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Six Part Stories

The Six Part Story consists of six hand-drawn greeting card-sized illustrations sent by snail mail every week over six weeks. Create a fictional story or reminisce a memory from your past. Customers are given the option of posting their stories on the Tellinga website. The following are examples of stories written by previous customers:

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Customer Description: Sarah and I met at a Dog Park in Nashville, Tennessee and started dating, then we both moved to San Francisco for jobs, then to Austin and finally to Houston 9 years ago. Along the way, we have had 5 children and have a cat and a dog. I just want to send Sarah something special, out of the ordinary, for no reason whatsoever. She is a Super Mom and does wonderful things for me and my children. Thanks!!

Customer Description: A nasty storm that develops causing lightning to strike Jack from Jack in the Box. Jack becomes evil and grows to an enormous size that’s almost unstoppable. His goal is to take out the rest of the fast food restaurants. As Jack rampages across the city, only superheroes Jodi and her husband Taylor can save them. Their superpowers allow them to turn into any of their favorite video game characters.

Customer Description: This is a gift for one of my good friends named Jerdal Whitaker. He married his wife named Mary Godfrey on 11/9/19. This story will be used as a wedding gift to them and to commemorate their love story (taken from their wedding website - Welcome family and friends to the story of how a Dallas Boy (Jerdal Whitaker) found his soulmate, a girl (Mary Godfrey) from Bryan, TX, in Houston 2016. I feel like a lot of love stories have a sort of a similar cadence in the way that two people involved have known each other for years, have been High School Sweethearts, or nowadays maybe swiped right on the right person! Well, Mary and I’s “story” is a bit different. Let’s rewind back to February 2016. It was a work training (both Jerdal and Mary worked at Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits Alcohol Distributor) and Mary and I met for the first time and maybe said 5 words to each other. So, it can be ruled out that this story begins with love at first sight. Now, let’s fast forward to August 2016. I had just made a big career move to Houston and in my mind was heading to this big city in south Texas for ALL Business. There was no way I was going to come to Houston and find my soulmate, nor was I searching. November 2016, the office was pretty empty and I assumed I was there alone until I received a knock on my office door followed by a question that any of you close to us know by now, “Hi, do you mind if I laminate in your office with you?” Sure, I replied as I looked at this girl with confusion…. Why did she want to laminate in my office? Again, let me emphasize the fact that at this moment I began to think twice about this ALL Business move I had made. But, after that day, something in me began to magnetize towards the laminating girl from Bryan who had just hijacked the corner of my filing cabinet for hours. From that moment, Mary and I began to build our relationship together. We took the official leap Valentine’s Day 2017 and never looked back. What sets our love story aside from others is that it’s ours’. Since the beginning, we know this has all been orchestrated by God. He chose the right times and places for us to be in our lives to bring us together. We leaned into challenging opportunities that would take us on different paths supporting each other the whole time, and in return, God moved us both to Dallas, TX within a week of each other. It’s hard to explain the feeling you get when you know you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. An even more powerful and unexplainable feeling is when you and that person have the opportunity to become one. Our love story is about two people, from two completely different places, that found their true selves in one another. A “story” that started with 5 words (Hi, my name is Mary) and is ending with 2 (I DO), will lead to our greatest adventure beginning November 9th, 2019 as husband and wife! They have done many fun things together leading up to their wedding like (use as fillers if you are looking to fill/continue the story): -going to an Astros game together (see picture) -Visit Lake Tahoe (see picture) -STL Blues game with Mary's siblings (see picture).

Customer Description: Matt and Kate (photos attached) are celebrating 6 years of dating. I would love a story showing us meeting in college at Boston college and traveling/living together through Nashville, NYC, San Francisco, and ending up in Houston. It would be cool to see any imaginative or crazy obstacles to overcame or experienced in any of those places. We love hockey games, vineyards, hiking, etc. Creative freedom with wacky stories is welcome! (More focus on Kate than her sidekick Matt).

Customer Description: My name is Din, my boyfriend is Berto. We're doing long distance, I live in MexicoCity, he lives in Porto, Portugal. I’d love to do something similar I saw in your site about getting trapped in our favorite movies, but with series and somehow incorporate the long-distance element. I’ll give you a list of some of his and my favorites: His: Lucifer (his favorite) Game of Thrones Stranger Things La Casa de Papel Mine: Downton Abbey Doctor Who Black Sails Supernatural.

Customer Description: Stephen and I have been married for 21 years. I have nicknamed him Brown Bear, bc he's fuzzy ;) Went to Memorial High School in Houston together (he's a year older), but we dated the other's friends then. I played volleyball and ran track; he played soccer. Reunited at my best friend Markley's lake house in April Sound on Lake Conroe, his senior/my junior college years. I stayed up later than another girlfriend of mine with her eye on him to be alone with him, even though he had peed off the deck onto my volleyball earlier. True love stuff, right? He later conveniently got "left behind" at the restaurant where I waitressed, so I drove him home in my Jeep, and he made me take a detour to a street with a lake named Shady Grove Lane. Where he kissed me for the first time. Started dating right after in 94, all the way through his law school. Then he took me back to Shady Grove Lane and asked me to marry. At night. We were both trying to see how the ring looked in the headlights—married in 1997! I had our first boy in 2003. Named him Barrett Lane, partly bc of his dad's Bear nickname and all, but Lane is my hubby's middle name. Nowadays we call him Big Bear. 6'2" 220 - my baby is humongous. Had our second boy in 2005, Jack Grady, the same middle name as my father. He has themed a Jack Rabbit in our home (fitting, he's non-stop crazy), but we call him Baby Jack. (Youngest of 4 grandkids, it just stuck). We love our outdoorsy family. They crack me up and make me nuts every. Damn. Day. And thank the sweet Baby Jesus I learned to cook, bc for the love of God those boys can EAT. Oh, and by the way, my hubby's bday is New Year's Eve, so he gets screwed out of most of everything except boozy lighting of his favorite Oreo cheesecake he requests I make every year. And every year I forget candles, so sparklers come in handy.

