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21 Best Caricature Artists | Buy Cartoon Drawings!

Caricatures are one of the most recognizable art styles in the world. Through the exaggerated big heads and grotesque features, many cartoon artists apply this style in comic pop art to create a satire of popular celebrities and events. In general, they’re just fun to look at and can be used to poke fun at others. For this reason, most common people see cartoon drawings at amusement parks, carnivals, or most crowded public areas. However, it can be difficult to find a caricature artist when we want them the most. Especially when we have that sudden urge to get a gift for someone else or just need a cool wall piece.

We have assembled a list of the 21 best caricature artists that have open online commissions. This list not only contains general information about these artists and their artwork but also the key feature of the services they provide. It’s also important to note that these artists are all hard-working and talented people who try their best with each commission. So look through each of these artists and find the best one for your needs!


Through Tellinga's team of talented artists, any caricature can come to reality. These cards can be used for any occasion as long as you dictate your purpose before you make a request from the team. The process to purchase a card from Tellinga is quite easy. Customers send their stories and Tellinga's team of talented illustrators churn out greeting-card size postcards, which are placed in a brown grocery bag envelope with the customer's address used as the return address. Before your card is shipped, a charity stamp and custom wax seal are applied. Afterward, your story's digital copies are sent to your email to share online with family and friends. Every card shipped helps raise funds to fight breast cancer, Alzheimer's, and PTSD.

Here's how it works:

  1. Select your story length (options-one day, one week, two weeks, or one month)

  2. Upload a photo and add a description of your desired story (you can reminisce a memory from your past or create a brand-new story)

  3. Their team of talented illustrators and artists will start working on your story

  4. A few days later, the designated recipient of the story will start receiving unique hand-drawn greeting card-sized illustrations every other day in their mailbox until the package ends. Every card shipped helps raise funds to fight Alzheimer's disease, support breast cancer research, or helps treat those impacted with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

cartoon doodle art
Rhonda Draws

Rhonda Draws is one of the best cartoon artists on the east coast. Rhonda isn’t simply a street cartoonist with her abilities and experience. She has a wide variety of experiences such as creating live wedding caricatures through her decades of working as an artist. From the art shown on her page, her skill set is large enough to incorporate pencils, oils, and even watercolor painting and apply them to things such as a couple of caricatures. If Rhonda’s work seems good, but you need more caricature artists' online works, then look into some of the talents at Tellinga!

  • Notable Feature: Rhonda offers both commissions for custom caricature drawings as well as online live Zoom drawings.

  • Pricing: Rhonda's services are priced based on what you require from her. This means you won’t get a quote until you plan out the commission or the event.


Tom Richmond has been drawing caricatures and other cartoon cover art since 1985 when he got his first summer job. His work boasts excellent quality and unmatched features that can’t be compared to any other artist's cartoon drawings. Tom’s experience as well as his unending effort towards creating the best work possible makes his caricatures some of the best cartoon doodle art on the market. You can commission Tom to create most things including the exclusive caricatures of celebrities. If you want to take his already amazing work to the next level for a gift, then present his caricatures with a pop art cartoon card from Tellinga!

  • Notable Feature: Tom offers four levels of commissions ranging from ‘the bronze’ to ‘the platinum’ which vary through the amount of coloring and detail you want in your commission.

  • Pricing: Range of $200 to over $1000 depending on what you request from him.


If you’re looking for a more modern styled caricature drawing, Isaac Klunk is your man. His unique cartoon art includes more sharp edges and a focus on making the art feel more sleek and minimalist. Although Isaac is not one of the most famous caricature artists, his quality is guaranteed through his beautiful work samples and positive reviews. He has drawn for many different types of clients and has drawn many types of caricatures which even includes a baby caricature. Create the perfect by combining this caricature with some cards made by the best cartoon drawers from Tellinga!

  • Notable Feature: These caricatures are online only with the standard price, but you can request a high-quality print with additional fees.

  • Pricing: Isaac offers a non-colored version of the caricature for $30 and a colored version for $60.


If you need a talented artist to create some of the best pop art cartoons, Luis Arriola should be the first person you look into. Luis is able to create commissioned caricature portraits that are based on the images you send him. It doesn’t matter what pose they have as long as you’re clear in your instructions; he can create the caricature of your dreams. This can even include some famous caricatures which are based on celebrities. If you want some more funny caricatures to pair with Luis’s work, look into the special caricature cards from Tellinga!

  • Notable Feature: Luis’s caricatures are always in full color, and he has options that let you include from one to ten people in one canvas.

  • Prices: His prices range from 29.95 to 245.99 depending on the number of people and detail from the commission.


