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52 Thank Yous | Best Thank You Cards and Notes!

Throughout the many milestones you've reached in life, there are always people who share those experiences and support you. Without these people, whether they are your parents, friends, or even something else, it is almost impossible to carry out things like graduating or getting a job. In those small moments where you finally reach those goals, you may express your thank yous in simple words. However, those words may not feel like it's enough. That's why more tangible expressions of gratitude through thank you cards are necessary. If the cards are too much, thank you notes may be a better option.

While it may feel awkward to present thank you cards or notes to people who were expecting nothing, it is truly worth it. Small things like cards or notes can show your appreciation in far greater ways than stating a simple "Thanks" ever can. Appreciation is key to uplifting your parents, friends, or anyone else's mood, and having those tangible reminders will make them look back and feel happier. We always want to make the people we love happy. However, it's tough to find cards, notes, or letters. So here's a list of 52 Thank you cards, notes, and letters to show your appreciation for the people in your life!


When it comes to thank you cards, Tellinga (as in "telling-a-story") is one of the best options to go to. The company creates customized greeting cards that feature hand-drawn storyboards based on what the customer submits. These stories can say how thankful you are to the people in your life, and it is easy to make the recipients feel happy and special. The process to start creating a Thank you card with Tellinga is simple. Customers send their stories and Tellinga's team of talented illustrators churn out greeting-card size postcards, which are placed in a 6" x 9" brown grocery bag style envelope with the customer's address used as the return address. Before your card is shipped to its desired location, a fundraising stamp, and custom wax seal are applied. Afterward, the digital copies of the story are uploaded in the "Download Your Story" section of the website also sent to the buyer's email to share online with family and friends.

Here's how it works:

  1. Select your story length (options-one day, one week, two weeks, or one month)

  2. Upload a photo and add a description of your desired story (you can reminisce a memory from your past or create a brand-new story)

  3. Their team of talented illustrators and artists will start working on your story

  4. A few days later, the designated recipient of the story will start receiving unique hand-drawn greeting card-sized illustrations every other day in their mailbox until the package ends. Every card shipped helps raise funds to fight Alzheimer's disease, support breast cancer research, or helps treat those impacted with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

If you want to express thank yous to the people in your life, Tellinga's customized greeting cards are one of the best ideas for a thank you card or note.


2. Bargain Paradise Teacher Thank You Cards

Bargain Paradise Teacher Thank You Cards feature a good variety of options to choose from. While some of these thank you cards may seem childish due to their cutesy messages, it's extremely heartwarming for your teachers to receive any of these cards. These can even work if you need a teacher thank you note from your parent. These thank you cards can easily be paired up with a custom thank you card from Tellinga.


The Watercolor Dots Thank You Card Set is an easy way to spread your appreciation for the people around you. While this card's polka dot pattern may not stand out, your recipient's days will be better through these cards. If you're worried that these cards may seem generic, you can fix that by pairing any of these cards with personalized thank you note cards from Tellinga.


The 2020 graduation may have already passed, but you can use the Hallmark 2020 Graduation Thank You Cards to thank anyone who supported you along the way. The Hallmark thank you cards are printed on high-quality paper stock with recyclable envelopes as well as they have an amazing metallic coloring that makes them stand out from the rest. They are a great choice for graduation thank you cards, but you can take it to the next level and pair it with a custom message from Tellinga.


A simple thank you card idea for your child is the Racecars Thank You Cards. The bright vibrant colors along with the simple messaging on the front of these cards can make it easy for your child to give these cards out. It can even garner a quick laugh from the recipients who enjoy race cars. There's even a large space inside of these cards for a personalized message, but if you want to go above and beyond simply present this card with a custom thank you card from Tellinga.


