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20 Traditional Anniversary Gifts Your Partner Will Love | Anniversary Gift Ideas!

Traditional anniversary gifts can show your partner how much you care about them and your shared love, but it can be challenging to find that perfect present when the day comes. Here are 20 anniversary gift ideas that are guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one’s face.


The best anniversary gift you can give is a gift straight from the heart. Here at Tellinga, we take your beautiful stories and turn them into wedding anniversary gift ideas that celebrate your memories and look to the future with hope.

How it works:

  1. Select your story length (options-one day, one week, two weeks, or one month)

  2. Upload a photo and add a description of your desired story (you can reminisce a memory from your past or create a brand-new story)

  3. Our team of talented illustrators and artists will start working on your story

  4. A few days later, the designated recipient of the story will start receiving unique hand-drawn greeting card-sized illustrations every other day in their mailbox until the package ends.

Every card shipped helps raise funds to fight Alzheimer's disease, support breast cancer research, or helps treat those impacted with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Start your story today!



Art makes for a good anniversary gift because there are many different artists and aesthetics available, and you can match the art to your home or your partner’s office. Consider having a personalized anniversary gift based on wedding photos or another special moment. In addition to online shops like Etsy, you can find beautiful art through places like Combine this gift with an anniversary card from Tellinga!


Creating a home with the person you love is an exciting journey, and you can celebrate it with cute anniversary gifts like monogrammed blankets, a beautiful cutting board, or home decor that matches your personalities. Shop for lovely pieces from stores like Anthropologie and Apartment Therapy to find something really special. Pair this anniversary gift idea for her with a custom wedding anniversary card from Tellinga!


It may not seem very romantic to purchase your partner something they need, but it might just end up being the best anniversary gift. If your partner needs a new wallet, watch, or other essential, you can find a really special version they’d never have purchased for themselves, which makes for one of those good anniversary gifts. Combine this present with an anniversary greeting card from Tellinga!


Everyone loves to be pampered, and a day at the spa is one of the best gifts for an anniversary celebration that you can share with your partner. Book yourself a couples retreat or set up a spa right at home for a romantic and relaxing date. It’s one of those good anniversary gifts you’re both sure to enjoy. You can book a spa day with ease through sites like LivingSocial. Pair this gift with a wedding anniversary card from Tellinga!


Celebrate the sweetness of your love with the beloved and traditional anniversary gift of something sweet. If your partner loves chocolates, visit the local chocolate shop or purchase the classics, like Ghiradelli. Or maybe they prefer ice cream sundaes! A personal sweet treat is one of those cute anniversary gifts that can’t be topped! Complete this set of sweet treats with a happy anniversary card from Tellinga!


Flowers are one of the most traditional gifts for anniversary dates that you can give, but they’re a classic for a reason. Pick out a unique and beautiful bouquet and put together flowers that really mean something special for the person who means everything. To complete your anniversary present, pair it with a funny anniversary card from Tellinga!


One fun and interesting wedding anniversary gift idea is tickets. You have lots of options to pick from, so consider tickets to a sports game, play, or concert. You know your partner well and this is a great way to show it. Tickets are also one of those excellent traditional anniversary gifts because they pair well with dinner or travel, depending on what you both enjoy, and Ticketmaster makes the process simple and easy. Pair this gift with a personalized anniversary card from Tellinga!


When it comes to gifts for anniversary ideas, a gift basket might not seem very personal, but the truth is it can be an excellent present for the person you love. There are many different types of gift baskets, with food, books, teas and coffees, and a lot more. Explore your options and find a unique anniversary gift to fit their style. Pair a happy anniversary card from Tellinga to complete your personalized anniversary gift basket!


Day trips make for good anniversary gifts because they’re a chance to make more memories with the person you love. Head out of town on one of the best hikes in America, visit a cool spot in the city, or take a summer road trip with no destination in mind. After all, the best anniversary gift is more time with you. Combine this present with an anniversary postcard from Tellinga!


Grab inspiration for wedding anniversary gift ideas from the wedding itself—or another special shared memory! Not only are memory books fun to make and share, but you’ll both be able to return to those wonderful experiences again and again! Grab photos, tickets, love notes, and more for this romantic personalized anniversary gift. Pair this gift with a card for anniversaries from Tellinga!


When it comes to unique anniversary gifts, nothing is more special or caring than a gift that supports your loved one’s passions and hobbies. If they love to garden, share gardening supplies and new plants, or maybe they’re more interested in fitness and working out, in which case they might love some new gear or training sessions. Support their hobbies and show you care with these anniversary gift ideas based on what they enjoy most. Combine this anniversary present idea with a funny anniversary card from Tellinga!


Traditional anniversary gifts often include an alcoholic beverage, and if you know there’s a wine or whiskey your partner really enjoys or one they haven’t purchased yet, consider gifting it to them on your special date. Alcohol can be romantic, personal, and unique, which makes it one of the best gifts for an anniversary. Pair your alcohol with a wedding anniversary card from Tellinga!


A book might not seem like one of those traditional wedding anniversary gifts, but if your partner is a reader or loves a few particular authors, a book can be a huge success. Consider purchasing a first edition story or a novel signed by the author. It can be fun to put in a personalized anniversary gift bookmark with your special date on it, as well. ThriftBooks makes it easy to find unique titles at great prices. Combine this present with a happy anniversary card from Tellinga!


Every relationship is different, but if you and your partner like to share physical intimacy, a sensual anniversary gift idea might be the way to go. You can pick up romantic attire, books, or games, just for a few ideas. Pair this gift with a handmade anniversary card from Tellinga!


Dinner out is one of those traditional anniversary gifts that never goes out of style. Not only is it a chance to be romantic and share a night away from the busyness of work and family, but you can pick an eatery that your partner is sure to love and showcase all that you know and appreciate about them. When it comes to good anniversary gifts, there’s nothing quite like a delicious dinner. Make your reservation through OpenTable today. Combine this present with a personalized anniversary card idea from Tellinga!


Classes make for great gifts for anniversary ideas because they’re a chance to spend time together and learn something new! Consider taking on a cooking class or dance class, or maybe you want to learn something more off the beaten path, like welding or aerial silks! No matter what, classes are some of those unique anniversary gifts that make memories. Pair this anniversary gift with a personalized card Tellinga!


Travel can be one of those romantic and traditional gifts for anniversary celebrations. Whether you’re spending a week in Italy or heading out to a campsite for the night, you’ll make memories and have a great time. Not only is travel one of those romantic and traditional anniversary gifts, but it will help you to create more traditions for the future. Combine this present with a happy anniversary card from Tellinga!


One of the best gifts for an anniversary date that you can share is something for your future together. Are you looking to purchase a home together or begin planning for a family? Maybe you’re setting aside money for a big trip in the future or even preparing to adopt a dog or cat. Show them you’re thinking of a wonderful tomorrow together. Pair this present with a wedding anniversary card from Tellinga!


There’s a reason that jewelry is one of those traditional wedding anniversary gifts. Not only is it a thoughtful and beautiful way to express your love, but you have myriad options of styles and designs to fit your partner’s personality. Jewelry that means something special makes for one of those truly good anniversary gifts, so explore stores on Jared or visit your local jeweler to find something unique and meaningful. Combine this anniversary gift with a handmade card from Tellinga.



When you're ready to make a truly beautiful and unique gift for your loved one, Tellinga is here to help. Begin crafting a card chock full of personalized and hand-drawn details that they're sure to treasure right here today.


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