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One Part Story

The One Part Story consists of one hand-drawn greeting card-sized illustration sent by snail mail. Create a fictional story or reminisce a memory from your past. Customers are given the option of posting their stories on the Tellinga website. The following are examples of stories written by previous customers:

cute drawings for christmas

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Customer Description: Jeremy is in Africa and I am in Colorado. Every night we look at O'reins belt to remind us that our love knows no distance.

Customer Description: Superhero Morgan enjoys her first day of Kindergarten.

Customer Description: Luna the country rescue lab and Cricket the city dog hunting squirrels together.

Customer Description: Space Scientist Kristin and her dog Henry just zapped Kristin's cancer with radiation and killed it. They are in outer space.

Customer Description: Chris crushing the fifth grade at Fortnite Middle School.

Customer Description: Kanhav and I are in a long distance relationship. He is in Washington DC, I am in Edinburgh. We became friends in school and have had many special moments at parties and through sweet text messages that have come to become milestones finally leading to us being together. We have a bucket list together to go see the northern lights, visit Machu Picchu, stargaze, go whale watching, jungle safari. If you could please add images of these. If possible, a picture of 2 otters holding hands and a sunflower.

Customer Description: Can I have this kind of drawing? As we are celebrating our first monthsary. First monthsary text can be included.

Customer Description: Daniel and Kim explore Peru with a trip to Machu Picchu where a bunch of little things goes wrong, but nothing major. Note: Most of them are Daniel's fault (but make one of them Kim's fault).

Customer Description: I’m in the army. I’m currently in Poland, away from my family. I will not be able to spend Christmas with them and Money is tight so this will be my gift to them. I want them to know that despite the distance, I love and miss them and I’m always with them. I am the woman in the bottom left. My mom is sitting, my dad is directly behind her and the other 3 are my brothers.

Customer Description: My wife and our daughter: My wife and I had our daughter three years ago. Since then my wife Ellen and daughter Alivia have created this beautiful bond that you could only dream of. We are a two-mom family and I’m the bio mom so seeing their relationship form and blossom makes my heart explode. They always horse around and laugh until their bellies hurt. And each night before Alivia falls asleep, Ellen whispers in her ear “you’re perfect. You’re smart. You’re beautiful. You’re funny. I love you.”

Customer Description: Kobe coming back home from deployment to his girlfriend, Amanda! Kobe and Amanda go on a world-wide trip together! Is it possible to make create something of me coming back to her and having us travel the world on the card? This is an amazing idea!!! Thank you so much! ~Forgot to add on my description, but can you make the "traveling the world" part include the Earth. 

Customer Description: Could you add more white flowers and make the bouquet a little more full w/out covering the fits? We’re long distance so in the sky can we put a drawing of the state of Nebraska on his side and the state of hawaii on my (the girls) side? And maybe a plane flying between those. It’s for Valentine’s Day so could you put hearts around it where you feel fits and maybe also a “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Customer Description: Martin and Simone are finally getting married at their home in Germany, Bavaria on the 18th of December. Martin being from Scotland and Simone from Germany has been trying to get married earlier this year but has had to postpone several times due to the Covid situation. Ultimately they decided it's 2020 and it has to happen before year-end. The wedding will take place with few people attending from Simone's family, and Martins Scottish family side will stay put and join in via Zoom or similar

Customer Description: It's Devon and Lily's 1st anniversary! We met by chance when he moved in next door at the University of Virginia- our first date we stargazed on the lawn of the Rotunda there. Since then it's been an LDR (he was only at UVA because of COVID and lives in NYC, now I'm abroad in Spain). We love imagining our future, otters holding hands, and the show How I Met Your Mother. He's the real deal :)

Customer Description: The fabulous vulture with wings spread wide swoops in carries, Rachel and Lanny, off on a wonderful journey through Eagle Creek Park! Over the lake and all through the trails, it was a marvelous day!

Customer Description: We met through some mutual friends while playing Among Us. My name is Carter, her name is Helina. I would like for the picture to be with the among us characters as pictured but in the setting as seen in the Romeo and Juliet pictures with Juliet being the red character, and Romer being the black one.