The Thank You Calligraphy Photo Frame can be used to express gratitude in a heartwarming way by displaying any picture you want. Although the theme of the card matches that of some baby thank you cards, you can choose any picture you want for these cards. They are thank you printable cards, so you can do whatever you see fit with them. These cards are a tasteful way to end any event, and they are perfect to be paired along with a customized card based on your journey from Tellinga!


Best Paper Greetings Photo Inserts Cards can beat out most pre-designed thank you cards. This 48 pack of cards comes blank and empty with an insert slot for a picture of your choice. They are the perfect idea when you need some photo thank you cards. Their functionality is limitless, and they could be a thank you note for a gift. Picture thank you cards are ideal for people who want to express their creativity, so it only makes sense to pair it with a personalized card from Tellinga!


The Stethoscope Thank You Card is the perfect idea if you need some thank you cards for nurses. This high-quality card is tailored for doctors or nurses with its stethoscope design. Nurses work extremely hard to take care of us when we need medical help. If you want to show even more appreciation, share their story, and create a unique card with Tellinga!


These Ye Olde Thank You Card Set are perfect when you need a thank you card idea. Due to the quality and design choices, you can use this card set for things like business thank you cards. These can even be used as a thank you note for a gift. If you want to make your appreciation feel more intimate, combine this thank you card with a personalized greeting card from Tellinga.


The Woodland Friends Thank You Cards takes the idea of cute woodland animals to the next level. This cute thank you notes display adorable woodland animals that come with a simple background and empty interior. While these woodland creatures are adorable, it may not be enough to wow your recipients. You can present this card with a custom greeting card from Tellinga and make your recipient's day better!


The Ben and Pad Personalized Thank You Cards can be customized before they are purchased. It allows you to write any message you and want and fit the occasion that you need these thank you cards to fill in. The simple design with nothing too flamboyant on it makes it easy to use them for occasions such as weddings or business meetings. Don't forget to pair this card up with a greeting card based on your story from Tellinga.


The One in a Melon Thank You is the perfect thank you card idea when you are looking for some bulk thank you cards. The cute and childish designs will show gratitude towards the people around you and spread joy through these inspirational messages. Adding on to this, the outside design makes it perfect for kids' thank you cards. If you feel like this card lacks the personalized element, combine this card with a customized thank you postcard from Tellinga.


13. Avery Printable Thank You Cards

The Avery Printable Thank You Cards can be used for any occasion. It has the added element of customization through the printable aspect of these cards. While these cards can fill purposes such as flashcards and recipe cards, they can be used to display your thank yous. You can create any sort of message you want on these cards, and turn it into the best thank you card ever. However the best thank you card should be paired with something that means a lot, you share a personal story through Tellinga!


Farinido Small Business Thank You Cards is one of the best thank you card examples. They are stylish through their navy and floral background, and a simple phrase in the middle of the card. These cards specialize in being used as thank you for your purchase cards. They are compact enough for any type of thank you meaning you can use these in person or include them in your product's packaging. Why stop there with a simple card, include a thank you card with a story about your business through Tellinga!


The Confetti Thank You 3D card is one of the most beautiful thank you cards ideas because they show us what virtual thank you cards can't do. The set of cards are attractive with baby blue backgrounds and confetti littered throughout the card. They also come with empty spaces that you can use to add a personalized touch to your own writing. If you want something extra to make your recipients feel amazed, then pair these cards with a personal story card from Tellinga!


The Pink Floral Thank You Card Set is an excellent thank you card idea when you're looking for a cute thank you. The cover has pastel pink flowers that surround the center message. These cards also come with envelopes which is useful if you don't want to send out electronic thank you cards. Adding on to this, you can send a more traditional card with amazing illustrations using Tellinga.


The Branch Thank You Cards are an amazing idea for thank you cards after a funeral to convey how appreciative you are. This card also has more emphasis on creating a simple and sincere message to act as some funeral thank you cards. They can also be used as some thank you notes for funeral flowers since they don't have specific messaging. However, if you want to further celebrate the life of the deceased, send the recipients a story greeting card with Tellinga.


