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12 Best NFT Art Marketplaces | What Is Non-Fungible Token Artwork?

There's a lot of hype right now about Non-Fungible Token (NFT) art and the associated crypto art marketplace. If you're not familiar with this world, it may seem like something out of a futuristic science fiction movie. Fear not; in this article, we'll cover the basics of non-fungible token artwork. After that primer, we'll serve up the best NFT art marketplaces so you can begin to explore buying and selling non fungible token art. If you wish to skip the primer, go ahead and click here.

Here at Tellinga, we're strong supporters of the value of art and its creators. Our team of talented artists create mail art that tells your personal stories. If you love art and want to give someone a collection of their personal stories, head over to Tellinga and get started on creating your masterpiece!

So exactly how does crypto artwork? In reality, it works the same as any other collectible art market, with a heavy dose of technology. The easiest way to understand the crypto art market is to liken it to the physical art market, except now you're dealing with digital artwork instead of paintings or sculptures you can touch and feel. From here, you can see where all of the different terms such as crypto artwork, cryptocurrency art, NFT crypto art, crypto NFTs, etc., come from. They are all referring to the collectible digital art marketplace, made possible by something called a non-fungible token, or NFT.

So let's break it down and start with the most obvious question: What on earth is an NFT? NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token. Think of it as a digital certificate of owning something authentic. The term non-fungible refers to the object being irreplaceable, like a rare baseball card. NFTs can be attached to any kind of digital media, but for the sake of this article, we'll stick to art. Once they're done creating, the artist mints, or "tokenizes" their work. Proof of authenticity through an NFT opens a world for trading digital collectibles. The token becomes a one-of-a-kind digital asset that can be traded. Many of these tokens come with a built-in commission that pays the artist any time the piece is resold, making the crypto art world an exciting opportunity for digital NFT artists.

These digital registrations, or tokens, are loaded and tracked on something called a blockchain where they can be bought, sold, and traded. To put it simply, a blockchain is a software ledger that is visible on the Internet. The Ethereum blockchain is the most common blockchain for NFTs, utilizing standard protocols such as the ERC721 token standard to enable trading ease. That's enough and maybe a little too much about blockchains.

Lastly, let's quickly cover art cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are just digital currency used in the wild wild west of the digital marketplace. You've probably heard of Bitcoin, but have you heard of Ether? Ether, short for Ethereum and commonly noted as ETH, is the cryptocurrency used for items on the Ethereum blockchain. If you want to trade NFT art, you're going to need some Ether to use for your art cryptocurrency.

So there's our primer on NFT art. Now the fun stuff. Where can we buy, sell, and trade this cryptoart? New non-fungible token company sites are emerging all of the time. If you're an artist looking to sell your digital artwork, a collector wanting to buy a crypto painting, or just want to dip your toe in the world of non-fungible token trading in the crypto art marketplace, we've done our best to curate a list of the 12 best NFT art marketplaces.

Tellinga sends hand-drawn cards through traditional mail. Each image is hand-drawn by a crypto artist on a 5" x 7" premium 32 pt thick postcard with red edges and placed in a 5.25" x 7.25" brown grocery bag envelope with the customer's address used as the return address. Before your card is shipped, a charity stamp and custom wax seal are applied. Afterward, the digital copies of your story are sent to your email to share online with family and friends. After receiving your artwork, you can mint or "tokenize" your digital art from one of our choices below. Every card shipped helps raise funds to fight breast cancer, Alzheimer's, and PTSD. If you are looking for original and personalized art to mint into your own NFT, then let Tellinga create it for you!


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  10. Tellinga creates your art and you mint it into an NFT

Support the arts and help fund Tellinga by purchasing their first mail art story ever created about two turtles that fall in love in Marfa, TX and move to New York City to live happily ever after. Tellinga's 1st story is now minted and available on OpenSea.