Customer Description: A man meets a woman, falls in love, married her, they start a family, and live happily ever after. It should be easy enough. Lol, I was introduced to my wife by a coworker of hers. We met and fell for each other quickly. A few years later, we had our beautiful daughter Chelsea, who is my wife's world now. She home schools our daughter and is a wonderful mother. My wife is from New York, and I am from Texas, so there is a big difference between our personalities, but it makes for an exciting marriage. I tell her all the time that she is becoming a Texan more and more every day. She denies it, so it's funny. Our 5-year-old daughter is smart as a whip and is a firecracker. She is so full of energy and is a handful to keep up with, but she is funny and is a joy to be around..most of the time. She swears she is a "real-life princess." She is big into ice skating. Please include her in the story as much as possible. Please also contact me if you have any questions or need help with the story.

Customer Description: We are a newly merged family of 5 gifted with (and grateful for) a second chance at love. We have vowed to collect feathers together forever. John and Amie are attached at the hip. We enjoy going on bike rides, nature walks, doing yard work and making art together. We playfully bicker and fight over Bluebell ice cream. John is a long, lean golfing machine, always tinkering, troubleshooting and protecting. Amie is curly-headed, powerful in petite package and leaves (perhaps weaves) a colorful trail. MJ is the most precocious 10-year old (girl) who demanded to wear all black beginning at the age of 3 and has grown into a theater sensation. Offstage, you may find MJ sparing in TaeKwonDo, rocking out on her electric guitar, speaking Chinese, exploring nature or lost in a fabulous book filled with mystery and adventure. Bud is a German Shorthair Pointer (resembling a Dalmatian but John insists he is ticked not spotted) who is a perma-puppy, always on point, running in circles to chase lizards and sings opera. Jasmine (Jazzy) is a slightly round in the middle miniature dachshund who is thankful for being rescued, always smiling and has terrible halitosis. I would love a James Bond-style story of the 5 of us crammed into a little electric car, saving baby bunnies and lost cats. We laugh a lot and always stop to pick up feathers, so it may feel more like Scooby-Doo.

Customer Description: Louis is the world’s cutest, squishiest baby. He has curly hair and juicy cheeks you’re dying to squeeze and kiss. We sometimes call him WooWoo, which is an adaptation LouLou, or Wooith, which is how he’d say his name (if he could talk). So, WooWoo is a super sweet, happy boy. He loves his momma and papa and his grandma (who he calls Pokey) and his grandpa (who he calls Gumby...yes, like the claymation characters). He loves Beatbo, his techno robot and, more than anything, he loves his bottle. The only time he’s not happy is when he gets hungry or tired. That’s when we say he turns into a crab (which in baby talk is pronounced “cwab”). “Why you getting cwabby?” his momma and his papa will ask. He has numerous outfits with crabs on them (including a pair of light-green and dark-green striped pajamas with a crab on his butt) and numerous crab toys. So, one day, we see Louis happily doing things he loves with the people he loves. But then it comes time for his bottle and something mysterious happens — he starts turning into a giant crab (a cute one though). And he wreaks havoc on Houston landmarks (such as skyscrapers, Minute Maid Park, NASA) like Godzilla. And he can’t be stopped. And his daddy, grandma, and grandpa fail. But the only one who can stop him is his momma, who gives him a bottle and he returns to his wonderful, cuddly, normal-sized self and the day is saved. Then we discover it’s Mother’s Day and Louis wishes his momma a happy Mother’s Day and thanks to her for being such a heroic mother. And gives her his Mother’s Day gift: a big hug/kiss...and the Bank of America building he tore out of the ground from downtown. The end.

Customer Description: Eddie turns into a super-hero (Spider-Man, if possible) and he gets the bad guys and saves Christmas in New York

Customer Description: Michael and his wife Ashley become cursed by their Netflix account.  They end up traveling through many movies and don't know if they will make it back home.

Customer Description: Maria goes to the donut shop and orders a donut. The cashier hands her the donut and whispers “you were never here”. Puzzled, Maria takes the donut from the bag and bites into it to also bite into a piece of paper that says “meet by the dumpster”. She thinks to herself “this wouldn’t be the first time I met someone at a dumpster”, finishes her donut and follows the directions of the note. At the dumpster is a homeless man named Kevin. Maria says “hey you’re that homeless man I give my spare change to when I have some, here you go man” and she hands him some change. He takes it and says “Thanks! except I’m not really a homeless man. My name is Kevin and I’ve been watching you. Your love for donuts is like none other. That is why I’ve axed you to meet me here.” Kevin takes a piece of paper out of his pocket and hands it to Maria. On it is an address. “On that is an address that I’d like you to meet me at midnight o’clock. Tonight. The fate of all the donuts in the world depends on you.” “Haha okay, dude” Maria agreed. Later that night at midnight o’clock Maria arrives at the address. It’s a junkyard. Inside the yard, Maria sees an old RV with the lights on. She approaches the RV and out jumps Kevin. “Quickly Maria, we mustn’t waste time!” Maria enters the RV and inside Kevin explains....”I work as an ambassador for NASA and I’ve been undercover as a homeless man watching you. Every day you come to the donut shop and order the same thing. Your passion for donuts is admirable, and now it’s time I let you in on a secret, here, have a donut for the ride”. Maria takes the donut and the NASA dude starts the RV. The RV is actually a space ship and they take off through space. “Woah dude what’s going on?!” Says Maria. “Donuts are actually unfertilized eggs from the planet Glaze-O. Right now there is turmoil on the planet and if Earth is to see another donut ever again I need your help to save the entire donut race....also you will be rewarded with a lifetime supply of donuts if we succeed”. Maria looks at the donut she’s been eating and says “wait so this whole time we’ve actually been eating unborn donut babies?” Kevin replies, “yes”. “Hell yeah”, replies Maria, and she finishes her donut. They arrive on Glaze-O (which looks like a giant donut, of course) and on the surface, Maria can see that the land is littered with hundreds of dead donut people. “This is an intense man. There’s glaze everywhere!” Says Maria. “Yes I’m afraid if this war continues any longer this race of beloved donuts will cease to exist,” says Kevin. “What do we have to do?” Asks Maria. “I need you to talk to the people. Get them to stop fighting”. “Okie Dokie” replies Maria. So Maria holds a city meeting and stands in front of a crowd of millions of donuts and says “hey man can’t we all just get along?” And all the donut people are like “Yeah!” And “aww I love you!” To each other and they hug and stop fighting and stuff. Then Maria and Kevin get back on the RV to fly back to Earth and Kevin says “I can’t thank you enough, Maria, you saved the entire race of donut people and by doing so quite possibly the human race as well. There’s one more secret I have to tell you...” “What’s that man?” Asks Maria. “My name isn’t really Kevin...” and he pulls off his human mask...” my name is actually Slumpy McSleazemeister. I am a donut.” And maria looks deep in his eyes and thinks he’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen and starts making out with his donut mouth (which is actually just his donut hole in the middle of his face). Then they get back to Earth and drive off in the sunset with a lifetime supply of donuts and love.

