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65 Best Postcards To Send | Mail A Postcard Today!

The joy of receiving a postcard in the mail feels like a lost art. Fortunately, there are actually still a wide variety of postcards to send to your friends, family, or customers. Technology has made it easy to mail a postcard directly from your phone or computer. You can print postcards from home or create a postcard using an online template. Businesses can send postcards for a direct mail campaign. Collectors have so many fantastic options available with postcard sets from all topics of interest. The choices are endless and can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start. We've created the following list to help you navigate through the wide world of postcards.


If you want a custom postcard that is both thoughtful and unique, Tellinga (as in "telling-a-story") is your first stop. Tellinga takes your stories and creates hand-drawn personalized postcards that arrive through the mail. You can be sure that no other person in the world will receive the same postcard as the one you create.

Here's how it works:

  1. Select your story length (options-one day, one week, two weeks, or one month)

  2. Upload a photo and add a description of your desired story (you can reminisce a memory from your past or create a brand-new story)

  3. Their team of talented illustrators and artists will start working on your story

  4. A few days later, the designated recipient of the story will start receiving unique hand-drawn greeting card-sized illustrations every other day in their mailbox until the package ends. Every card shipped helps raise funds to fight Alzheimer's disease, support breast cancer research, or helps treat those impacted with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Tellinga is a creative and surprising way to send a postcard for that special someone who still enjoys the art of reaching out through the mail.


These Pendleton Art Postcards are sure to impress anyone looking for artsy postcards. Coming in a box of 100, these blank cards include many favorite patterns and artwork. Mail a postcard to your art-loving friends today!


These Studio Ghibli Postcards feature the art of the famous Japanese animation film studio. Each card highlights a final scene from one of their best movies. Mail a postcard to a Studio Ghibli fan today!


This package of Avery Postcards lets you design and print postcards from your inkjet printer. The set includes 200 blank cards. These sturdy cards make printing postcards from home easy. Print your own postcards today!


These Blank Postcards are weighted correctly to ensure they can be mailed through the USPS. They are thick enough so that permanent markers won’t bleed through, making them ideal for adding a personalized touch. Get started with your personalized postcards today!


These Business Postcards are a great way to say thank you to your customers. They come in a pack of 50 and are blank on the backside so you can add a personal touch. These are great postcards to send to your customers to maintain that important relationship. Impress your customers with these postcards!


These Artist Postcards feature illustrations of flowers by ten different artists. It also includes a booklet about the artists and their design process. What a lovely way to send someone a special note to let them know they’re in your thoughts. Send a postcard to a loved one today!


These Vintage Travel Old Postcards are a great collector’s item as they feature photos of international landmarks. You can use them to mail postcards to an old friend or just for decorations. These postcards make a great display for any retro-themed event. Add these to your collection today!


These Watercolor Postcards are made of high-quality paper that makes a great surface for watercolor. Hand illustrated postcards make a wonderful surprise in the mail. Put your art skills on display with a beautiful design of your own.


If you’re looking for gorgeous photo postcards to send of US National Parks, this set of 20 is for you. These National Parks Postcards include a variety of photos and make a great collector’s item. Brighten someone's day with one of these postcards!


These Women In Science Postcards contain fifty different illustrations of famous women who have contributed to science. There is a duplicate of each card, making a total of 100. Send these to your science geek friends or collect them for yourself.


Looking for Cheap Postcards For Voters? The price on this set of 100 patriotic postcards can’t be beaten. Send these postcards to get out the vote in your area or to just send a patriotic message.


These Botanical Garden Postcards highlight 100 works of art from the New York Botanical Garden. They make wonderful gifts but can also be framed for display. Brighten someone's day with one of these postcards!


This collection of Pattern Box Postcards includes 10 designs from 10 modern pattern designers. These modern postcards are gorgeous to look at and make a lovely surprise in the mail. Send a postcard to someone special today!


Sending postcards online is a snap with Postsnap. Make a postcard from your computer, phone, or tablet, and let Postsnap do all of the mailings for you. Send an online postcard to someone special today!


There are a variety of Real Estate Postcards on the market, and these make a great gift for realtors to give their clients. With a simple Home Sweet Home message, your clients tell all of their friends and family they have moved. Impress your customers with these postcards!


This Postcards Variety Pack has something for everyone. Each card has a different photo, and all of the photos are gorgeous to look at. Mail a postcard to a loved one today!


Direct Mail Postcards are a breeze with Amazing Mail. Choose from their collection of free designs, and let them do the printing, addressing, and mailing all from their website. Direct mailer postcards are a cheap and efficient way to promote your business. Impress your customers with these postcards!


