I spread my grandparent's ashes. The wind picked up as I released the ashes, blowing some of them onto my black pants. 2018: For my 50th birthday, we took a 3-week trip to Kenya. There were tons of highlights, but the most picturesque when is when our work in wildlife conservation got us a behind the scenes tour at Ol Pejeta Conservancy, where we got to enter the pen with the last two Northern White Rhinos on the planet.  2020: This year we launched a new site focused on the Blue Ridge Mountains, in part because we're hoping to buy a lakefront mountain cabin there soon. So it would be great if the final image could have us side by side, looking out over the water with mountains and a sunset on the horizon.

Customer Description: My girlfriend and I both love Star Wars! We met at a club one night and immediately fell for each other after I asked her to dance to our favorite DJ. Recreate a Star Wars version of this story where instead of the club, we meet at the cantina from Star Wars Episode 4, replace the DJ with the flute playing aliens, and draw us in an epic lightsaber fight to replace the dancing.

Customer Description: 11 years of marriage was filled with joyous moments for Eli (34, leads analytics group) and Laura (33, head of accounting): college at Texas A&M, 2 beautiful kids (Barrett, 6 who loves Pokemon and Layne, 3 who is hilarious and loves playing babies and wearing a single blue glove – that might actually be magical), going from broke college students living in an apartment with two lawn chairs and a TV propped up by a rug with boxes of books as furniture to living in a beautiful house w/ a pool, going to Astros games, and loving to travel... getting married in Phoenix, Arizona, honeymooning in Quebec City, making & giving a flower lei for Laura in Kauai, skiing in Santa Fe, biking w/ mooses in Alaska, drinking wine in Napa, and flying on a seaplane to Fort Jefferson in the Florida Keys among so many other places! Life seemed perfect… almost too perfect. Was everything actually orchestrated like the Truman show by an evil human-looking robot villain aimed at profiting off of their love and wanting to learn human ways and subvert the human race by replacing humans with human-looking robots (Villain is Chris Harrison – the host of the bachelor)? Was their love even real or was it all a lie? OF COURSE, IT WAS REAL!!! THEY FREAKING LOVE EACH OTHER! The two would have to believe in each other, become gadget-wielding-super-ninja-spies and learn martial arts w/ their kids who will help in the journey, train by running up to Machu Pichu and down the great wall of china, and fighting off a potential overtaking of the world by destroying the evil villain’s secret lair in Antarctica. How could they and their kids possibly beat the near-insurmountable odds? By believing and trusting in each other, by believing in their love, by fighting for humanity and Team Moore! (I loved the comic-book style one w/ Jack from Jack-in-the-Box… the depth of story w/ some fun goofy stuff would be so great! Also, one particular picture is super special - the one of us getting married, would love that incorporated into the drawing).