37 Best Gifts For An Engagement | Ideas For Engagement Gifts!

Finding the best gift for an engagement can be challenging because you are selecting a gift for two. These ideas for engagement gifts are extremely thoughtful and will help the newlyweds get a kick start to a great married life.

Tellinga brings you a catalog of the 37 best ideas for an engagement gift:

1. Tellinga

The best engagement gift is anything that comes straight from the heart. A hand made box, poem, or even a hand-drawn picture is ideal. A good engagement gift for a newly engaged couple would be, to give a hand-drawn memory in the form of a greeting card through Tellinga. Tellinga is a startup based in Houston that curates handmade cards, based on your style and your ideas.

How it works:

  1. Select your story length (options-one day, one week, two weeks, or one month)

  2. Upload a photo and add a description of your desired story (you can reminisce a memory from your past or create a brand-new story)

  3. Our team of talented illustrators and artists will start working on your story

  4. A few days later, the designated recipient of the story will start receiving unique hand-drawn birthday card-sized illustrations every other day in their mailbox until the package ends

A great idea for an engagement gift would be to subscribe to a longer package, two weeks or one month. Our illustrators will make hand-drawn pictures of your memories.

2. Wedding Planner

A wedding planner organizer is a good engagement gift for people who are behind in planning their big day. This organizer is a utility gift from the list of ideas for an engagement gift. It will help them plan their wedding meticulously.

3. Wedding Inspiration Book

The perfect gift for newly engaged couples who are clueless about wedding ideas and still want to bring their ideal celebration to life. This gift will help them wow their family. The inspiration book is a unique engagement gift for your newly engaged friends.

4. Butterfly Scrapbook

A wedding scrapbook will create a vibrant theme in the couple’s wedding planning activities. This scrapbook is the perfect gift for your childhood friends for whom you had to play cupid. It is a personalized engagement gift that creates a keepsake to hold all of your treasured memories and prized photographs. This butterfly scrapbook is the perfect gift for an engagement, especially for people who love to maintain a coffee table book.

5. Wedding Countdown

A countdown calendar would be a good engagement gift for couples who are incredibly excited about their big day. This engagement gift idea will create a lasting and loving gift they’ll treasure forever.

6. A Picture Frame

Keep it simple silly! A picture frame is a simple and uncomplicated engagement gift that anyone will love and cherish. This engagement gift for couples will surely add elegance to their home decor. You can make it look exquisite by personalizing the picture you gift with the frame.

7. Bridal Gift Box

A bridal gift box is the best engagement gift for a power couple who love to live their life in a fancy and lavish way. You can customize the bridal box to match the gift to the taste of the couple. This gift idea would be a perfect personalized engagement gift for your friend, who is going to tie the knot soon.

8. A Scratch-Off Map

A scratch-off map is a unique engagement gift for couples who love to wander around the world. Help your friends plan a spontaneous vacation or even a honeymoon with this gift. This engagement gift for couples is perfect for people who love making rapid and impromptu plans.

9. Personalized Magnets

We all know people who love collecting fridge magnets. A box of custom-made fridge magnets would be a funny engagement gift for the couple who are dear to you. You can also make this a personalized engagement gift by embedding pictures of the newly engaged couple on the magnet.

10. A Keepsake Candle

Candles might be ordinary, but it is the best engagement gift, that you can give to your dearest couple. Customize it, by choosing the couple's favorite fragrance. Also, you can engrave the couple's name on it so it can be treasured forever. Shine a little light on your loved one's gift for engagement with a custom congratulations candle.

11. Personalized Love Frame

A personalized love frame is a perfect idea for an engagement gift. The heart-shaped frame spells out the emotion love, and also acts as a photo mount. This engagement gift for couples makes excellent decor as well.

12. Wedding Planning Survival Kit

A wedding planning survival kit is a must-have item for wedding day emergencies. This engagement gift idea will be helpful for newly engaged people. The package comes in handy for all the pesky mini emergencies on the big day. It could also be a funny engagement gift if you customize it with unusual and quirky gift items.

13. Vintage Treasure Box

A vintage treasure box is a fantastic engagement present for your treasured friend. You could gift this box to the special woman in your life to express how much she means to you! Relive the special memory of engagement every day with this engagement gift.

14. Personalized Doormat

A personalized engagement gift idea for a newly engaged couple would be a customized doormat. It is undoubtedly cute and is a great conversation starter for new couples with their neighbors. Create a warm welcome with this idea for an engagement gift.

15. Pillow Connection

A cuddly, plush, and comfortable pillow would make an unusual engagement gift for couples. You can pair the pillow with a theme-based bed set to make a long-lasting impression on your friends.

16. Personalized Ornament

Cherish the beauty of handcrafted ornaments with this personalized engagement gift for couples. Slip in a conversation about the favorite antique item that has been in their shopping cart for long time. This personalized ornament would be a unique engagement gift for a couple who have been close to you.

17. Moon Lamp

Bring the moon out of the sky and express love to the newly engaged couple with this idea for an engagement gift. This unique engagement gift will take their decor game to another level. The moon lamp is undoubtedly a gift to inspire!

