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Two Week Story

SKU Six hand-drawn greeting card-sized illustrations sent by mail every other day over two weeks
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The Two Week Story consists of six hand-drawn greeting card-sized illustrations sent by mail every other day over two weeks.

Greeting card stories are shipped through traditional snail mail. Each image is hand-drawn by a talented Tellinga artist on a 5.5" x 8.5" greeting card-sized postcard. It is then placed in a 6" x 9" brown grocery bag style envelope with the customer's address used as the return address. Before your card is shipped to its desired location, a Tellinga stamp, and custom wax seal are applied. Afterward, the digital copies of your epistolary are uploaded in the "Download Your Story" section of the website and also sent to your email to share online with family and friends.

Create your own story or reminisce a memory from your past. Make your own story as unique and as creative as you desire. The following are examples of stories written by previous customers that provide a few story ideas:

Story Ideas:

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Reminisce a Memory
Andres is an avid fisherman. While out in the deep sea and under hurricane conditions, he battles a fish for three straight days only to find out that it's a giant shark with the head and face of his cat named "Poppy." Notes: The name of his boat is Suki. My name is Colby, and my girlfriend's name is Sarah. When we first started dating, I was a firefighter, and Sarah was a student at LSU. One summer, we took a road trip together to Tennessee, and I surprised Sarah by taking her to a beautiful lake and set up a picnic dinner for us on the shore. As the sun was beginning to set behind the hills across the lake, I played Sarah's favorite song, took her into my arms, and danced with her. It was the best trip of our lives.
A nasty storm that develops, causing lightning to strike Jack from Jack in the Box. Jack becomes evil and grows to an enormous size that’s almost unstoppable. His goal is to take out the rest of the fast-food restaurants. As Jack rampages across the city, only superheroes Jodi and her husband Taylor can save them. Their superpowers allow them to turn into any of their favorite video game characters. My mom Susan just turned 60. I want you to create a story about her life. She grew up in Dallas, TX, and was a phenomenal high school basketball player. She graduated high school with honors and was awarded a scholarship to the University of Texas. After graduating from UT, she decided to go work for Sea World. She started at the very bottom in positions that nobody wanted but eventually worked her way up to become the lead entertainer. A few years later, she met my dad after he randomly helped her replace her tire on the side of the road after a blowout. Fast forward a few years later, and I was born. She has been the best mom ever. She never missed any of my football and basketball games growing up, made sure I always made good grades and was always there for me. Her nickname for me growing up was "Honey Rabbit." She is the best mom ever, and I love her so much!
David just got engaged with his soon to be wife Natalie, who doesn't know everything about him. In his prior life, he was a warlord, and every year on his birthday his inner dragon comes alive killing everything in its path with fuel from Miller Lite beer. I first met my best friend Dean one week before the start of my freshman year at Texas A&M. He was randomly assigned to be my roommate, and the rest is history. We eventually became best friends. We formed a flag football team and were the intramural champions. We also built a slip-n-slide one night down our dorm hallway so that everyone could have a good time. Lastly, I remember one night we broke into Kyle Field with some friends and had a few drinks on the 50-yard line. I want you to create a story that surrounds the three occurrences in college.


International shipping and delivery + 24-hour turnaround

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