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30 Best Fitness Gifts For Men | Workout Gifts For Him!

Is your boyfriend a total fitness even in real life other than his Instagram captions? Well, ladies finding that perfect workout gift for him can be tricky. But if your boyfriend is someone who will not miss his gym session even for your anniversary date, there are a plethora of fitness gift ideas. There are a bunch of things out there your fitness freak boyfriend would love and the list never ends. Scroll below to find the best fitness gift for men!


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If your boyfriend hits the gym almost every other day, he has to carry a lot of stuff with him. You can gift him a multipurpose gym bag with a cool design and funky shade that he can flaunt as well as keep all his stuff in. The best part about these bags is that they have separate waterproof compartments where your boyfriend can keep his wet shoes or stinky clothes. Sounds like a convenient option we guess? The bags are well ventilated which keeps the bag fresh and the stuff from stinking. Your gym freak boyfriend will find this multipurpose gym bag really cool.


Ask your fitness-enthusiast man his favorite wardrobe piece and he will tell you it is his jogger pants. Gifting him yet another one might not be a bad idea. These pants are lightweight, breathable, and super-comfy to wear during intense workout sessions. If your boyfriend spends most of his day in the gym or running around, workout pants are the best gift you can give him. Check out the best brands like Nike, Adidas and go for a stylish pair of jogger pants that is easy to wash and care for and stays odor-free.


If your boyfriend's favorite place to hang out is in the gym, he is probably on a strict diet as well. Gift him a pack of vitamins because his body literally needs nutrients. Nutrient-deficiency is one of the biggest issues among gym enthusiasts. A pack of essential vitamins has almost all the nutrients that a nourishing meal has. Show him this Valentine's that you care for his health and well-being and gift him vitamin packs so that he stays fit and active every day.


Your boyfriend is so obsessed with the gym probably because he is on his way to build a body he has always dreamt of. Gifting him a subscription to fitness audiobooks will give him the much-needed push and motivation. These audiobooks contain so many weight loss tips, hacks, and motivation that he might like listening to in his free time. It is really easy to feel demotivated and off-track when you are following a strict regime every single day. By gifting him these motivational audiobooks you can make sure that he doesn't get bored or zoned out on Treadmill.


Great workout music is the only hype and adrenaline rush gym freaks need during their intense workout sessions. You can gift your fitness freak boyfriend a good quality wireless headphone with high bass and fantastic sound quality. You can check out some premium brands like JBL, Panasonic, Jaybird X4. Most of them have customizable sound settings and are sweatproof. Once the headphone is fully charged, your friend can jam to his favorite workout music for hours. We bet your gym freak boyfriend will love this Valentine's gift.


Who doesn't like showing off a stunning smartwatch in the gym? Smartwatches are pretty cool and have great features like pace alerts, GPS tracker, workout and movement trackers, steps counter, and other latest options. You will find endless options in stores like Gionee, Fitbit, Apple, Samsung, etc. Choose the model that fits best within your budget and has cool options like monthly challenge targets, awards, music connectivity, personalized coaching features, etc. This gift can be an ideal one for your fitness crazy boyfriend to ace his fitness journey like a pro.


Workout is great but working out in style is even better. After all, gym looks are a thing in 2020, aren't they? Gift your boyfriend a dashing jacket that complements his already killer looks and fall head over heels for him all over again. You can go for some cool brands like Nike, Brooks, Adidas, etc. Their jackets are breathable, versatile, and look all suave and edgy. Probably, you can choose a sleek, all-black jacket that can look trendy and ravishing on anyone.


Your boyfriend's love affair with fitness is probably longer than his affair with you, but he has his lazy days too. He might kill to go to a gym but at times calls from the boss and work just takes over. Gift him a set of assistance bands this Valentine's so that he doesn't miss his workouts even on such days. The equipment does not take up a lot of space and is great for resistance moves. Go for this gift and your boyfriend will love how smart his girlfriend is.


Though your fitness-obsessed boyfriend never misses his gym sessions, believe us even he craves for some breaks. You can gift him these kettlebells might be so that he can do a complete workout from his living room itself. There are weights of different sizes and capacities, like goblet squats, kettlebell swings, etc. that he can adjust according to his convenience. This one is a really practical and useful gift that he is bound to like.


If you are a little tight on budget, a health planner and tracker for your fitness-lover boyfriend is a thoughtful gift. Don't let his New Year resolutions of fitness go off-track! Health planners come in handy when he wants to stick to a workout schedule and a certain diet. Also, with the trackers, he can celebrate his little wins and achievements once in a while. How cool is that? Writing down monthly goals and fitness plans can him get into a healthy mindset and make him more committed to his goals.