Chris Moore is one of the best caricature artists in the midwest. His inventory of skills includes portrait cartoon-style drawings that can fit into any occasion including that of a wedding. He’s also expanded his skills to nonhuman drawings through dog caricatures. It’s also quite easy to reach out to him through his email and commission some of the best cartoon art drawings on the market. If you want some caricature painting-styled cards to accompany your commissions, then look into the custom-made cards from Tellinga!

  • Notable Feature: Chris has an extensive wedding package that includes up to 5 hours of nonstop drawing for guests as well as a custom large print of the couple.

  • Prices: If you want the most accurate prices, reach out to Chris in his email!


Caricatures By Ken isn’t your typical online caricature maker; his work is genuine and the amount of detailing on each image shows his hard work. Although Ken focuses on cartoon artwork styles, it doesn’t take away from how amazing his drawings look. If you choose to commission him for some caricatures, he has options to create some of the best digital caricatures available. If you feel like you want a family caricature along with Ken’s work, look into some of the unique cards from Tellinga!

  • Notable Feature: Ken has many live services including those of weddings and birthday parties where he draws each guest as a caricature on a 150 mm by 150 mm card.

  • Prices: When you reach out to Ken, he will send you his extensive list of services and prices.


Matthew Ullrey’s unique background in computer animation allows him to become an amazing cartoonist animator and caricature artist. Although he isn’t a Spanish cartoonist which is something that some people might look for, his skills and dedication to his craft make up for that fact. His abilities allow him to draw a variety of different people and creatures which can fit into something like a comic drawing book if you desire. You can make Matthew’s art even better if you pair it up with a Mickey Mouse Painter card to generate some laughs from Tellinga!

  • Notable Feature: Matthew doesn’t cater to live events, but his caricatures can be made into 3D drawings through his unique cartoon animation background.

  • Prices: His prices depend on what you negotiate with him.


Caricature By Shaw is run by the talented artist Jacob Shaw whose main focus is creating the best caricature online. Although I’m in the unique position of being in Seattle, he is not a caricature artist near me, but his online services make up for customers anywhere on the planet. His work is reliant on creating a photo-to-caricature style that has attracted many fans and other potential customers. He is constantly booked for weeks on end, but you can easily wait it out if you have a cartoon caricature card from Tellinga!

  • Notable Features: Jacob has an extremely fast turnaround rate of 1 business day for each drawing you commission him.

  • Prices: His work ranges from $75 to $150 depending on the color of the caricature.


Big Head Little Body is made up of a group of four talented caricature artists including the likes of Maria Cheek and Xan. They excel at much more than creating some simple girl caricatures through their advanced skill set and experiences. Their beautiful caricature examples are displayed wonderfully on their website. If you're needing some of the best caricature art, check them out! However, if you’re looking to create the best gift possible pair it up with a specially made gift presenting card from Tellinga!

  • Notable Features: Big Head Little Body includes many different vehicles to print your desired caricature including the regular paper print as well as some homemade pottery with the print.

  • Prices: Contact them to get the exact price for your commission.


Kevin and Jill Rye are notable wedding cartoonists who mainly draw caricatures at weddings. They excel at drawing high-quality caricatures that are better than any street cartoonist in the quickest amount of time at any wedding event. At the same time, their beautiful images make it seem as if their human caricature makers whose the only goal is to make the best artwork possible. If you want something that reminds you of painting cartoons on a canvas, look into the cards from Tellinga!

  • Notable Features: Their caricatures are drawn on high-quality A4 card paper.

  • Prices: Their work can be as cheap as $12 for a simple caricature portrait, but up to $245 for two hours at a wedding event.


Jk Expressions is owned by Julia Kelly who serves as the sole caricature artist of her company. She specializes in caricature drawings much like everyone else on this list, but her specialty lies in the clean style that makes each caricature look bright and clear. Her drawings aren’t limited to just humans; she is quite the animal cartoonist if you commission her to draw any one of your pets. Although she doesn’t have any cartoon character paintings, her caricature drawing skills triumph over anything else. Make Julia’s caricatures better with a specially made cartoon card from Tellinga!

  • Notable Features: Julia caters for weddings, birthdays, trade shows, and all sorts of events. She also offers digital commissions and Zoom shows due to the ongoing pandemic.

  • Prices: Her prices aren’t listed on her website, but you’re able to easily set up a commission and get the rate emailed to you.


Kyle Edgell’s humble beginnings from drawing in bars and discovering her passion let her become one of the best caricature makers on the web. She has a unique outlook on life that lets humor take precedent and gives her the creativity to create some of the best cartoon musician caricatures. Although her digital online presence as an artist makes it difficult to label her as a wedding cartoonist, her commission system allows for her to create any drawing you desire. If you want a painter cartoon card to go along with your commissions, purchase a cartoon-themed card from Tellinga!

  • Notable Features: Kyle draws her caricatures based on a questionnaire and a selfie which makes the artwork feel more personal. She also acts as a speaker to talk about being a caricature and understanding humor in life.