Customer Description: My name is Denislav and my gf's name is Jade. We first started dating in college, but we broke up as long distance wouldn't work. Until 9 months ago she visited me, but when she came up to see me, she tore her ACL the day before and I met her for the first time in 1.5 years with her in crutches and a knee brace, hobbling towards me. Took care of her and had fun. Horizontal or vertical is fine.

Customer Description: James is Spiderman. One year ago on 1 March 2021, James saved Valerie from falling down a building. James was not wearing the Spiderman mask at that time, but only with the Spiderman suit. James was hugging Valerie and swinging with spider web among high-rise buildings. They looked at each other eyes and fell in love at first sight. Today, 1 March 2022, it's one year anniversary of this couple.

Customer Description: I am Navya, I would like to gift this for my husband Dhanu on our first anniversary. We are from India and had an arranged marriage. As time passed I started liking him for his caring nature, cooking, and empathetic nature. For my short-tempered nature, he cools me down. For all so not favorable times, he was beside me. I want to tell him that I love him like crazy and would love to spend my whole life with him.

Customer Description: Sebastian and Dominica have been in love for a year. They are the happiest people in the whole universe because They love each other more than life.

Customer Description: My name is Jonathan and this is my partner Aidan. We’re in a long distance relationship, I live in DC and he lives in NYC. We met on Bumble while in Philadelphia for the holidays, and played 21 questions to get to know eachother. He works as a tailor in film & TV, and I’m in medical school. He loves plants, fashion, and twitter. We’re patiently waiting for the day we can be together.

Customer Description: This is for a girl's birthday that I am currently dating.  Her name is Brooke (she is in all three photos with another girl).  Could you draw her and a cute looking sloth (yes, the hairy mammal) sitting down at a table eating a ton of jack in the box tacos scattered across the table (put a jack in the box bag somewhere on the table so that you know the tacos are from jack in the box)? Also, put a bottle and glass of red wine on the table. Also put a birthday cake somewhere on the table.

Customer Description:  Charles the Rat causes chaos in my parent's home in Georgetown, TX on the night before Thanksgiving. My dad would entertain us as kids with stories of all the things Charles the Rat would do while we were asleep at night. He was a nice, but naughty rat. Very beloved and very clever. So I'd like to surprise my parents with a story of Charles messing up the kitchen and house before Thanksgiving. I've attached pictures of my parents in case you want them in the artwork. But it can also be just Charles in the art.

Customer Description:  My boyfriend Toni and I (Monica) have been together for half a year now. We have a long-distance relationship (Canada, Mexico) and we have traveled to three different countries to meet each other (Mexico, Spain, and Cuba). I would like something that shows all we have been through and that distance means nothing when the person means so much!

Customer Description:  I'm looking for a neat Valentine's Day card for my girlfriend Morgan. She is 26 and lives a couple of hours away from me and so I will not be able to see her on that day. She has a fat cat named Winston and a puppy names Leroy both whom she loves dearly. We met a year ago at our local CrossFit gym and her favorite drink is Miller Lite. I was thinking a kind of portrait of us with a King of the Hill theme and style and I will add a photo of what I have in mind.

Customer Description: I was dating my now wife when we were in college. We went to different schools but saw each other most weekends. She was trying to get accepted into OT school and received a letter in December that she did not get in. She was very upset. We were in her hometown of Natchitoches, LA (Steel Magnolias was filmed there) and I wound up driving her to the Riverwalk (picture enclosed). This was Christmastime, and there was a huge Christmas tree behind us. I rolled down the windows of my black Camaro (similar pic attached), and we danced to Cindy Lauper's "True Colors" right there by the river. Her head was on my shoulder as we danced, and it made all the difference in the world. As an update, she did get into OT School the next year, and we've been married for 20+ years!

Customer Description: LL Cool J and the Cool Cats is one of the most revered superhero groups on the planet. Lauren and Johnny, along with their furry companions, Fievel and Charlie, are known for their crime fighting ways.

Customer Description: Taketo is missing and thinking of his beautiful girlfriend Eileen from Japan.