Customer Description: ***Special Napier Rice Launch Challenge Judge Gift*** Samantha Lewis, Executive Director, GOOSE Society • • Rice MBA, 2017 – TAMU for undergrad. Spent a year learning French after undergraduate graduation. • Participated in this Napier Rice Launch Challenge competition in 2017, and is now a judge. • Co-founded New Mexico Green Chile Company – generates over $3 million in annual revenue and boasts of customers like Torchy’s Tacos, HEB, and Trader Joe’s. • She started a lash extension shop in College Station (Lash Resort) and sold it in 2017. • During her time at Rice Business, she helped launch two tech startups, worked with a startup private equity firm, and interned at Station Houston. Samantha pitched at five business plan competitions including the Rice Business Plan Competition and the Rice Launch Competition where her startup, Trace Matters, won the $10,000 first-place prize for their lab-grade, portable chemical analyzer. • Samantha is a recipient of the Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship, the National Association of Women MBA’s Scholarship, and the Jones Citizen Award. Her Rice peers elected her as Alumni Class Ambassador for the full-time Class of 2017. Her favorite position at Rice, though, was as President of the Rice Business Wine Club where she launched the inaugural Rice Business Wine Tasting Competition.

Customer Description: Maurice, Kelly, and their cat Max are living peacefully in Houston. All of a sudden, there's a zombie outbreak! They equip themselves to fight their way out of the city and even give Max some tiny kitty nunchucks. They fight their way to the Medical Center, where they get a helicopter out of the city, and eventually a plane to New York City because somehow the US Northeast was spared from the zombie plague. Maurice, Kelly, and Max settle down in New York City to start their new lives. (Inspired because Maurice, Kelly, and Max will be moving from Houston to NYC soon so Maurice can go to Grad School. Maurice also really likes zombie stories!!)

Customer Description: Hello my name is Machi and I am from Amsterdam The Netherlands, And my girlfriend's name is Rita she works as a Tour Guide in Budapest The story is the following: I am listening to my girlfriend while she is guiding a group of tourists through the beautiful city of Budapest. We have eye contact and we cheeky smile to each other when suddenly we both notice something. There is a penguin in the group as well. We are amazed that there is a penguin in the group. The penguin has a travel machine and tells us to get in because he has something beautiful to show us We go inside the travel machine and we arrive in Northern Scandinavia where we see the beautiful Northern Lights The penguin tells us we were the cutest couple he had ever seen and had to show this beautiful Northern Light to us. Other than that he tells us that we can use his friends Iglo to sleep in. The Iglo is very beautiful from the inside and there is even a fireplace We go inside and have a naughty night in the igloo while looking at the northern lights The End.

Customer Description: Make Olivia find a secret passage to a Unicorn Paradise where she meets a few good Unicorns, but also one secretly mean Unicorn. Olivia recognizes there is something wrong with the mean one and catches her doing something sneaky, like eating everyone's chocolate. All the unicorns thank Olivia and go to sleep because they're tired. They wake up to find all their chocolate was eaten, anyway, by OLIVIA! Olivia says "Sorry guys, it was so yummy, i couldn't stop." :-).

Customer Description: Brian and Whitney met at the bus stop in kindergarten. Over the years, Brian grew to become best friends with Whitney’s older brother, so they were always around each other and hung out. As Whitney and Brian approached their twenties, they realized there was more to their relationship than simple friendship and found themselves falling in love. They had a secret romantic relationship that no one knew about but at age 25, Whitney moved across the country to Florida and Brian planted his roots by purchasing a home in Michigan. They always secretly kept in touch – calling, texting, and hanging out when in town – even though Whitney had a boyfriend in Florida. This went on for years until one day, at age 35, Brian got sick and was in the hospital, and they both realized life was too short to be unhappy. Whitney broke up with her boyfriend, flew home to see Brian, and since then they have been inseparable with plans for Whitney to move home so they can start a life together and be together at last.

Customer Description: Tatum is 6 years old and has a magic fairy named Love whom Tatum has never seen (she just knows that she is a tiny fair with wings), but who visits her at night and leaves evidence that she has been there. Love also secretly watches over Tatum while she is at school. Tatum enjoys playing in the yard and making crafts. Tatum also has a big sister named Nixie whom she enjoys playing with. (In the photo that I have provided, Tatum is the younger one).