These Motivational Quote Postcards are a wonderful way to lift someone up who may be having a hard time. Send these postcards to your friends and family to let them know you’re thinking of them and that they’re not alone. Brighten someone's day with one of these postcards!


With Vistaprint Postcards, you can design custom postcards from photos using one of their templates. Send postcards to your business customers using their postcard mailing service. Create your own postcard with Vistaprint today!


With these DIY Postcards from Staples, sending postcards for business is simple. Just add your images and logo to the template. Once they’re ready, you can use these custom postcards for marketing your small business. Get started on your DIY postcards with this simple design.


This Postcard Of California showcases the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s made to resemble a vintage watercolor poster. Send this to someone who collects postcards from California.


This book contains 20 Paris Postcards that detach. Each features an illustration from fashion illustrator Jason Brooks of many famous sites in Paris. Add these to your vacation collection today!


The Zazzle Personalized Postcard Creator lets you create your postcards on your own. Simply add your favorite photo from your vacation and then add your text to complete the card. Mail a postcard to a loved one today!


Fizzer is an online service that lets you create your postcards from anywhere with your computer. Create your postcard, personalize it with photos, and send it away with just one click.


Mailchimp is an online service that helps you send postcards to your customers. With the service, you can design postcards and they will print, stamp, and mail them. They also offer many services to help manage your postcard campaign. Impress your customers with a postcard from Mailchimp!


With My Creative Shop Postcard Maker, you can make a postcard for your customers with ease. Save money on design with this easy-to-use tool and add dollars to your bottom line. They supply the tools, templates, and can even make prints for you. Get creative with this user-friendly tool.

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Florida Postcards

If you’re looking for postcards from Florida, this set of 20 unique designs is sure to please. These Florida Postcards are USPS compliant. They are great for both collecting and sending postcards to your loved ones. Mail a postcard to a loved one today!


This set of Fun Postcards contains a variety of fun facts and trivia. They’re both simple and fun. These postcards are a great gift for teachers to give their students. Brighten your student's day with one of these postcards!


Save The Date Postcards are a simple and affordable way to get the work out about your special day. These trendy postcards feature a mason jar in a rustic setting, The back provides ample room to add your details. Impress your guests with these postcards!


There are many places to send Greetings From Postcards from, but not many can say they’re from the couch! This clever and funny postcard keeps things light during the pandemic. Your friends are sure to get a kick out of these when they receive them in the mail. Send a postcard to someone special today!


Direct Mailing Postcards is easy with Grow Mail. Their team and tools will help you design your marketing postcards and target your best customers. Then they print and do the direct mailing for you. Impress your customers with these postcards!


Have a blast keeping in touch with these Funny Postcards. Each card contains an illustration along with a cute pun. These postcards are cute and lighthearted and are sure to brighten someone’s day. Mail a postcard to a loved one today!


This collection of Postcards From New York includes a nice variety of paintings, textiles, photos, and prints from The Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection. They make a great souvenir or gift for art enthusiasts. Add these to your New York collection today!


These Christmas Postcards feature 6 holiday-inspired designs. Coming in a pack of 96, you’ll be well-stocked for your holiday mailing needs. Wish your friends and loved ones a Merry Christmas with these festive holiday postcards.


This set of Postcards Of United States National Monuments includes beautiful photos of some of the most famous places in the U.S. Collectors can add these to their collection of postcards from photos of famous destinations. Send these to a friend or keep them for yourself.


These Modern Postcards feature designs by the modern quilt guild. Each card in this set of 30 includes a design by a different artist. Add these to your art collection today!


These New York Postcards feature 60 different designs, all highlighting New York City. These postcards can be framed as souvenirs or sent to loved ones. Send a postcard to someone special today!


Send a message of encouragement with these Inspirational Quote Postcards. This collection contains postcards with motivational and inspirational quotes. Send these to a friend who needs a pick me up.


These Blank Printable Postcards are made on thick card stock. Use them to print postcards from home, or let your kids draw on them with markers to add a personal touch. Create your own special postcard with these simple postcards.


Check out these Vintage Halloween Postcards, featuring reprints of vintage Halloween illustrations and messages. They can be used as decorations or a spooky surprise in the mail for your Halloween-loving friends. Brighten someone's day with one of these postcards!


These Postcards For Kids make a fantastic way for teachers to connect with their students. Each card contains a different superhero message. Sending kids postcards is a unique way to lift their spirits while they take on the grinding task of remote learning. Mail a postcard to your kids and watch them soar!


These are the cheapest postcards around because they’re free! Use their templates to design your invitation and add your personalization. You can then download these Invite Postcards from Canva and print them from home or use their printing services.


These Pantone Postcards feature 100 different color blocks from the Pantone color palette. Fans of Pantone will love receiving one of these postcards in the mail. Brighten someone's day with one of these postcards!