Customer Description: GIGI (great-grandma) is an INDEPENDENT woman. She wants to go back into the city, she wants to go swimming, she wants to read the NY Times, she wants to eat chocolate cake, she wants to go back to Switzerland and Puerto Rico...she's slowing down, but still has lots of dreams and wishes.

Customer Description: Billy is the best driver in the world, he can also fix anything known to man, he can do all of this while he is mopping with one foot and dusting with one arm. He's super grandpa, but he wants you to EAT YOUR DINNER!

Customer Description: My husband Nathan's 40th birthday is coming up on New Year's Eve. We have been married for three years and have two daughters - Ali (almost 2) and Evie (4 months). We also have three dogs - Daisy (Goldendoodle), Penny (Rhodesian ridgeback), and Maverick (blue merle Great Dane). I want to get him a personalized birthday card that reflects how special he is to our family. He is a wonderful father and loves playing with our girls. He likes baseball and fishing, and is very handy around the house.

Customer Description: I met my boyfriend when I was waiting for the bus at the bus stop and he was driving in his car. He offered me a lift to school. It's been 4 beautiful years with him now. We went to the same school. Our story is like "2 States" the Bollywood movie. Can you make this into a card to show him my love and reminiscing our good days?

Customer Description: These two pups mean everything good in life to my wife, Eunice. The art will be their Christmas card to her from them this year, similar to when children get school pictures taken in the fall to be Christmas presents for the parents. Eunice will call the pups naughty or terrorists when they get into trouble, but they apologize in 2 seconds every time. Eunice lost one of her other dogs early in 2019, so the art and card will be something she will cherish. The closer dog is named Echo, the one to the right and back is Wednesday.

Customer Description: Can you make me kiss my girlfriend on the forehead under the starry night sky while Santa's sleigh is flying above us? I would also like for us to be dressed as follows: me in the blue uniform you can see in the picture, and her in a white suit just like doctors wear. You can maybe add a shooting star or any small details that would make it look more Christmassy :D

Customer Description: Could I have picture together ? We don’t have pic as she is far from me now . I would love if you could somehow put them together . And add moon, maybe we hold the moon or moon is behind us . Moon got meaning for both of us

Customer Description: Katie and Harry met through mutual friends at a wedding. Harry is from California, Katie is from Louisiana. The chances of them meeting are LOW! They meet, and hit it off. A few months go by, Harry lives in Chicago because he plays baseball. They haven't seen each other since the wedding, Katie flies to meet him in Chicago and they fall in love. This February we will be together for 9 months! <3

Customer Description: John turned 60 on September 5th. He is a big sports fan of all the Detroit teams. His favorite sport is football. He is a football official and was a field goal kicker in college.

Customer Description: This is a thank-you gift to my Ph.D. advisor, George. I’d like a depiction of the 5-year saga of our developing and writing a paper that eventually got accepted to a top journal and got me my first faculty job. Title: The Making of Responsibility Exchange Theory. The process was a joint effort and included: the two of us brainstorming ideas on walks through the park; the two of us working through mathematical equations on a chalkboard; me banging my head against a wall and standing upside down trying to coming up with better ideas; lots of rejected ideas (It would be great if you could depict a small trashcan overflowing with wadded up pieces of paper). Eventually, I had a Eureka moment — I called George, who was on vacation hiking a mountain with his wife, and I told him the idea. He said, “That’s it!” It felt like striking gold. (The idea can be depicted by the pictures I’m attaching of the mathematical model, the 2x2 grid with the words bragging, thanking, apologizing, and blaming, and the diagram of the gray stick figures.) However, there was still a lot of work to be done—we needed to have several rounds of presenting our idea to others, getting their feedback, running surveys with experimental participants to test our theory’s predictions, and making changes to the theory. In the meantime, I graduated with my Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University—George “hooded” me at the hooding ceremony—and I moved on to a postdoc at Wharton for a few years. In the final year, while I was applying for faculty jobs at university across the country, the paper got accepted at a top journal, Psychological Review. I was on a street corner in Philadelphia when I was reading my email on my phone and received the acceptance email from the journal. That was the most exciting gratifying moment. I immediately called George on the phone. We were both thrilled. Even though we were only talking on the phone, I imagine us jumping in the air and giving each other a huge high-five. All the years and time we spent on it finally paid off. It led to my getting a job as Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Notes on our sizes for the drawing: George is about a foot taller than me. I’m 5’1”, and he’s at least 6’1”. It would be nice to have elements of the cityscape of Pittsburgh throughout (e.g., the famous bridges and convergence of three rivers). The style of art should be similar to the dog time travel one-day story. I'm willing to pay way more than $7 to have this drawing be well-done.