If you're looking for cute bridal shower thank you cards, the VNS Bridal Shower Thank You Cards are perfect for you. They display beautiful pink roses with matching gold lettering to pop out to the recipients. Pink and gold can also match most themes because of how vibrant the colors are. The insides of these cards are blank as well so you can easily write any message you want. You can also pair this up with a love story card from Tellinga!


These Wildflower Custom Thank You Card are designed to say thank you for sympathy, and they are perfect to appreciate the people who supported you through a tough time. It is incredibly hard to find connections that will stick by you when the times get rough, so their appreciation is necessary. This bulk set of sympathy thank you cards is heartwarming and can perfectly thank your friends and family. Don't forget you can combine this card with a heartwarming story greeting card from Tellinga.


The designer thank you cards from Bliss Collections Thank You Cards are the best thank you cards ideas. The neutral colors of this card help it match any occasion whether it's a birthday or even a wedding. You don't even have to think much about the wording for the thank you cards if you include a customized Tellinga!


The A+ Teacher Thank You Card is an excellent choice if you're looking for appreciation cards for teachers. Teachers are valuable to the development of many children and deserve to be recognized. The simple designs that are not childish on these cards make them easy to use as a thank you card for teachers. If you need more appreciation for teachers, pair these greeting cards with a custom-made thank you card from Tellinga.


The Dogwood Blossom Thank You Card Set can meet any needs. The unique design of ink floral patterns makes it stand out among other competitors when you need a neutral thank you card. They are perfect for small business thank you cards. Present this card with a greetings card from Tellinga to make your thank-yous feel more personal.


Coming up with a thank you card idea can be tough, but the Every Single Day Thank You Card is perfect for every occasion. The broad appreciation phrase on the cover of this card makes it easy to fit into occasions when you need thank-yous for teachers or anything else. These cards are better than handmade thank you cards that you make at the last second. However, if you want to amaze your recipients, send them a unique card from Tellinga!


If you need some ideas for thank you cards, you should use the Juvale Thank You Cards. Sometimes in life, you don't need to overwhelm your recipients with any feelings or laughs. The simple thank you on the cover is enough to let them know they are appreciated. You can even use these cards to emphasize the creative illustrations on a story card from Tellinga!


The Amanda Creation Food Pun Cards will make anyone snicker with their funny thank-yous. These cards are the best when you need funny thank you cards. There are 6 different designs from this collection which makes it easier to choose which cards to give out. If you want to create a perfect storm of laughter, present these cards with a funny story card from Tellinga!


The Merci in Bloom card is an amazing choice when you're looking for something beautiful. These cards have an elegant design from the beautiful flowers that form the message of thank you. These cards can be a perfect thank you note to teachers. If you want to make your recipients feel even happier, pair these cards up with a personal thank you card from Tellinga!


Looking for a funny card? These Giraffe looking in Thank You Card are up to your alley then! You don't need to bother looking at any Target thank you cards if you have these cards. These cards may be simple on the outside, but there's more than enough space inside the card to include a personal message. If you want to say more, give them a customized card from Tellinga!


If you need some ideas for thank you cards, then you should look into the Amazon Basics Thank You Cards. Their basic set of Amazon thank you cards is extremely versatile, and they are better than any Walmart thank you cards. You can even use them as a thank you for a gift card. If you want your appreciation to be extra special, pair this card up with a personal greeting card from Tellinga!


The Hallmark Striped Thank You Card can be perfect for a thank you card idea. These striped thank you cards from Hallmark can fit most occasions especially when you need a thank you note for baby gifts or thank you cards for teachers. While it might be easier to use digital thank you cards, a physical thank you card will always be appreciated. You can pair this striped thank you card with a distinctive thank you card from Tellinga!