For those looking for originality, you can Create A Postcard At Moo. Creating postcards is a breeze with their online tools and variety of options. Take advantage of the quality and value they offer and take making postcards for your business to the next level.


Once again the pandemic has brought out creativity and humor with these Greetings Postcards. Each postcard highlights a different area of the home. Let your friends know they’re not alone with these fun postcards.


Thank You Postcards For Weddings is a quick and affordable way to show your gratitude to those who attended your special occasion. These rustic postcards are easy to write on and allow plenty of space for a personal note. Impress your guests with these postcards.


Send postcards on the run with the MyPostcard App For Postcards. MyPostcard lets you send picture postcards in real-time directly from your phone. Create your postcard from the palm of your hand with MyPostcard.


These Wish You Were Here Postcards Of Hawaii can be sent to friends near and far to share your tropical good vibes. They come in a set of 6 and are a great way to warm someone up on a cold winter day. Mail a postcard to a loved one today!


These Night Sky Postcards are a perfect gift for anyone who loves to stargaze. Lovers of astronomy can enjoy a variety of images, including rare photos from the NASA archives. Brighten someone's day with one of these postcards!


These America The Beautiful Postcards showcase 20 famous American sites. They’re great for collectors, framing, or just sending a lovely photo to a friend. Send a postcard to someone special today!


This set of Beautiful Art Postcards features 30 paintings by Alphonse Mucha. Placing art on postcards is a beautiful way to celebrate your favorite works of art. Impress your friends and display your love of art on postcards.


Design and deliver your Postcards From USPS using their Use Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) service. With this service, you can target your marketing postcards to an entire mail route. You don’t need to know the names or addresses, as USPS does all of the work for you. Mail a postcard to your favorite customers’ neighborhoods with this great service!


Create Personal Postcards online with Walgreens. Simply upload your design or photo into their template. Print these in the store and pick them up the same day.

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Assorted Postcards With Photos

This collection of Assorted Postcards With Photos has a postcard for any occasion. Featuring images of famous landmarks from all over the globe they can be framed or sent to someone to brighten their day. Mail a postcard to a loved one today!


With Smilebox, you can make customizable E Postcards with their user-friendly website. Make postcards from your favorite photo and add music for a special touch. Once you’re done designing, you can then send them through email or social media. Email your friends an animated postcard with Smilebox!


Use these Thank You Postcards For Business to show your gratitude to your customers for their recent orders. Slip these stylish cards into your packaging to add a personal touch and keep your customer loyal. Impress your customers with these postcards!


These Vintage Postcards feature a collection of retro illustrations. These cards are great for collecting and include a wide variety of objects such as butterflies, mushrooms, and even musical notes. Add these to your vintage postcard collection today!


If you’re a postcard collector, you’re probably always on the hunt for a way to display them. This Frame For Postcards is a black frame with white mounting and has openings for two 3.5 X 5.5 postcards. Display your favorite postcards with this lovely frame.


Get the word out on your new arrival with this Birth Announcement Postcard from Shutterfly. Simply add your favorite photo and your baby’s name to the template and fill in the details. Send the good news to your friends and family with this postcard!


Wish You Were Here Postcards are a classic way to share your adventures with friends and family. Papier offers customized postcards by having you upload a photo to their template and then editing it online. They will then send it directly to the recipient. Send postcards with ease using Papier.


Adobe Spark Post makes it easy to Make Your Own Postcards From Pictures. With this online postcard tool, you can turn any image into a postcard for free. Once you're done designing, you can download and print at home. Create your own postcard with Adobe Spark today!


This vintage Postcard Of Florida is a classic design and highlights the state’s beauty. This postcard is a sure way to deliver sunshine to your family’s mailbox. Brighten someone's day with this postcard!


These Hawaiian Postcards feature 12 different sunsets from Hawaii. If you’re looking for a souvenir postcard from Hawaii, these make a great keepsake. Add these to your vacation memories!


This French Postcard featuring a historical stock photo of the Arc de Triomphe is a unique way to say hello from France. It makes an especially thoughtful gift for someone who collects postcards from Paris. Send this to a friend or keep it for yourself!



There are so many options when searching for the best postcards to send to friends and family. We hope that the above list has given you a starting point to find the right fit. Technology has made it easier than ever to mail a postcard from anywhere in the world. Postcards are such a great way to show someone you're thinking about them, and during these isolated times connecting with others is more important than ever.

Keep in mind that Tellinga offers custom postcards that are 100% personalized and hand-drawn by a dedicated artist. If this sounds like a good fit, head over to Tellinga to create your personalized postcards today!


Other great postcard ideas for women can be found here:


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