Customer Description: Heather Newman is an evil genius who has an alter ego called El Chompo. El Chompo is a mastermind who sits in darkness surrounded by her animal minions. The plot honestly doesn't matter, all that I really want is a cartoon-like Claw on Inspector Gadget where you see a silhouette from behind, then a big reveal of El Chompo facing forward in the chair with ridiculous animal scenes around her. A beaver gnawing the base of her chair like a tree, a goldfish bowl attached to the chair arm, a molting bird on her shoulder, a scruffy cat in her lap.

Customer Description: Princess Cara loves her first day of kindergarten.

Customer Description: Maureen has never had a good pair of cowboy boots, maybe she gets them from the cowboy boot fairy under her pillow or something? I dunno...a creative way for her to get the cowboy boots she loves so she can do some line-dancing.

Customer Description: On a cold winter day in December Jack and Mommy hiked 214 steps to Blackwater Falls in West Virginia. This made the seasoned Jack at 5 years old quite happy and Mommy was proud because now Jack has done the 214 steps in every season. There was snow and ice and we almost quit but kept on trekking.

Customer Description: Claire is SUPER MAMA to Olivia and Eddie...she can DO IT ALL and she does. She makes french toast while getting them both dressed, and brushing their teeth and all while telling DADA as he walks out the door that the tie and shirt don't match. Thank goodness for SUPER MAMA - we love her!!

Customer Description: My best friend and I met when he sneezed on the back of my neck. It was really gross. Two years later, I retaliated by peeing on his foot (in the bathroom, as one does). Can you please commemorate this twisted saga in Christmas card form?

Customer Description:  This story is about me and my boyfriend. Reminiscing about the day he told me he loved me for the first time over a milkshake. We went out to a cafe and sat on a red booth chair and ordered a milkshake each. He had a chocolate milkshake and I had a strawberry milkshake. I would really love it if you could incorporate VALENTINES DAY in this setting as this will be sent to him then. We are both 21 years old.

Customer Description: HISTORY: For three generations, and over 60 years, we have been helping people in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs such as Abington, Doylestown, Jenkintown, Horsham, Hatboro, Southampton, Huntingdon Valley, and many others, convey their very special feelings. Service, quality, and that something extra has given our company success. Our nearly 60 employees are committed to your satisfaction and all of our products are unconditionally guaranteed. ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Kremp Florist and owner Charles F Kremp 3rd were selected by the Society of American Florists to oversee the US Presidential inaugurations in 1989, 1993, 2001, and 2005.  Kremp Florist has been ranked a top 20 florist in the United States by multiple floral wire services and won the award for National Retail Florist of the Year, the highest honor in the floral industry.  Kremp Florist has been featured on ABC's television show the Goldbergs many times and was the selected florist for decorations and floral displays at the US Open at Merion Golf Club in 2013.

Customer Description: A lawyer, Clint, and his Goldendoodle dog sidekick, April, protect justice and fight crime in the courtroom.

Customer Description: Right now, Joni and I are doing the long distance relationship, but soon we are planning to move to Denver. So I was thinking of a picture of us with our dog, looking at the moon and the stars from the top of a mountain.

Customer Description: My wife and I are foster parents we have had this guy for 7 months his name is Jordan we picked him up from the hospital as a new born he was born July 4th want a nice picture for my wife for Valentines Day.

Customer Description:  Myself and Audrey lying in the park in the sun having a picnic and talking for hours with our dog Birdie next to us.

