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31 Anniversary Cards | Best Cards for Anniversaries!

Happy anniversary! If you are looking for anniversary cards, then you have come to the right place. This article contains the 31 best cards for anniversaries. Show your partner some love by choosing the best happy anniversary card on our list!


If you are looking for a card that is outside the box, check out Tellinga (as in "telling-a-story"). Tellinga takes your personal stories and creates customized hand-drawn greeting cards that arrive through the mail. You can gift your significant other with this special anniversary card that no other girl or a guy will ever receive. To create a lovely anniversary card just follow these simple steps!

Here's how it works:

  1. Select your story length (options-one part, three parts, six parts, or 12 parts)

  2. Upload a photo and add a description of your desired story (you can reminisce a memory from your past or create a brand-new story)

  3. Our team of talented illustrators and artists will start working on your story

  4. A few days later, the designated recipient of the story will start receiving unique hand-drawn greeting card-sized illustrations every week in their mailbox until the package ends. Every card shipped helps raise funds to fight Alzheimer's disease, support breast cancer research, or helps treat those impacted with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).



Words can not show how much appreciation you have for that person. However, these simple and cute cards can definitely help strengthen the love and bond between you and your loved ones. Purchase this and you will have 52 cards and envelopes to show your weekly appreciation to your one and only and something to look back after 10+ years! Enhance your anniversary cards for your husband by adding wedding cards from Tellinga!


Love is one of the most ephemeral, pure, and exciting things that you may ever experience in your life. To make your marriage everlasting, make sure to send your love this heartwarming anniversary card by sending your wife this anniversary card! To make your happy anniversary card even sweeter, look to add a funny card from Tellinga!


If your husband is going through a difficult time, make sure to cheer him up by sending him this naughty anniversary card. Remind him that no matter what you will be beside him. Remind him that you will be his number 1 fan and add another layer of creativity by adding these powerful online anniversary cards from Tellinga!


This fun anniversary card is a 6.6*9.4 sized masterpiece that features 3D scenes that would encapsulate the celebration for your anniversary. Our awesome hallmark paper wonder also includes the message "I love you. I can't imagine a happier life than the one I share with you. You're my love, my friend, and my family . . . All in one. Thanks to you, I've found my perfect place in this world . . . and it will always be next to you. Happy anniversary." To make your night even more magical, don't forget to add a free printable anniversary card from Tellinga!


Looking for a funny and romantic anniversary card? Well, here it is! Love is like a fart and if you have to force it, it is probably sh*t! Don't hold your fart and let your partner know that you love them! Don't forget to send them homemade anniversary cards from Tellinga!


Close your eyes for a second. Take a deep breath and read this message to your significant other. Can you imagine how touched your husband would be? Not only is this an inspirational love note letter, but every word is also so profound and powerful that it would allow you to show your side of the romance that your husband has not seen within you! Make sure that he carries this wallet card with him all the time! Pair this happy anniversary card with a sweet message card from Tellinga to make this gift complete!


IF you are looking to upstage your husband's anniversary card, here it is. Make sure to manifest the burning romantic valentine fire within your hearts by sending him this sweet and touching happy anniversary card! Make sure to also complete your gift by attaching a fun anniversary card from Tellinga!


THIS is the most candid happy anniversary card that will make your husband smile from ear to ear. If you are looking to spark the wildfire of love, send him this fun anniversary card for him. This wedding anniversary card is simple yet sophisticated at the same time as it displays the innocent love between you and your husband. Make sure to touch his heart by sending him this heartwarming card and write a special moment that may pull their heartstrings like a beautiful harmonica. Pair this amazing happy gift with a sweet anniversary card from Tellinga!


When was the last time you made your husband laugh until he was about to cry? Well here is your chance to show your sense of witty humor by sending him this funny anniversary card. Yes, I know that your husband loves you but make him feel even more special by sending this anniversary card for your husband. To make this gift even sweeter, why not add a special card from our Tellinga artists?


Congrats on your soon first anniversary! If you are looking to impress your loved ones, make sure to send them this funny anniversary card to give your one and only a good laugh! Make sure to also create a customized anniversary card from Tellinga to show how much fun you had over the past year and you are totally down for more memories in the near future!

P.S. Don't forget to read this out loud for your beloved to know that you don't just like them but you love them.


Are you looking for an online anniversary card that will melt your significant other's heart? Well here is our anniversary ecard that will let them know how much they mean to you. Pair this great gift with an additional anniversary ecard created by our Tellinga artists!


Surprise your lovely wife with this anniversary popup greeting card with a lovely 3D card! Its golden letters Happy anniversary appear inside the colorful rose flowers bouquet and it is definitely the best gift to give to your one and only wife. Don't forget to personalize your gift by writing a sweet message for your anniversary card. Complete this amazing gift with an additional anniversary ecard created by our Tellinga artists!


Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes. Five hundred twenty five thousand moments so dear. five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes. How do you measure, Measure a year?

In daylights? In sunsets? In midnights? In cups of coffee? In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife?

Congrats on spending your five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes with your hubby! Send this happy anniversary card for your husband along with a cute message to officially close out your anniversary. Pair this amazing gift with a storytelling anniversary card from Tellinga!


