26 Best Thank You Gifts | Ideas For Thank You Gifts!

Finding the best thank you gifts can be challenging. With the internet at our disposal, we have become overwhelmed by choices. Tellinga brings you 26 ideas for thank you gifts for every kind of occasion, be it a wedding, baby shower, or just as a simple token of appreciation. A simple thank you gift to reciprocate how thankful you’re for them to be in your life. Choose one of the best thank you gifts from here, and you are good to go!

1. Tellinga

If you are looking for a versatile, personalized gift to tell your story through snail mail, then Tellinga has you covered! With the ongoing pandemic, it is hard to do something special for your loved ones, but sending a warm and gracious thank you gift through Tellinga is truly easy. Tellinga is a startup based in Houston that curates handmade cards, based on your style and your ideas.

How it works:

  1. Select your story length (options-one day, one week, two weeks, or one month)

  2. Upload a photo and add a description of your desired story (you can reminisce a memory from your past or create a brand-new story)

  3. Our team of talented illustrators and artists will start working on your story

  4. A few days later, the designated recipient of the story will start receiving unique hand-drawn birthday card-sized illustrations every other day in their mailbox until the package ends

Tellinga designs a package of cards and creates a story from the description you give. The recipient will start receiving hand-drawn, greeting card-sized illustrations every other day until the package expires. Tellinga is a one-stop solution for all kinds of gifts that you are looking for, from thank you gifts for baby showers to thank you gift for weddings, and could also be used as a thank you gift for teachers. No matter what you want to celebrate, a hand-drawn greeting card from Tellinga will get the message across.

Personalization: Unlimited – describe any storyline you desire and add as many photos as you wish

Price: Starting from $9.99

Estimated Delivery: 2-5 days

Subscription services: Yes

Optional money/gift card additions: No

Messaging/Art (Hand-crafted by a human or created by a robot): Human

2. Spa Gift Set

Let the intrigues of botanical essence aesthetically wrap you. A small thank you present in a delightful pack containing an eclectic mix of handmade products. Anyone who deserves your thanks deserves this appreciation gift. A simple gift set to cheer up your friend!

3. Fragrance Rich Wine Soaps

A small thank you gift for a parting friend who is going away to a new country. You can pair your thank you gift basket with this luxurious box of wine soaps. With the distinctive shades and subtle fragrances of wine, this could be the perfect filler for your gift basket. It could also be an ideal thank you gift at weddings, especially when you have to travel to your destination.

4. Cheese Board And Knife Set

The all-in-one board for social entertaining! It will add the perfect balance of beauty and sophistication to your home, whether on display or in use. These make perfect thank you gifts for any time of the year. The cheese board & knife set would make a great idea for a thank you gift to your friends who love to host house parties. They can serve their guests with wine and cheese every weekend while everyone shares fun stories about their lives.

5. Thank You Tumbler

handy tumbler is the best appreciation gift for those people who prefer to take their morning dose of caffeine from Starbucks in their environment-friendly bottles. The sincere saying makes a thoughtful gift idea to show your thankfulness and appreciation to a best friend, husband, or a teacher.

6. Appreciation Plant Cube - Thank You For Taking the Thyme

Are you still confused about what to give your professor on Teacher's Day? Plant cube adds an exotic accent to their office, lobby, or home. It could also be a thank you gift for a teacher who has guided and supported you through your academic life.

7. Thank You Wine Bottle

From the list of appreciation gifts, we have selected this gift for the people who have classy and peculiar tastes in wine. This personalized wine bottle would be a fantastic thank you gift for wedding guests.

8. New Job Candle

The delicate fragrance of cedarwood creates an invigorating atmosphere. If your favorite colleague is leaving a job, you can give this new job candle as a small thank you gift, and as a token of appreciation. It could also be used as a thank you gift for a teacher who has inspired you to become what you're today!

9. Treat Gift Box With Message Tag

Use these sweet treats and pair them with your special message as a parting gift to your friend who is moving to a different city. This small thank you gift will bring a big smile to their face. You can always give this as a thank you gift for a baby shower, or as a thank you gift for teachers on their special occasions.

10. Little Jar Of Big Thanks

This jar could serve as a thank you gift for teachers with personalized letters from each student. A handcrafted thank you present to show your appreciation to that important person who deserves your recognition. Express your feelings through the power of words in a thoughtful way with this cute little jar. You can also add this to your cart of thank you gifts for men who have supported you.

11. Men's Bath Gift Basket

Are you looking for a way to surprise your boyfriend during quarantine? Get this bath basket as a thank you present for your boyfriend for having your back through quarantine. It is a perfect thank you gift basket, especially during the pandemic, to make you feel relaxed at home. Perfect for letting them know you are thinking of them and how much you care. It also, can be a great idea for a thank you gift on Father's Day, birthday's, or retirement.