Customer Description: My name is Nicole and Feidhlim is my boyfriend. We met for the first time on 19th July 2019 in Tig Coil (pub) Galway, Ireland. I was due to go to the after an of a wedding but the date was going so well I decided to bring him along too - we arrived and were the only people at the bar and at 9.37 pm he stopped and asked: “Can I kiss you?” And I replied “what are you waiting for?” The rest is history. The picture below is a reference of what we look like - on the night my hair was down in curls, I was wearing a black string top, red skirt with brown flowers and he wore a navy shirt, black jeans, and boots. If you could recreate the story on a card would be forever grateful!

Customer Description:  Hi! It is a long story, I will leave it in detail below if u want context (but it isn't relevant), but I would like her laughing like crazy (really like crazy) at an old man (like 83 years old) that is sitting on a chair inside a roofed garage. I want to be beside her looking all ashamed while trying to contain my laughter. There should be a speech bubble coming from hearing that says "apartments?!" The story; she is my gf. We were moving to a new city together to study and my mom (who doesn't speak English very well) came back saying "hey I found a nice building of apartments" my GF said "what are they called?" my mom said "apartments" For some reason that made my GF die of laughter. 20 minutes later this very nice sir of 83 years starts telling us a very sad story of how her wife just died, and now he is lonely. He spent like 30 min on this story. My GF, who is bad at paying attention, was thinking about something else when she remembered "apartment", and she burst in laughter in the middle of the man's sad story. She is still extremely ashamed of this day one year later and I want it on paper for future generations. thanks!!

Customer Description:  A great night out learning how to two-step with my husband.

Customer Description: This card is for my wife, Jisselle’s, 41st birthday. The story is her journey from a little girl in a tiny apartment in Bushwick (Brooklyn), to a fun-loving 20-30 something with a successful career in Manhattan, to a strong, loving wife, mother, and business owner. She is a confident, gorgeous woman who, as she says, is “small but fierce” and I hope that shines through in the cars. While my kids and I can be in the cars, it’s meant to be a celebration of her. Thank you so much!

Customer Description:  Xiao is the name of my fiance. He's celebrating his birthday in China without me this time, so I don't want him to feel lonely, and want to remind him how much I love him, that I hadn't believed in love before I met him, I'm so grateful for his support and love in any situation. That he managed to become my family, my lover and my best friend. And despite the fact I'm in Russia now, I'll be loving and supporting him forever no matter where we are. And we'll celebrate his Bd together when I'm back.

Customer Description:  This story about me 'Surbhi Jain' and my husband 'Vaibhav Jain' .how we meet the first time and after that. I was sitting in my balcony, Suddenly my mom told me that one guy is coming home to see you as a"marriage proposal" and I was blanked. He came with his elder brother Dipesh. They were sitting in the drawing-room with my parents. He was sitting on a sofa , while I was offering tea to everyone but suddenly my tea plate got just a little unbalanced, he helped me to hold it, this was the first time I looked at him. After one week he came with his parents, bother and some more family members. He proposed me and I said yes that we got together.

Customer Description:  Her name is Arpi and her name means the sun, I met her last year when I was in a terrible place and she brought light into my life. She loves the night's sky.

Customer Description:  Please create a picture of my mother (dark blue T-sheet, brunette, sunglasses, blue-green eyes), myself (blonde, blue eyes, pink shirt), and our 3 pets! First cat: 5 years old, HUGE, no white on face, green eyes. Second cat: 16 years old, yellow eyes, very small, white on the face. Dog: medium-sized, brown, maybe a hound? not sure breed, 6 years old. My mom and I and our three pets live in Northern Virginia. Our house has a lot of very tall trees trees. We both like politics. We're Jewish. She is the best mom.

Customer Description: I waned to have a reminiscing story done for my spouse and I. We are currently long distance and wanted to o something for them. It is on a day w went camping at a place called Key and Feathers in New Mexico. It was such a memorizing place. We were totally unprepared; no food, no tarp (it was suppose to rain that day). Luckily the person who was letting us camp fed us and let us use his tarp. When we began to set up camp out of now where it started to hail on us! Another thing I remmeber about this time is in the middle of the night I wake up slightly scared because I hear coyotes howling. i wake up my space quickly and say to them "do you hear that". they look at me and say "those are just coyotes go to sleep. Them being from Georgia and I from California it was something that they were accustomed