Don't you feel pity for your "crazy for gym" boyfriend who resists his temptations for snacks and desserts every time you two are on a date? Gift him a box of healthy snacks that have almost zero calories but taste so heavenly with irresistible flavors that he simply can't stop binging on. Most of these boxes contain healthy yet delicious snacks like dark chocolate ragi cookies, spirulina cereal bar, beetroot chips, whole-wheat thins, baked pizza sticks, jalapeno, and a lot of other items. Give him a big box of such healthy indulgence this Valentine's to show him that you are a supportive partner in his healthy lifestyle journey.


Nothing better than healthy shakes early in the morning to kick start your health freak boyfriend's day. We bet he swears by it for his fitness regime. Gift him a cool, personal blender with a ready-to-go handy bottle so that he can whip up some healthy, wholesome smoothie before he heads out for his gym sessions. Make sure you choose a blender that is BPA-free and dishwasher-friendly. We promise there cannot be a more perfect gift idea for gym freaks.


Flaunting workout shoes on Instagram stories is the real flex for gym freaks. Your boyfriend is probably dying for a new pair of sexy shoes with which he can step into the gym looking effortlessly fashionable. Why not gift him a pair of really cool sneakers in his favorite shade for this Valentine's? You can probably pick a nice pair with a cool design from any branded store that perfectly complements his styling sense. A pair of funky neon shoes with LED lights isn't a bad idea if he's a bit off an attention seeker. We are pretty sure he just can't stop obsessing over this new addition to his shoe closet.


Trust us on this, if your boyfriend is a health maniac all he does on the internet is lookout for new workout moves and healthy recipes. Indeed, preparing some health-loaded, nourishing, and wholesome meals that have a delightful taste as well is pretty tough. Gift him the subscription to some of the best health magazines and literally, a bunch of tasty, healthy recipes will be sent to his doorstep every week. Can you imagine a more perfect gift for gym freaks than a box full of smoothie ingredients? If you have a little lesser budget, you can also go for some books with healthy recipes that you and he can together prepare for your Sunday brunches. After all, staying in shape is just not about working out but also about eating right too.


If your guy is always on the movie, a portable coffee maker is probably the best gift you can give him this Valentine's Day. A steaming hot brew of espresso or black coffee every morning can be a great kick for his intense workouts and run sessions. You can check out some really cool ones with filtered systems that can help him brew him a mug of rich, grit-free coffee either a French press or pour-over style. Just make sure the mug is leak-resistant and fits into stuff like cup holders, bags, water bottle cages on the bike. We suggest that you go for a sleek and pretty mug that looks good on his Insta stories. After all, he deserves to flex his girlfriend's Valentine's gift.


Though your boyfriend is obsessed with the gym, balancing out those intense sessions with few yoga poses can be a great option as well. Yoga has some wonderful long-lasting effects on the body. Your boyfriend will feel calmer, refreshed, and rejuvenated after a yoga session than a cardio one. Tell him about the benefits of yoga and gift him an easy book for beginners with simple yogic poses. Most of them have detailed instructions, pictures for clarity and are easy to incorporate into daily lifestyle. We are pretty confident that your boyfriend is going to give you a proud pat on your back for this matured gift.


If you are gifting him yoga books, you might give him a yoga mat as well. Yoga mats are great for not just yoga but floor workouts as well. Most of the workouts at home do require a mat. Pick up a double-sided one made of latex and rubber and make sure it is toxin-free. These mats are ultra-thick and offer great balancing. Who thought that Valentine's gift could be so creative?


Your gym freak boyfriend probably forgets anniversaries but not his gym sessions. But on days that are a little busier, working out at home doesn't hurt. Tension toners are workout bars on which he can do his pull-up and resistance workouts and are quite easy to handle. He can also carry around with him this super-portable equipment if he's out on a vacation. Isn't this one quite convenient and useful? Gift him these tension toners this Valentine's and show that you are as concerned about his health as he is.


Your fitness freak boyfriend loves his hoodies and jumpers as much as you love them. Hoodies are cool, flattering, and always on-trend. They are the best gift hands down you can give to any guy who is into fitness. Who doesn't love flaunting some extra coolness and style while lifting those heavy dumbbells? Just make sure you pick the one with a soft, comfortable fabric with thermos-regulation. This will keep his body warm during winters and the sweat off his body. Also, it is quite wise to gift your boyfriend a hoodie so that you can effortlessly steal it at times.