Customer Description: My name is Chad. I met my fiancé, Nicole, at Air Force Officer School. On graduation day, June 8th, 2018 (the same day we became Second Lieutenants), we admitted mutual interest in each other and began dating. After that, we went to the same 6-month training course at Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas, where we got to know and fall in love with each other. I’m currently stationed at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, and live in Columbia. She is stationed at Warfield Air National Guard Base in Maryland and lives in Baltimore. The long distance relationship is tough, but we make it work through monthly trips to see one another, a lot of which have turned into mini-vacations. We’ve gone to visit my family in Pittsburgh, where I showed her around the city and she saw where my Steelers and Penguins fandom was born. We went to Universal Studios Florida to see Harry Potter world and wore shirts with our corresponding Hogwarts houses on them. I took her to a West Virginia University football game (my alma mater) and introduced her to a few of my college friends. I proposed to her in Jamaica on the beach at sunset on her birthday (September 20th). Recently, we spent our first Christmas and New Year together with our respective families. I’m currently deployed to the Middle East, so we’re running into new challenges in our relationship with even less communication than normal. I miss her terribly and can’t wait to get back to her. Nicole loves to read, drink red wine, and watch Dateline. I'm a lifelong martial artist (black belt) and like to eat way too much pizza and run Spartan Races. We're both Intelligence Officers in the United States Air Force.

Customer Description: This is a Mother's Day Gift for my mom named Marianne Kurkowski. Card 1: my mom was a school teacher. Draw my mom by herself (use card 1 pic) in front of the JL Lyons school sign (use card 1 pic) with the letters reading "Best Mom and Teacher Ever! Card 2: Just draw pic (see card 2). Write "She loves to travel with her man" up at the top. Card 3: Just draw pic (See card 3). Write "She loves her two boys" up at the top. Card 4: Just draw pic (see card 4). Write "She likes to have fun with her friends" up at the top. Card 5: just draw pic (see card 5). Write "She adores her grandchildren" up at the top. Card 6: Just draw pic (see card 6). Write "Happy Mother's Day" up at the top.

Customer Description: Part 1- Saw her for the first time at a party. I was sitting with a plate of food and glanced up and fell in love immediately that I couldn’t even eat my food. That was the first meeting then she stared and at me and was probably was like who is this weirdo staring at me with a plate of food. I remember what she was wearing a goldish cream skirt and top with heels. Part 2 - At her school’s bazaar all day we would see each other from far and stare but no one had the guts to make the first interaction. Then when the bazaar was about to finish and she was going home I said now is my only time and stepped in front of her when she was leaving. She got startled and ran straight into me lol. I said hi and she said bye looking at the floor all nervously. Her friend came up and said you guys should take pictures. Part 3 - I started talking a lot online and watching movies and became inseparable. Finally got the guts on April 26th, 2016 to ask her if she wants to be my girlfriend and made it official. She said yes through the phone. Part 4- I asked her to go to graduation with me and she said yes. I had an amazing time at my graduation and hers. Part 5 - Finished high school and moved to Canada at the end of summer 2018 to go to school together. It was the best time of my life. Part 6 - flash forward to now and 4 years going strong and still together through this pandemic and celebrating our 4 year anniversary together. Description - from the pictures. My name is Christian Bhola, 20, and her Shanaya Singh 20. Both students and currently stupid in love

Customer Description: My boyfriend, AJ and I started dating last year and he is the sweetest man. I would like each card to show the things he does for me and my son Leiland, and some cute memories we have together. When Leiland was sick he stayed up and held him sitting on the couch late into the night so I could sleep, every Sunday morning he gets me an iced coffee and sprinkles doughnut, we love to have scary movie night dates at home, AJ loves to play with Leiland they will sit together on a blanket in the living room and play with his many many stuffed elephants. One memory I would love to have shown was a night that AJ was pretty tipsy, we both have an outline of a rooster tattoo on our right thighs. That particular night he looked at his and said “I have a chicken!” then he notices that I too have the same tattoo and yelled out “You have a chicken too!” And then proceeded to grab my leg and put the chickens next to each other with the biggest smile in his face. I was dying laughing. The final card I would like to have Leiland, myself, and my two cats in a box of some sort, with AJ looking at us, and for it to say something along the lines of “ thank you for taking the package deal.” For reference: Myself(Lili): I am 23, 5’6” AJ: 23, 6’2” Leiland: 9 months (I would love if his very chubby cheeks were captured in the artwork) Thank you!

Customer Description: Molly (29) and I have known each other for about five years and have always been close but recently we started dating. We're separated during the quarantine and I'd like to send her a funny, superhero-type comic to make her laugh since we can't spend time together. When she was in high school (outside of Philadelphia, PA), she worked at a local ice cream shop, was on the juggling team and was the captain of her school's Fife and Drum Corps. She had a uniform and everything (see picture attached). I'd like to give her a humorous story called "Molly and the Magic Flute!" that takes place when she’s in high school and ends when she gets into Penn State - her dream college! A little about Molly - she’s beautiful, smart, funny (hugely sarcastic), a bit standoffish, great baker, loves her family, loves dogs, loves football, loves sunshine, she graduated from Penn State, favorite color is blue, was on the juggling team, plays the flute, worked in an ice cream shop. I've outlined my idea for a story below but please make whatever changes are necessary for it to be completed. Thanks! Card 1: Molly is at work at the local ice cream shop. She’s scooping a cone for an old man. She’s talking to her coworker that she’s worried about having enough time for her George Washington assignment because she has juggling practice. If she doesn’t do well on the paper, she’ll never get into Penn State! Card 2: Later that night, Molly is closing up the shop. The same old man from earlier comes back into the store and hands her a flute box. He says he heard her talking about her assignment and he thought she might find this helpful. She takes the box and sees the words on the front, “Ye Olde Magic Flute” She looks suspicious Card 3: Molly is in her bedroom that night, sitting in front of her computer and a blank screen. She’s struggling. She opens the flute box from the old man and plays the flute. Suddenly, in a flash, she finds herself in a colonial soldier’s uniform back in 1776 (see picture) during the American Revolution! Another soldier appears and tells her that General Washington wants to see her immediately! Card 4: General Washington tells Molly that he needs her help to defeat England in juggling. The fate of the nation depends on her. Molly is amazing and defeats England’s best juggler! America has won! Card 5: General Washington congratulates her and hands her a medal. Molly looks at her watch and realizes she has to get back. She plays the flute and suddenly, in a flash, she’s back in her bedroom in the present day. She sits down at her computer to write her George Washington paper. Card 6: We see Molly’s paper with an A+ on it! She’s so happy to be moving into her Penn State dorm room and she places the medal from George Washington on a shelf next to the Ye Olde Flute Box. The last image is a drawing of her on the Nittany Lion statue (attached).