  • Prices: You must contact Kyle in order to get her rates.


Crazy Ben is one of the most famous cartoonists on the web due to his 20 years of experience as a cartoonist as well as hosting over 100 different critique-related events. His skill and experience are some of the best in the industry, and he can create some of the best art cartoon drawings. This even includes some Frida Kahlo cartoon drawings if you request them as a commission. Although his painter cartoon drawings may be lacking, you can make up for it with a custom-made painted cartoon card from Tellinga!

  • Notable Features: Ben will only draw for online events through Zoom due to the pandemic. However, he is comfortable for any occasion including bar mitzvahs.

  • Prices: Starting at $50 for one face


Kwik Draw Toonz is an artist hosted through Etsy who has an excellent reputation and a large number of sales. Although they don’t have their professional website, they’re able to create any commission you request for including something like a Mac Miller cartoon drawing. However, they excel as a portrait cartoon artist with much of their work revolving around sketching other people as caricatures. If you want a cartoon designer card to make these caricatures the best gifts ever, then take a chance with Tellinga!

  • Notable Features: These cards are fully handmade using high-quality paper.

  • Prices: Ranges from $20 to $155 depending on the number of people in the drawing


If you’re in need of one of the most reputable artists, BimBimArts is the person you want to go to. With close to 400 purchases and an overwhelmingly positive review, they easily can draw anything you request including a caricature of a cartoon musician. Even caricatures of celebrities wouldn’t be too far off what they can pull off. If you want to create a montage like a comic drawing book, combine these caricatures with a custom drawing card from Tellinga!

  • Notable Features: You can custom print this onto mugs, business cards, or even regular canvas prints. The artist is also quick and takes around 3 business days to make a single caricature order.

  • Prices: $30 for a single caricature portrait


Although Anastasia Volokitina isn’t a Spanish cartoonist, that doesn’t detract from her immense drawing talent. She’s able to whip up some of the best animal caricatures you’ve ever seen and make you wonder if she’s an animal cartoonist. Her ability doesn’t extend as far as a cartoonist animator, but her pieces are versatile and can fit any occasion. If you want it to fit in with a Mickey Mouse painter occasion, pair this card up with a custom Disney-themed card from Tellinga!

  • Notable Features: This item has free shipping due to the fact that it’s completely digital.

  • Prices: $45 for one character and $90 for two characters


If you’re looking for that perfect Adventure Time art, Caricatures By Lera is the place to find it. Through her uniquely designed caricatures, she is able to capture the essence of any commission almost as if she's the cartoon designer. If you desperately need a cartoon character painting, you can fill the void with a caricature from Lera combined with a specially painted card from Tellinga!

  • Notable Features: Made with special A3 paper and shipped with cardboard panel to prevent bending.

  • Prices: $15 for a single portrait


Caricatures By Dave is owned by the renowned artist Dave Stephens who has been in the field for over 25 years. Through his experience, he's able to craft his own style of caricatures and artwork that allows him to create any art cartoon drawings. His unique style is able to create new renditions of other classics such as a Mac Miller cartoon drawing. Although famous cartoonists like Dave aren't always well known in the public, Dave's artwork speaks for himself. You can transform Dave's caricatures into the perfect gift with a specially made cartoon-themed art card from Tellinga!

  • Notable Features: Dave provides both live and online caricature drawing experiences.

  • Prices: You must email Dave in order to get the prices.


If you're looking for an experienced and friendly cartoon artist, Sarah Draws A Crowd is a perfect artist for you. She has been in the field for almost twenty years which means requests like a Frida Kahlo cartoon drawing will be a piece of cake for her. Even other themed drawings such as Adventure Time art should all be easily drawn by Sarah. However, you can complete the perfect comic pop art gift, by combing Sarah's commissions with a special comic card from Tellinga!

  • Notable Features: Sarah has loads of example caricatures from celebrities. She also does live caricature drawing for events such as parties or weddings.

  • Prices: You must get in contact with Sarah to inquire more about the costs of services.


King Davis Art is one of the best cartoon drawers in Europe. Their caricatures take a crisp and clean style due to the smart color choice and minimalist layouts. Although other cartoon artists have similar approaches as them, they have a completely different vibe especially in the online environment where their website looks to be one of the best. You can make these caricatures better if you include a customized cartoon card from Tellinga!

  • Notable Features: King Davis Art has options for you to host them live. Their quality is guaranteed from the high-profile customers of MasterCard and other top 500 companies.

  • Prices: $100 to $150 depending on the options you select



Caricatures aren't just an amazing gift; it's also an experience you share with a loved one. Through both digital and commissioned work, you share the humor of seeing how the caricature artist transformed the person into someone completely different. Although cartoon art can be dry at times, these small things of giving it to your significant other and supporting the artist's business mean a lot to all parties. So don't hesitate and buy your caricatures today!


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