Some of the greatest thank you card ideas come from the heart, and the Eucalypta Thank You Cards perfectly capture that. The bright gold and green color scheme allow the card to be used as a thank you note for baby gifts. For large events like weddings, it may be easier to send out a mass amount of e thank you cards, but people will always love physical cards in the mail. You can pair this card up with a personalized message from Tellinga.


The White Themed Thank You Letter Set is the perfect wedding thank you cards. The thank-you letters included in this set come with high-quality paper that never bleeds self-sealing envelopes, and the theme is versatile enough for any occasion. For example, you can even use this as a thank you to coworkers for gifts. If you want to take this set to the next level and beat out any free thank you cards online, then combine it with a custom card from Tellinga!


If you don't have any thank you card ideas, you should look into the Watercolor Floral Thank You Cards. It is better than any random online thank you cards. Floral patterned cards can fit with most occasions whether you are using them as a birthday gift thank you or thank you notes for teachers. You can further express your gratitude for your loved person with a personal message from Tellinga!


A simple idea for thank you cards is using the Gold Foil Boatloads Thank You Card Set. Sometimes it can be hard to think of words for a thank you card, but the design makes it easy to focus on the occasion. You can even send these cards out like they're thank you postcards with the envelopes. If you want something more for your recipients, send out an Oaklyn card with a few custom thank you cards from Tellinga.


Sometimes it's just nice to have a simple card, and the Golden Greenery Thank You Card is the perfect thank you card idea. They are simply cards that say thank you. The straightforward cover makes it easy to write your thoughts even if you struggle with coming up with words for a thank you card. Complete your thank you gift with a thank you greetings card from Tellinga!


35. Petite Jungle shower Thank You

The Petite Jungle shower Thank You are spectacular as ideas for baby shower thank you notes. These cute thank you cards can fit most occasions related to baby showers including their use as a thank you for baby gifts. You can give this card to your recipients along with a special epistolary card from Tellinga!


If you are stuck on finding an idea for thank you cards, the Cherry Blossom Thank You Card may be an excellent choice. The cursive lettering with the light grey cherry blossoms makes it the perfect card for things like thank you for your condolences. These letters can fit in many instances such as where you need some sympathy thank you notes. If you need something extra, a sympathy-based storybook card from Tellinga is perfect to give out!


If you need help writing a thank you note for your customers, the Amazing Time Thank You Notes is perfect for you. Their designs are beautiful and straight to the point about the appreciation you have towards consumers supporting your business. There's even space behind these cards if you want to add a special note to your customers. If you want to go above and beyond, combine these notes with a thank you card from Tellinga!


The best thank you card idea for your children is the Jinsray Animal Thank You Letter. Children can send these cards out as a thank you for gifts or just general appreciation for the people in their lives. Adults can even use these letters as thank you letters for baby shower gifts. You can even consider using these letters as some appreciation card for teachers. If you want to show more gratitude towards the special people in your life, you should present these letters along with a special card from Tellinga!


Script Luxe Thank You Letters are necessary after a wedding event. Most weddings are filled with special people who take time out of their lives to celebrate the special moment between a bride and groom. The best way to show your appreciation is with some wedding gift thank you notes. If you want to keep the wedding celebrations going and further appreciate your guests, send them a wedding story card from Tellinga!


If you need some more ideas for some wedding thank you cards, Landscape Wedding Thank You is a classic to give to your guests. You are able to create your own printed thank you cards with whatever message or pictures you want on them. They are sophisticated and perfect for the occasion. If you want to further show how grateful you are towards the people in your life, pair these cards up with a beautifully illustrated card from Tellinga!


If you use these Small Business Thank You Notes, you will best thank you notes ever written for your small business, it starts with finding the best looking thank you notes. These thank you notes from Amazon are perfect to thank your customers when you ship out their products. You can give your customers an even more appreciative gift with a custom-made card from Tellinga!