18. Mr. & Mrs. Bath Robe

The next idea for an engagement gift are the Mr. & Mrs. bathrobes. The matching bathrobe will surely get your favorite couple's attention. The couple will be so thankful for this thoughtful utility gift as it is one of the necessary items for newlyweds when they travel for their honeymoon.

19. Engagement Portrait

Pick an unforgettable picture that reflects all the sweet memories from the beginning of their engagement journey. It's a perfect gift for the newly engaged couple to commemorate their special occasion. There’s no doubt they’ll want to remember every moment of it. Therefore, gifting them an engagement portrait is a thoughtful, unexpected way to say congrats.

20. Cookie Gift Basket

The sweetest way to say congrats is with a cookie gift basket. These gifts for engagements will brighten up the starter table for future parties. This engagement gift for couples is the perfect way to say congratulations to your best friends!

21. Canvas Art

Gift the newly engaged couple a custom canvas art. The portrait can be about any cherished memory, or any special moment leading up to their engagement. This engagement gift for a couple will become their new favorite decor piece because of its uniqueness and is sure to send their hearts aflutter.

22. Vanity Case

Every time your gift doesn’t need to be pretty or easy on the eyes. A simple gift like this toiletry bag can make the couple’s trip smooth. Help the pack their essentials in one place before they head towards their honeymoon. It is one of the best engagement gifts that a couple could ask for as a present.

23. Passport Holder

When it comes to ideas for engagement gifts, make the couple's life more comfortable. Gift them this useful passport holder. It's a convenient and effortless engagement present. Personalize the passport holder with the color of their passport or engrave the couple’s initials on it.

24. Personalized Name Stamp

The couple is sure to be sending lots of save-the-dates to their guest list. A customizable stamp is the perfect engagement gift they can use for their upcoming celebration.

25. Moscow Mule

It's one of the best engagement gifts for those couples who love serving cocktails. They're probably going to be drinking lots of cocktails in the upcoming months as the newly engaged couple celebrate their engagement, so step up your gift-giving game with this Moscow mule hamper.

26. Avocado Couple Mugs

Here is a quirky engagement gift idea for all the avocado lovers. They will be surprised by your thoughtfulness. The couple will genuinely appreciate this funny engagement gift with you keeping a note of their peculiar habit.

27. Engaged Wooden Ornament

This wooden ornament is customizable, super popular, and is a great gift to get for your friends! It is a fantastic decoration to hang over the mantel. If you're looking for a unique gift for an engagement, this is a beautiful keepsake for all occasions that you want to capture.

28. Engagement Gift Basket

Think ahead and give them this beautiful, customizable, and very functional engagement gift basket. You can stack-up the products which might be useful for the couple after the wedding. It comes out to be perfect, beautiful, and a classy engagement gift for couples. They could not be any happier with this gift.

29. Orio Mr. & Mrs.

The best engagement present, for the oreo lover couples. Offer them the gift of natural, chocolatey meals at their fingertips. These chocolate-covered biscuits are sure to impress.

30. Bath Canisters

One of the best engagement gift ideas for your friends. Snag these bath canisters off their registry because they are both glamorous and romantic. These jars look gorgeous on top of your dresser or near the basin. Fill them with brushes, makeup, accessories, or whatever your heart desires.

31. Vase Collection

There’s nothing like pottery vases for adding warmth and cheer to your friend’s home as a gift for an engagement. Bring a new feeling to every room. Display them as they are or fill them with fresh flowers.

32. Wooden Sign Board

A perfect gift for an engagement to your friends who are moving to your neighborhood. Welcome your friends with this unique gift idea of a wooden sign board, and make them feel welcomed with warmth and care.

33. Proposal Box

Bridesmaids are a significant part of wedding celebrations. The best way to propose to your bridesmaids is with this proposal box on your engagement. Surprise your bridesmaids with this good engagement gift. Customize this box as per your needs and if you want to include something truly sentimental, a picture of your group is a perfect addition to your proposal gift.

34. Bucket Full Of Roses

Let the luxurious box of roses do the talking. The perfect gift for a newly engaged couple. You can send these boxes of roses to almost anyone for any event you can think of. With so many different meanings, it will always be appreciated.

35. Cookie Basket

The sweetest way to congratulate your dearest couple is through a cookie basket. Make their day truly special with this incredible idea for an engagement gift. These rich, dark and moist chocolate truffle cookies are so incredibly decadent it’s no surprise that celebrities love them too.

36. Future Mr. & Mrs.

It's time to pop bottles for the to-be-weds! Bring some elegance to their first cheers as a newly engaged couple with a set of future Mr. & Mrs. beer mugs. A fantastic engagement gift for couples who enjoy chugging beers with their friends.

37. Bride To Be Bag

The bride will likely be receiving usual kitchenware from most of her guests on her engagement. Surprise her with something to look forward to on her honeymoon. Treat your friend with this elegantly styled bride to be accessory.


We understand how stressful, and annoying it is to look for that perfect engagement gift. Maybe the perfect gift is a hoax. Sometimes you need to trust your judgment, do your research, and go with your gut.

We at Tellinga vouch for these ideas for engagement gifts. Pair a thoughtful hand-drawn Tellinga greeting card with your unique engagement gift to truly express your joy to the newly engaged couple. Don’t forget to tag Tellinga on your social media posts!

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