If there is something that gym freaks have to worry about the most it is adequate hydration. Be a caring girlfriend and gift them an infusion pitcher to make sure they stay well hydrated throughout the day. No one likes having plain water in such a huge quantity and so a delicious and refreshing flavor is always welcome. He can use the pitcher to flavor the water in preferred tastes. It can be a fruit, veggie, or even a herb. We will bet he will find this gift quite exciting.


Sundays are mostly "no-gym" days even for gym freaks probably because he loves his sleep more on Sundays than his workout. Gift him this cool workout equipment so that he can have it both. He can do a variety of arm and leg strengthening workouts with this and even build those shoulders and abs that you find attractive. All he needs to do is set up an anchor strap and a sturdy pole and he is good to go.


Fitness freaks swear by their jumping ropes apart from their gym sessions to stay fit and energetic throughout their day. Burning calories and toning up their body is an addiction they can never get over. You can find a variety of jumping ropes to gift him on Valentine's. It is a great tool to improve balance and coordination and will keep your boyfriend safe from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, etc.


How many times have you heard your boyfriend tell that he is planning to kickstart a keto diet regime? We bet several times. "Keto" is one of the coolest fitness trends among health freaks and every fit person's latest obsession. You just cannot miss out on this perfect Valentine's gift for your boyfriend that will push him a step forwards towards a healthy lifestyle. These kits contain ultra-low-carb keto cookies, ketogenic gourmet food products, and a bunch of other healthy items. Your boyfriend doesn't even need to sacrifice his existing diet and yet naturally incorporate the keto diet. Can there be any reason for your boyfriend to not love this ultra-healthy gift?


Your boyfriend probably rushes to the gym the moment he snoozes the alarm. A healthy, wholesome breakfast will give him the much-needed energy for the entire day of workouts and hustle. Gift him some healthy breakfast items maybe, like a box of protein bars or Kellogg's and almond muesli. They are healthy, 100% natural, packed with nutrients with absolutely no harmful ingredients like processed sugar, gluten, preservatives, or any artificial sweeteners and chemicals. Your boyfriend will love to eat clean and well when he is on a fitness regime.


Ask your boyfriend what he finds most inconvenient during a jog or working out and he will probably tell you handling his cell phone. It is indeed quite of a struggle to hold the phone during cardio or run. Gifting him a water-proof armband case with a keyholder is a great idea. The mess of gripping the phone tangled with wire knots of headphones will no more be a problem for him. Such practical gifts are worth the money.


Hydration is everything when it comes to workouts. If your boyfriend isn't hydrated enough all day long he won't find the energy to lift those heavy weights or even run on those machines. Gift them a stainless steel water bottle as a reminder to keep hydrating themselves in between workouts. Isn't that a cool idea? You can probably stick a self-made "Keep hydrating" note as well. We bet he will find this cute and feel loved.


28. Sandbag

This one is probably the most versatile work equipment you can get your fitness-obsessed boyfriend this Valentine's. Working out with this equipment at home is as good as working out in the gym and we are not joking here. Your boyfriend can do his squats, press, cardio, and literally what not just with this single piece of equipment. The bag is filled with sand which keeps shifting and so he has to burn those calories every time he tries to stabilize it and move it. How amazing is that? He can literally do a full-body workout and work his every muscle group without even actually heading to the gym. We are sure this Valentine's gift will win over any gym freak boyfriend's heart.


Shorts are quite cool and make a great OOTD for a jog or intense cardio at the gym. A simple yet voguish short can set the mood just right for a long workout day ahead. Shorts look attractive without trying too hard and pairs up well with literally with any kind of shirt or hoodie. Gift your gym-obsessed guy a stylish pair of shorts and you will find a mirror selfie of him on your feed almost every alternative day. Believe us, this gift idea can never fail you.


This one is so hyped for a reason. Workout freaks are literally in love with this exercise equipment. They come in such trendy designs and shades and can help your boyfriend workout on specific groups of muscle. It also comes with instructional videos for detailed guidance. Gift him this one and he will stay as effortlessly committed to his fitness regime as he is with you. (Blush! Blush!)



So, did you like these thoughtful and creative gift fitness gifts for men? Trust us, it isn't rocket science! Find that perfect workout gift for him! All you have to do is listen to your heart and instincts, just like the time you accepted his proposal.



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