Customer Description: Part 1- chocolate lab puppy female "Riley" and adult dog black lab male "Simon travel from Georgia to Indiana in an RV. (Maybe a map of the trip) Part 2- Once in Indiana they pick up a 6-year-old female golden retriever "Sandy" (Show the Big RV in a cornfield) Part 3- Riley, Sandy, and Simon travel to Lake Michigan and spend a day sailing on the lake. ( Boat and dogs at sunset with the lighthouse in the background) Part 4- Riley, Sandy, and Simon drive to the Great Smokey Mountains on Spyder motorcycle. (3 dogs on Can-Am Spyder motorcycle in front of a mountain landscape) Part 5- Riley, Sandy, and Simon go tubing on the river between the mountains (Dogs on inner tubes floating down the river) Part 6- Riley, Sandy, and Simon enjoy a sunset on the beach.

Customer Description: This story is for my girlfriend Christina. I am a former tennis player from Italy and she is a former swimmer from San Francisco. We now both live in NYC. We met on the Hinge app and we fell for each other right away. She has always been successful, while I was a struggling, shy and lost guy. Thanks to her I regained my self-esteem. We are now ready to leave NYC and move to different areas of the world. I am now ready to face the world with her. I want to show her how much of a turning point meeting her was and how she is a superwoman to me!

Customer Description: First Date- We met at the Fairhope Municipal Pier, sat on these benches and talked for hours. I went to Bellingrath Gardens. Walked everywhere as we talked and enjoyed the day. A rainstorm came up so we found some cover.  Jennifer fell asleep in my arms while it rained, as we sat on this swing. First Kiss - After a date, I was leaving, I live 3 hours away, and we were already texting and I mentioned I had one regret and that it was missing my chance to kiss her. She said to turn around. I did. We met in a parking lot at a soccer complex, perfect since soccer had been a big part of both of our lives, and had our first kiss. The kiss was way hotter than the blazing hot sun on that 90-degree day. “You can kiss me now”. Getting back together after a brief breakup. Had dinner at the Grand Hotel and after dinner, as we were leaving she looked at me and said: “You can kiss me now.” And I did, and it was magic. We spent a good bit of time at the beach with her four daughters and my two. Ages from 8-13.  She backed into my car, with her GMC Acadia, Sunday morning on her way to the church where she works. She was freaking out, her bumper was messed up, so I went to her church and fixed her bumper while she was working. I leave her and her girl's little notes before I head home. At the end of all of this, she says I am her balance and that she loves me!

Customer Description: Dan has retired..see photos of Ann and Dan ... use sketch pictured below a a very rough draft.... incorporate university of Minnesota Gophers, Minnesota Vikings, Michelob Golden Light beer, fishing, snowmobiling as you can. For example, maybe the garage could have fishing poles and a snowmobile among other things. No words in any frames except for honey do lists and retirement banners.

Customer Description: Felicia Ann Zimmerman Leach (my mom) was born in Monroe, LA on June 5, 1958. She makes 62 next Friday and we want to celebrate her. Here's her story. She was an only child for 11 years until she begged her parents for some siblings. Well, in 1969, her wish was granted and they didn't stop. Her parents had 3 kids from 1969 to 1972. She finished high school at Wossman High in 1976 (America's bicentennial year) and started college at Louisiana Tech that same year. She played tennis and the flute throughout her high school and college days. She had hoped to study computer science but opted for biology instead. She graduated from LA Tech in 1980 and moved to New Orleans, LA to take a job with the state of Louisiana. That's where she met my dad! They married one month before they gave birth to their first child, my sister, in 1984 and I was born the following year in Dec 1985! My mom has worked as a lab tech for 40 years of testing tissue and blood samples. She lives with my sister on the Westbank of New Orleans today. She enjoys going to church, engaging in different activities with her book club and family time!

Customer Description: My name is Chad. I met my fiancé, Nicole, at Air Force Officer School. On graduation day, June 8th, 2018 (the same day we became Second Lieutenants), we admitted mutual interest in each other and began dating. After that, we went to the same 6-month training course at Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas, where we got to know and fall in love with each other. I’m currently stationed at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, and live in Columbia. She is stationed at Warfield Air National Guard Base in Maryland and lives in Baltimore. The long distance relationship is tough, but we make it work through monthly trips to see one another, a lot of which have turned into mini-vacations. We’ve gone to visit my family in Pittsburgh, where I showed her around the city and she saw where my Steelers and Penguins fandom was born. We went to Universal Studios Florida to see Harry Potter world and wore shirts with our corresponding Hogwarts houses on them. I took her to a West Virginia University football game (my alma mater) and introduced her to a few of my college friends. I proposed to her in Jamaica on the beach at sunset on her birthday (September 20th). Recently, we spent our first Christmas and New Year together with our respective families. I’m currently deployed to the Middle East, so we’re running into new challenges in our relationship with even less communication than normal. I miss her terribly and can’t wait to get back to her. Nicole loves to read, drink red wine, and watch Dateline. I'm a lifelong martial artist (black belt) and like to eat way too much pizza and run Spartan Races. We're both Intelligence Officers in the United States Air Force.