Sometimes, a simple paper card is not enough to express your sincere gratitude and love for your lover. This beautiful wood card will put a smile on their face every time they look at the love card. Make sure to add the cherry on the topping with a wonderful message for this gift by adding a free anniversary ecard from Tellinga!


Happy Valentine's Day! Ooops, I meant happy anniversary! With the anniversary coming up, why not add an extra layer of creativity by sending him this popup card with a unique loving bird's heart tree design? Surprise your wife with this adorable handmade anniversary card and let them know how much you truly appreciate them. Pair this awesome gift with another customized anniversary ecard from Tellinga!


Congratulations on your soon 10th wedding anniversary. From the moment you met with your significant other to be able to share the most delicate and intricate thoughts, you have made it this far! In celebrating the spirit of the 10th wedding anniversary, don't forget to send him this sweet anniversary card. To make the 10th anniversary night more unforgettable, don't forget to customize your gift from our own Tellinga!


Are you looking to make your anniversary dinner more special? Wish your significant other a happy anniversary with a card that has a font that features a wooden die-cut message of You & Me! To make the simple homemade anniversary card even more special, why not also create a funny gift from Tellinga?


20 years! Congratulations. To celebrate the 20 years of marriage, gift your loved ones this awesome happy anniversary card! This notecard is made of thick, durable cardstock that can remain for a lifetime! Make sure to write a sweet message for your anniversary card to show them know how lucky you are to have them by your side! Make sure to also prepare another free printable gift from Tellinga to make your 20th anniversary even more special!


Are you looking to celebrate your anniversary night in the most classy and charming way? Well, this anniversary greeting card is the perfect way to express your undying love for your partner for life! Make sure that you send your partner this brilliant anniversary card to show them you are their everything and vise versa. Let them know how much you appreciate you by also adding a customized anniversary card message from our one and only Tellinga!


Sometimes, a simple paper card is not enough to express your sincere gratitude and love for your lover. This beautiful wood card is one of a kind, and it will put a smile on their face every time they look at the love card. Make sure to add the cherry on the topping with a wonderful message for this anniversary card by adding a free gift from Tellinga!


What's up to you and your other love bird! With the anniversary coming up, let your partner know how blessed you are to be on the same journey as you! With a cheerful design and simple sentiment, this anniversary card is the perfect way to congratulate your anniversary with your significant other! Pair this awesome gift with a printable letter from Tellinga!


Wow! 25 excellent years have gone by. 25 years of excellence, hard work, and shared bond. From the first time you have met to the time you have spent together, both of you have created an eternal, unbreakable bond. Let your loved ones know how much you have loved spending 25 magical years and pair this amazing card with a free printable letter from Tellinga!


This is one of the cutest anniversary cards you can send to your wife. Its cover features "I love you s'more and s'more" lettering along with a cheerful marshmallow that wants to be next to you when you celebrate the anniversary with your lovely wife! To make this fun anniversary card even more interesting, make sure to add a customizable happy gift from Tellinga!


Are you looking for a handmade cute anniversary card? Well, here it is! The cherry blossom is a flower that represents spring, which is a time of renewal and lets us know how precious time is by being ephemeral and pure at the same time. Pair this awesome gift with a printable anniversary card from Tellinga and make it complete!


This anniversary card can show how much you genuinely care about your loved ones in the most hilarious and the most charming way! Pair this interesting and fun greeting card with an ecard from Tellinga!


Do you want to make your anniversary extra special? Gift your husband with this handmade bamboo love anniversary card and personalize this gift by writing a sweet message to your husband. This happy anniversary card also comes with a high-quality envelope with a red ribbon. Don't forget to complete your gift with a funny anniversary card from Tellinga!


Are you looking for a classy and exquisite anniversary card that doesn't include a red heart? Inside this printable anniversary card says: "I love the life we've made. Happy anniversary to the one who has my heart." Make this gift extra special by sending your lover a customized anniversary card from Tellinga!


To both of you otters, happy anniversary! Make sure to send a funny love card to your dear lover. This is the best time of the year when you can show love and gratitude for your significant other. If you are looking to send your boyfriend a romantic card, make sure it is blue and if you are looking to send your girlfriend a romantic card, make sure it is red! Pair this awesome anniversary card with one of the special gifts from our Tellinga artists!


Do you have a glass of champagne prepared for your upcoming anniversary? To enjoy your anniversary toast with your one and only, it is important to not only drink champagne but also embody the spirit behind the anniversary champagne! Make sure to wish your special someone a happy anniversary with this beautiful card. To touch a deeper part of their heart, check out the happy anniversary cards from Tellinga.


Bamboo is a symbol of oriental beauty and it represents inner strength. Under any circumstances, bamboo's strength is something that allows the bamboo to maintain its sturdiness and rigidness. This handmade bamboo card is a truly unique anniversary card that will last for a long time. It is a true gift that will bring you closer to your significant other. Pair this awesome wedding anniversary card with a personalized ecard from Tellinga!



Thank you for skimming through our wonderful anniversary cards page! These cards for anniversaries are all unique in their own way. Don't forget to pair one of these cards with a personalized gift from Tellinga! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here. Hope you enjoy your anniversary and don't forget to make it special!


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