12. Sunshine Gift Box

The sunshine gift box is a personalized basket for your friends who would love to unwind and have a stress free experience. Help your friends or loved ones get over a bad day through this thank you gift basket. It could be one of the best thank you presents for someone who loves to pamper themselves with all-natural relaxing products.

13. Teddy Bear Towel

A teddy bear towel is a fun, inexpensive, and adorable thank you gift idea. It is probably the best thank you gift idea in the small thank you gift category. Fold a beige-colored towel into a teddy bear, put a ribbon around it, and set it on a counter for your friend to be surprised by your artistic and adorable gift. This idea for a thank you gift will get you an “Awww!”

14. Floral Seedlings Cork Coasters

Add an earthy touch to your friend’s home with this cute thank you gift idea from the pottery barn. Every time they get a compliment from these coasters for their uniqueness, your friend will remember you! You can also personalize the coaster with the name of your friends who threw you a baby shower party.

15. Thank You Chocolate Box

Gift an assorted box of chocolates as a thank you gift for teachers. There is no better way to say thank you than with a box of chocolates! This heartfelt idea can bring a huge smile to someone's face. If you're somebody who is not good with words but appreciates the efforts put forth by your friend or relatives, then you can send this as a thank you present to express your gratitude.

16. Life Is Sweet Mixing Bowl Set

Make your friend's dining and serving experience joyful with this beautiful piece of handcrafted stoneware. This mixing bowl set will be the perfect thank you gift for baby showers. A thank you gift like this will let your friends know how much you appreciate their time, efforts, and energy.

17. Men Can Gift Basket

We understand how tough it is for you to choose one specific gift from all the options out there. A thank you gift basket for a man, would be a perfect present for the guy in your life. This man can contains everything that your boyfriend, dad, guy friends or even brothers would love to have in their caves.

18. Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey glasses are classy and elegant thank you gifts for men. Other spirits can be poured into regular cups, but whiskey traditionally calls for something more upscale. You can’t go wrong with this thank you present!

19. Letter Box Gift

This would be the best thank you gift for someone who appreciates a sweet gesture! This uncommon gift can be tossed into mini thank you gift baskets for baby showers, traditional basket sets, or as a thank you gift at weddings.

20. For A Tax Accountant Friend

A small thank you gift for your friend who has helped save you tax money. It also ensures that their generosity mattered and made an impact on you. If this quoted glass is too small of a thank you present, then you can pair it with thank you gift basket ideas from this blog and make it a complete set.

21. Heart Message Jar

This thank you gift for baby showers can be gifted to those who were part of the celebration. Write a heartfelt thank you on a parchment scroll and place it inside the transparent jar. It can also be a great idea for a thank you gift for the gentlemen in your life.

22. Columbian Coffee Beans

This wedding thank you gift will treat guests with a warm cup of Columbian coffee. Columbian Coffee is a delicious thank you gift at weddings. You can personalize the cover of the container with the grand picture of the wedding, thanks to your wedding photographer, of course! It could also be part of a small thank you gift basket for all the close guests who attended the wedding.

23. Personalized Thank You Tags

These cute little bags can be used with thank you gift baskets. Make somebody’s heart smile with these small gestures and tell them how thankful you are for them for being a part of your life. Since it is a decorative little bag, you can also tag it along with other thank you gifts for weddings.

24. Compass Silver Gift Set

Compass would be a unique thank you present for your wanderer friends who love the rustic way of life. We are sure your friends enjoy trekking, and getting lost in the wilderness as they are amazing and adventurous feelings. Compass is the perfect thank you gift for men.

25. Relaxation Gift Set

A thank you gift basket is a versatile item for anyone. Ideally, a thank you gift basket should have five to seven products of varying sizes. You can personalize the relaxation gift basket with a gesture of love and appreciation by making it a relationship based present. It could also be a welcome gift basket idea for wedding guests.

26. Men's Spa Gift Basket

Give dad, husband, brothers, or anyone else in your life this unique, masculine gift basket. You don’t need occasions, or special moments to keep reminding your loved ones how thankful you are to them for their presence. Often, express how you feel with one of these ideas for thank you gifts and make them feel special!


After receiving a gift, attending a dinner party, or leaving someone's house from an overnight stay, you know you need to write a thank-you note. However, you might not know what to say. Most people want to be appreciative, but it can sometimes be a struggle for them. Like we mentioned before, choosing a gift for different people is difficult, especially when you have to pick a wedding thank you gift. You don't always know how to put your thoughts into words. So, we did some research on your behalf and came up with these 26 best thank you gifts.

Pair these thank you gifts with a Tellinga gift card and let your loved ones feel appreciated. Tellinga makes hand-drawn greetings cards, and we are confident that the loved ones in your life are going to enjoy it.

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