Customer Description: My name is Christopher Smith. This is for my best friend, Sahndra Yager, she's to my left with her hair up in the photo. She goes by Sandy, and her Birthday is on the 4th of July and I wanted to do something to celebrate our friendship and her turning 46. I came across her during the MySpace days in an online plus size beauty contest, back then she lived in Long Beach, California. She's a Jill-of-all-Trades, she likes Hello Kitty a lot and is into the whole Mad Max character and world. She likes to listen to Coldplay and other music like me and can sing like an angel. She says I was the only male best friend she had. When she finally moved from Cali to Pennsylvania I was enthusiastic because I would finally get to meet her in person! We could talk for hours about the things we liked and shared secrets about each other late into the night. But one time it got so bad between us because of lifestyle changes she went through like school and her new boyfriend. I allowed it to get to me and it resulted in her having nothing to do with me. But time passed and she finally forgave me for my actions. Now it's the start of a new beginning. Hope you can use the Mad Max info to make a good story. Also, the photo is the result of us finishing a visit to a wildlife park or something like that. Be creative!

Customer Description: *Design theme like a comic book, preferably Japanese style!* This story is about a medical doctor in Michigan, Anton, who must battle and defeat all of his favorite video game characters (such as Link, Luigi, Cuphead, Goku, and Geralt of Rivia, in order to be reunited with his girlfriend, Courtney, who is going to school in Durham, England. Anton morphs into a giant bug (like the caterpillar emoji) when he is battling. He enlists the help of his pets, Pepi the tough cat, and Onyx the scaredy-cat dog to help him. He eventually defeats all the bosses and is reunited with Courtney. They live happily ever after in Michigan and the final scene is them sitting on the bed with Onyx on top of all the pillows and Pepi at their feet. Feel free to add anything to story that makes better sense!

Customer Description: Brad Garrett his my father-in-law, and I'm writing this for him for Father's Day for my wife, sister-in-law, and daughter. Brad is a father and now a grandfather. His daughter's names are Allison and Jessica; his granddaughter is Lyla. It is a die-hard Kansas Jayhawks fan. He is also a huge Kansas City Chiefs and Royals fan. Brad takes pride in being a dad and grandpa. He loves to travel with his children, hike, go to concerts, but most importantly, spend time. Brad never misses a sporting event where one of his teams is playing. His daughter Allison lives in Dallas, Tx, while Jessica lives in Kansas City. His daughters were born in Austin, TX. Brad was a softball dad growing up, and they all still sit around and share stories. It was a huge part of their childhood. Both daughters are married, and Allison, my wife, his daughter. Brad has always had a cat. I want to create this for his Father's Day. The transition of him and his daughters younger to now. Sports/trips/time are very important. Happy Father's Day!

Customer Description: This is a 10th-anniversary gift for my husband, Matt. We met at a Halloween party in 2008 playing Rock Band. I first saw him lying on the kitchen floor petting the host’s cat. We married on 9/19/2010. 3 years after that our daughter Evangeline was born in December 2013. Matt is the BEST dad and husband. He takes great care of us. He is a software engineer and is an awesome project manager. He loves Cats, martial arts, gardening, video games and Star Wars.

Customer Description: We first met when we were both 9 years old at our little brother's football practice, our moms sat next to each other. ( her mom had red hair and is Caucasian, my mom had dark hair and is 4’11 with a tanned skin tone) . Fast forward to when we were sophomores in high school she saw me again at a dance when she was sitting down with friends when I was dancing with a shorter dark hair friend of mine. ( I hade a pink, blue, and white patterned button down long sleeve with jeans and boots, she had on a black romper) . We then went on our first date in our junior year to the San Antonio zoo, we were both very nervous to talk to each other. We then had our first kiss laying down in bad after she said she was a horrible kisser. Eventually, we did take a break and were both very sad during this point but still kept in touched because we loved each other. We then became officially dating again and spent a wonderful Christmas together.

Customer Description: Lana and Jared are getting married on October 17, 2020. Lana is from Houston, Texas and Jared are from Scranton, PA (home of Dunder Mifflin, the fictional paper company from The Office). They met at a bar on New Year's Eve in North Carolina where they now live with their two pets, Gizmo (Jared’s cat) and Einstein (Lana’s dog). Jared is a pro wrestling loving sports broadcaster and Lana is a Harry Potter loving academic. Together they love Escape Rooms and (b)arcades. We’d love to send them a love story that starts with them coming to North Carolina from their home states and ends with their outdoor wedding. The middle of the story would be a comic book or super hero-style adventure involving their personal and shared interests (escape rooms, arcade games) and of course their pets!

Customer Description: Victor and Jorge were students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Victor was from the Ravenclaw house and Jorge from the Hufflepuff house. They had never met before until one day they saw each other at a Quidditch game. Initially, Victor thought Jorge was annoying. However, later when Jorge saw Victor at the Yule Ball, he asked him for a dance. Victor immediately felt a connection with Jorge and could feel how their bond made their mystical powers become stronger. Victor and Jorge spent 2 weeks together having different adventures. Their interactions made their powers shine so bright that they woke up the evil Lord Voldemort. Voldemort cast a spell on Jorge that would cause him to back away from Victor, which diminished their growing powers. However, Voldemort didn’t know that Victor was also a demigod, a son of Zeus. Victor waited 4 months to attack Voldemort because there was a mystical barrier preventing Victor from using his godly powers. When Victor encountered Voldemort, he summoned a lightning bolt from the sky that was so powerful that it vaporized Voldemort instantly. This freed Jorge from Voldemort’s spell and Victor and Jorge fell in love. Víctor learned that Jorge was also a demigod, a son of Poseidon, and both their wizard and demigod powers grew because of their strong bond. After graduating from Hogwarts, Víctor and Jorge realized that they had to learn more about their godly powers and so they went to space to train in the demigod schools that existed on the planets. Victor trained in Jupiter, while Jorge trained in Mercury. They maintained a long-distance relationship and, occasionally, one of them would visit the other by traveling through space using astronaut suits. Even though they have a long-distance relationship right now, they hope to finish their training and live together in the future where their bond will be even stronger.