The Lemon Thank You Notes are perfect as a thank you note to a friend. Lemons are naturally a bright and vibrant fruit that can get people's attention. These thank you notes are tailored for any purpose including their use as birthday thank you notes. If you want to do more for your friend than just offering them a single note, give them a friendship story card from Tellinga!


If you feel like your thank you card ideas are getting stale, the Tree of Life Stationery is perfect for you. These thank you notes are beautifully illustrated with a painted tree and work well as a thank you note for appreciation. They are particularly wonderful as a teacher appreciation note due to the storybook-like design. However, if you're worried about that your wording for thank you notes might not be the greatest, pair these notes up with a unique thank you card from Tellinga!


The Hallmark Christmas Thank You Notes is an excellent choice for the holiday thank you. Christmas is an amazing time where you receive lots of gifts from the people you love. However, with the many gifts, you need thank you card ideas. This Hallmark Christmas thank you note is perfect to give to someone as thank you notes for gifts. Share more Christmas thank yous to your friends with a special Christmas story thank you card from Tellinga!


If you don't think the Hallmark Graduation Thank You Notes are a good idea, you should think again. Graduation time a time when you receive many gifts from the people around you. These Hallmark notes are a perfect graduation gift thank you note to present to your loved ones. If you want to give your people something more along with these notes, graduation thank you cards message from Tellinga is a perfect choice for you.


These Cactus Thank You Notes can fit into any occasion whether you are looking for thank you for your business cards or wedding thank you notes. If you are lacking thank you card ideas, these are the perfect solution for you. Due to the versatility of this card, it can even be used as a thank you note for your teachers. Combine these notes with an amazing story card from Tellinga to show some thank yous for your teachers!


These Soft Leaf Sympathy Card cards can fit your needs of funeral thank you notes. While these cards may not be sample thank you notes after funerals, they still add a unique touch to your gratitude. In other cases, you can even use them as thank you for condolences. It just depends on how you personalize these cards. If you want to express greater gratitude, pair these cards up with a memorial story card from Tellinga!


The set of Princess Baby Shower Thank You Cards is an excellent choice when you're looking for some ideas for thank you cards targeted towards baby gifts. These cards are targeted at saying thank you for the baby shower gift which isn't something that you see often. Although they may be targeted towards girl baby showers by the pink color, they can still fill your need for baby gift thank you cards. Pair these cards with a unique storybook greeting about your baby from Tellinga!


It's not that hard to see why the I Apple Teachers Greeting Card is a perfect card for your teacher. These can be a thank you note to a teacher from students. If you want something more specific for your teachers, you can add-on a story card about your learning experiences with your teacher from Tellinga!


The Skate Pond Holiday Thank You Card is perfect to thank your friends and families for the holidays when you're need of Christmas thank you cards. It will make people even happier to know that you loved their gift. That's why you need to express your thank you for the Christmas gift through these thank you cards. You can even pair up the card with a Christmas storybook greeting card from Tellinga to create the perfect thank you for Christmas gifts.


A fantastic idea for a thank you card is to use the Hotcinfin Thank You Cards. These Hotcinfin cards can be used as a thank you for wedding gifts. They can even be used as some birthday thank you cards. These cards blow homemade thank you cards out of the water. Although space is limited to put down some heartfelt thank you card messages, you can always send out a customized message with some cards from Tellinga!


These Watercolor Thank You Notes for your order cards are perfect when you need thank you for your order cards. Small businesses can sometimes struggle to have clients, so it is necessary to have a thank you card for customers to keep their purchases coming in. Thank you notes for customers may seem small but, you can pair it with some personalized business thank you cards from Tellinga!



There's no shortage of thank you cards, and all the options listed above give a unique way to express gratitude for any occasion. Hopefully, you were able to gain ideas for thank you notes or anything else, and you're able to express thank yous wonderfully.

Tellinga provides some of the greatest thank you cards with their 100% personalized and hand-drawn storybook greeting cards that you can send as unique gifts by snail mail. Tellinga will create the best thank you possible!


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