OpenSea is notably the largest NFT marketplace around. OpenSea NFTs include other assets in addition to art, such as domain names, virtual worlds for gaming, and other collectibles. They have a wide variety of NFT art for sale, including GIFs, memes, MP4s, and other crypto art forms. There are thousands of NFTs to buy, sell, and discover at various price ranges. Anyone can participate, and anything goes on this platform. Start your journey into non fungible token trading with ease at OpenSea. Tellinga's first mail art story ever created about two turtles that fall in love in Marfa, TX and move to New York City to live happily ever after is now minted and available on OpenSea.


SuperRare refers to itself as “Instagram meets Christie’s”, being a place to collect and trade single-edition art. Their pieces are created by an artist in their network and then tokenized with an NFT to enable purchasing and trading. Unlike OpenSea NFTs, their collection is only NFT crypto art. They use only a small number of NFT artists that are hand-picked by their profiling process, giving their marketplace a rare and specialized feel. Check out SuperRare for some of the best non-fungible token art money can buy. Before visiting SuperRare, let Tellinga create your original piece of art!


Nifty Gateway houses some of the most coveted digital art by some of the top digital artists. They are constantly selling out of exclusive collections. Nifty, a clever way of saying NFT, is owned by Gemini, a world-leading cybersecurity brand that ensures users their transactions are safe. Nifty also partners with top artists and creators to bring unique artwork to their platform, making some of the best NFT tokens around. The Nifty website has some great guides on how to make crypto art and other useful topics. Use the expertise of Nifty Gateway to help you create non fungible token art that everyone will want. If you need artwork to mint, then let Tellinga create it for you.


Rarible is another marketplace for trading digital art as well as a place for artists and creators to tokenize their work with NFTs. One of the things that set Rarible apart from other platforms is that its users can earn a RARI token, which is referred to as a “governance token”. These tokens give its user community various rights in the decision-making process of how the platform is run, creating a platform that brings an extra layer of crypto art value. Join the community at Rarible and take part in a truly independent digital art platform. Let talented crypto artists create your art by visiting today.


NFT Showroom is built on the Hive blockchain instead of the more common Ethereum blockchain. This means the cryptocurrency art collectors and creators use on this platform is HIVE, not ETH. Just like other marketplaces, artists create limited edition art and then create NFT tokens for their work. Collectors can then buy and trade the art. Artists also have the option to make the art available for commercial use, adding another avenue and use for their art. With an account, crypto artists can create blogs and join artist communities, all adding to a valuable overall experience. Get started on your digital art journey at NFT Showroom. If you need artwork for the NFT Showroom, then start your story today at!


Portion is another online marketplace that connects digital artists and collectors using NFT technology. Portion allows users and collectors to manage both physical and NFT digital art in one place, meaning you can exchange your crypto art for a physical painting or a comic book. This is a feature that is very attractive to art lovers of all kinds, providing one-stop shopping for collectors. Portion also provides an online community for artists to collaborate. Head over to Portion to start building your diverse art collection.


KnownOrigin is one of the first and fastest-growing art marketplaces on the Ethereum platform. Just like other crypto art websites, artists and creators upload their art onto the platform and tokenize it using the ERC721 token standard. Customers and collectors can then browse the crypto art gallery and purchase the art directly from the artist, with no middle man involved. They’re an artist-driven marketplace, making it easy for artists to create crypto art value and connect with the overall collector community. Let the team at KnownOrigin guide you on how to make your way to the top sellers’ list of non fungible token art. If you are looking for original and personalized art to mint into an NFT then let Tellinga create it for you! showcases both emerging NFT digital artists and established artists, helping them create pieces they can sell on the blockchain. They are a technology lab that uses their talents to assist artists with new ways of creating art enabled by technology. They pride themselves on innovation and bridging the divide between traditional and crypto artwork. A notable feature of their platform is that the buyer can purchase with a credit card instead of cryptocurrency, making it more accessible to a wider audience. Use the experts at to help you create non fungible token art that sells fast. Another great platform to create your original NFT art is Tellinga.


Unique.One is a digital art marketplace that aims to be a truly community-run platform. Similar to Rarible, they distribute governance tokens called $RARE to their users. These tokens give their community ownership and management rights of the platform. Their 1% transaction fee is used to purchase these tokens and distribute them back to the users, resulting in a net-zero platform fee. Their collection includes memes, animations, collectibles, and many others. Join the community at Unique.One and start your non-fungible token project with minimal cost. If you need artwork to turn into an NFT, then visit and they will create it for you.