Customer Description: My partner Jackie is 60 in October. We have been together for 21 years and we love adventures in our vans and on our cycles. Our longest-running motor home was the VW named Fanny. We traveled the length and breadth of France in her. Our adventures solidify our love and relationship and fulfill our shared love of nature and the outdoors and exploring little known parts of Europe. We cycle in all seasons and on all terrains. We love old vans and recently traded Fanny in for our new set up-our Toyota Granvia pulling our little caravan named Lola. We like endurance cycling and recently completed London to Paris and the coast to coast Uk with our niece Niamh. During lockdown, we cycled all the nooks and crannies in our local area and this year have added wild swimming to our adventures.

Customer Description: My husband Josh and I first met in Las Vegas on a pub crawl. It was not love at first sight, but he was very persistent and we ended up dancing and talking all night. I had purple hair when we met and he said I stuck out to him. He was from England and I was from Seattle so we didn’t think we’d ever see each other again. We stayed in contact and 2 months later I was on a plane to England! We spent 2 weeks traveling around England, Ireland, and Scotland and fell in love along the way. Over the course of 3 years, we went to Mexico, Seattle, Germany, Belgium, Thailand, and then we moved to Australia for 6 months. We found a deep love of traveling and each other so we went back to Vegas to get married. It was magical with just us and 10 of our closest friends! We are now happily living in Vancouver, Canada with our fur baby and absolutely love it here. I love our story and I want to remind my husband of everything we’ve accomplished and how much he means to me.

Customer Description: Ok, a bit of a crazy idea but here goes: My boyfriend Noah and I (Evelyn) met via TikTok in May. He lives in Ontario, Canada and I live in the U.S. We're both creators and messaged each other, and quickly flirting turned into an attraction which turned into love. Unfortunately, we were separated by a border closure between the U.S. and Canada and didn't know if or when we'd be able to meet each other in person. We got by on daily Snapchats, FaceTimes, and texting until we finally found a way for him to visit me in the U.S. for the first time, after COVID tests, quarantines, and of course masks. (photo of our first kiss in the airport attached). Our online brands each have a funny royal title (actually devised totally separately which makes it even odder). His is "The Weasel King" and mine is "The Bi-Rex (think T-Rex) Queen" I'd love it if you could do a story where The Weasel King (a real king with a pet ferret that follows him around) and The Bi-Rex Queen (same thing, a real queen with a pet t-rex wearing a bisexual flag cape), are falling in love over a great distance between their two kingdoms at the same time as our real selves are texting, FaceTiming, etc. Ending with the King/Noah going on a journey to meet the Queen/Me and capturing that first kiss moment in the end. Our social media handles on TikTok are @marcusterritory and @etrainlife if you need any additional images of us. Also he's 6'6" and I'm 5'6" if you want to play with that at all.

Customer Description: I would please love to have you draw the story of my brother Topher, 25 years old, 6’3”, and his girlfriend of 5 years Patricia, 25 years old, 5’7”. They met when they were in college, attending Augustana (a small college located in Rock Island IL). Topher was in the middle of the breakup process with his former girlfriend, Patricia, or Trish, who was also in the process of breaking it off with a boyfriend. They met at a party one night. Patricia’s beloved grandfather had given her the nickname “blondie” when she was growing up so when my brother referred to her as “blondie” within moments of meeting, Patricia knew he was special. Although sparks did start for them at that party, the night they fell in love was a warm spring night. They drove out to a golf course nearby, snuck onto the property, and laid on the course, talking about life and looking at the stars. They began dating shortly thereafter and took a big step forward when they decided to purchase an Australian Shepherd puppy that they named Chubbs, despite absolutely everyone telling them that was a horrible idea. The two of them grew closer in college and had the most fun of any couple I’ve ever known. They had a large group of friends and my brother threw parties every night at his fraternity house. Topher and Patricia graduated together and tried the long distance thing for a couple of months. My brother moved back home with our parents in Bettendorf IA and Patricia did the same with her family in Elmhurst IL, a small suburb outside of Chicago. Eventually, Topher landed a job in the same city as Patricia and moved nearby with friends. Chubbs of course was involved in all of it. Throughout the couple of years that they lived apart, but in the same town, they went to more EDM music festivals than one could count. My brother always rocking his rainbow overalls and Patricia wearing something cute, like she just got back from Woodstock. She introduced him to Black Hawk hockey games in Chicago and that became their favorite passions. This spring they decided to get their first apartment together and now the trio is living their happily ever, finishing master's degrees. My brother is stubborn and can be very frustrating, but he’s the funniest person I know. Trish loves him to death and adores him, flaws and all. The pair have been through a lot and I would love to give them a tangible way of looking at their love story. Ideally, I would love to have it start at the party where Topher called her blondie (the photo of them with Patricia in the purple isn’t from that party but that is what they looked like 5 years ago). Their romantic night on the golf course (sadly I do not have a photo to help with the visuals from that night), them with their best pal Chubbs, their college graduation, having a blast at a music fest, and ending on them in their apartment together. I don’t have a photo of them in their apartment, but I do have a shot of their apartment!