MakersPlace is a creator-focused marketplace that enables artists to make money from their work. They’re passionate about making it easy for artists to create unique crypto paintings that are secured through blockchain technology, allowing the artists to focus on their work and not worry about the technical details involved. MakersPlace has introduced several iconic creators to the digital art marketplace and recently collaborated with Christie’s auction house to introduce digital artist Beeple to the traditional art community. Some of the best NFT tokens can be found here. Let the team at MakersPlace guide you on how to sell crypto art and capitalize on your talents. Before visiting MakersPlace, let Tellinga create your original piece of digital art.


The Gallery of Crypto Art is a collection of Artsy, a broad platform for connecting buyers with all mediums of art. In this crypto art gallery, you can find many styles of digital art and creations made from diverse technology and creativity. It’s a small collection, focusing on fine art. Like most digital art marketplaces, it uses NFTs and blockchain technology to allows users to sell and collect crypto art. Check out the Gallery of Crypto Art to view some of the best non fungible token masterpieces. Use Tellinga to create your original piece of digital artwork and showcase it in the Gallery of Crypto Art.


Async Art is an exciting new digital art marketplace. Here users can purchase art that changes over time, a unique and innovative way to take advantage of the technical nature of this art form. Art is divided into “layers” which are sold separately. These layers have parameters that are set by the artist. Once you own a layer, you can make selections to certain attributes that affect the image as a whole, making it a truly interactive work of art! This unique feature is sure to make some of the top non-fungible token art pieces for enthusiasts. Users can also purchase the “master” or the whole piece. Like all of the crypto art websites on this list, users can collect, create, and trade crypto artwork. Head over to Async Art to start building your collection. If you are looking for original and personalized art to mint into an NFT then let Tellinga create it for you!



NFTs are becoming more popular by the day, and as the industry picks up steam, NFT marketplaces will continue to emerge. In addition to having a wide range of NFT art for sale, many of these crypto art sites contain excellent guides on how to make and sell crypto art, a useful feature to those just starting. The process of how to create NFT tokens will surely become streamlined as innovation builds. The top non fungible token artworks are already making their way into the mainstream media and more non fungible companies and markets are sure to follow.

We hope by showcasing some of the best NFT marketplaces and unraveling the mystery of non fungible token artwork you now have the confidence to start your non fungible token project.

Tellinga celebrates NFT art and offers a variety of products that are 100% personalized and hand-drawn by a dedicated artist. Give a loved one the gift of art that arrives by the lost art of snail mail. Head over to Tellinga and get started today!


Other great resources for the top NFT tokens art can be found here:


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Non-Fungible Token (NFT) artwork is revolutionizing the digital art world. The 12 best NFT art marketplaces offer unique platforms for artists to showcase and sell their creations. Understanding and implementing devsecops practices can enhance these platforms' security and efficiency. Oteemo’s foundation, rooted in the belief that impactful enterprise transformations are crafted from the ground up, supports this innovation. Our expertise in modernizing digital capabilities helps businesses gain a competitive edge and deliver superior service. We assist commercial enterprises and federal agencies in harnessing modern technology, expediting their digital transformations, and ensuring the safe and efficient operation of NFT marketplaces.


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The emergence of NFT art marketplaces has revolutionized the way we perceive and trade digital art, with the '12 Best NFT Art Marketplaces' highlighting the platforms leading this charge. This surge aligns closely with the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency trading, where exchanges like LeveX play a pivotal role. By providing liquidity and a secure trading environment, platforms such as LeveX are instrumental for enthusiasts and investors looking to delve into the NFT space. They bridge the gap between the art world and blockchain technology, democratizing access to non-fungible token artwork and empowering artists and collectors to partake in this new digital economy. As the NFT marketplace continues to expand, the synergy with cryptocurrency trading platforms will likely deepen, further intertwining…

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