Customer Description: I am looking for something just sharing memories for my parent's 40th Anniversary. They love adventures. 1. Maybe One depicting their honeymoon on the ship Phantom (pics attached) 2. showing them tent camping 3. they loved mountain biking and kayaking in a tandem kayak so maybe one showing something like that 4. They are Jehovah's Witnesses which is a big part of their life (attached a photo of them at a JW convention) 5. They moved to Ecuador (I attached a pic of them in Ecuador) 6. And the last saying Happy 40th Anniversary I hope all this makes sense. I added a few pics for reference and hope I'm not too much of a pain in being so specific. Because they live in Ecuador, I can't send a gift. The cards can come to me to hang on to but I am more concerned about them getting emailed to them.

Customer Description: Hi. My name is Kenny. And I wanted to create an “our story” for my wife Maria. I would love to capture the magic of our first couple of dates, all leading up to our 3rd date, where we both knew we were in for something special. Here is a suggestion for the 6 parts Part 1 - Maria is a 3rd grade teacher - After school one day, once all of her students were gone, I went into her classroom to talk to her - I asked her out for a coffee date and she agreed Part 2 - We went on our first date to a coffee shop called “Roasters” - It was raining outside - I brought playing cards, and I taught Maria how to play a family game called “Dutch Poker” - We bonded over our favorite rainy day music, I liked “Bon Iver” and she liked “Nat King Cole” - It was an amazing date Part 3 - For our second date, we went mini golfing at “Golf Universe” - We made a bet, whoever lost had to buy the other person desert - She made a hole-in-one on the last very hole to beat me - I had to buy her a pastry - It was another amazing date Part 4 - Feeling so great after our first 2 dates, I called up Maria and asked if she wanted to go for a drive together and just listen to music - Maria declined because she was getting nervous and wasn’t sure she was ready for a relationship. She had just gotten out of a tough breakup - I was heartbroken, thinking maybe she wasn’t into me Part 5 - I felt like I had one last chance with Maria - I called her up and asked her over to my apartment and told her I would cook her dinner and desert - She hesitantly agreed Part 6 - I cooked her curry and brownies - Over dinner, we had a deep conversation about tough past relationships and how scary it was to start something new - I told Maria that she is the most amazing person I'd ever met and that deserves love - It was after this deep, vulnerable conversation that we knew were meant for each other - We never looked back We have been together for 5 years, married for 3.

Customer Description: I met my husband Charlie in the gym - I was 27 and he was 29. He was truly the most beautiful man that I had ever seen. He showed up frequently at the gym with different tall blonds (I am petite/brown hair) – typically on his motorcycle. Several months later, I saw Charlie at a club named “Dragon Lady.” I was with several girlfriends and he was with some friends. We danced and he bought us drinks. All through the night, he kept telling me I wasn’t his type, and he kept asking me out. I said no. Later that evening, he asked me and my friends to come to his house since the club was closing. We said yes, and he went to the restroom. While he was in the restroom we ran out of the club and all went home. I saw Charlie in the gym over the next several months. He would ask me to do all kinds of things with him – would I go to the Keys with him and his friends on a private plane, would I go to dinner, etc. I saw him again at Dragon Lady and finally agreed to go on a date. The date I agreed to was for lunch – Cooker B&G – on November 18, 1995. It was the one-year anniversary of Charlie’s dad passing away. After that, I was very excited about getting to know Charlie. I was going to college, and Charlie was a chemical engineer. He was also trying to be a model. I remember going to his house so he could show me his modeling pictures –many of which he was in underwear. We went out on new year’s eve – 1995. He told me that he was in love with me – and I told him that he was drunk. He told me that drunk people do not lie. This was the start of our wonderful life. We traveled frequently – typically, for a long weekend to Vegas – that was our favorite. We would gamble at a cheap dollar table – typically blackjack. On March 15, 1999, while we were in Vegas we took a drive to the Grand Canyon. We stopped at McDonald's for lunch – and Charlie had the fish filet sandwich. He would not stop clearing his through and when I asked what was wrong, he kept telling me that he had fish caught in his throat. We got engaged that day at the Grand Canyon – it was a beautifully romantic proposal! We planned to elope and got married on December 17, 1999, at the Little White Chapel in Vegas. A year later, on December 16, 2000, we got married again in the catholic church. In 2002, I graduated from law school and we moved to Orlando. We bought a small house and lived there for a year. In 2003 we moved to a gorgeous house on a lake. We would sit on our dock in the evenings and talk about how thankful, grateful, and blessed we were to have the life that we have. In 2006 we traveled to Chile and I got pregnant on that trip. Our son was born on April 1, 2007. We were drinking way too much wine on that trip to Chile and we named our son Malbec – after a grape used in Chile to make wine. We built our dream house in 2017 – a super modern house that is our paradise. After we moved in we got our first cat Mimo, our dog Coco, and then another cat – Mama.

Customer Description: My name is Kodi and this story is for my girlfriend (Yasmin), we’re in a long distance relationship at the moment and I think this would be a great gift. I would like the story to be manga style in B&W except for her orange spacesuit should be in color (she really likes her spacesuit). She loves space and has her own custom spacesuit like in the picture. So for this story, I’d like for her to be the heroin. She gave me this bracelet when we first started dating and it looks like a little earth and I’ve never taken it off. We also love outdoors/adventures so the story can be while hiking she gives me this bracelet as a gift and soon after I get abducted by aliens. The bracelet is made up a special one of a kind stone so she is able to track it, she (also likes Tesla and Elon Musk and she's in the Air Force) so she could convince Elon to give her a space ship or something lol then gets in her spacesuit and space ship catches up to the mothership and sneaks in. She gets past all security and booby traps and finds where I am being held but the aliens won’t let me go unless she can solve a super hard math problem (she always says math is her weakness because God knew she’d be too powerful if she could do the math). But in this story, she solves it by confidently guessing and saves me and we fly off together in her spaceship, me being impressed and curious how she solved asks where she then confesses