Two Week Stories

The Two Week Story consists of six hand-drawn greeting card-sized illustrations sent by snail mail every other day over two weeks. Create your own story or reminisce a memory from your past. Make your own story as unique and as creative as you desire. The following are examples of stories written by previous customers:

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Customer Description: Sarah and I met at a Dog Park in Nashville, Tennessee and started dating, then we both moved to San Francisco for jobs, then to Austin and finally to Houston 9 years ago. Along the way, we have had 5 children and have a cat and a dog. I just want to send Sarah something special, out of the ordinary, for no reason whatsoever. She is a Super Mom and does wonderful things for me and my children. Thanks!!

Customer Description: A nasty storm that develops causing lightning to strike Jack from Jack in the Box. Jack becomes evil and grows to an enormous size that’s almost unstoppable. His goal is to take out the rest of the fast food restaurants. As Jack rampages across the city, only superheroes Jodi and her husband Taylor can save them. Their superpowers allow them to turn into any of their favorite video game characters.

Customer Description: This is a gift for one of my good friends named Jerdal Whitaker. He married his wife named Mary Godfrey on 11/9/19. This story will be used as a wedding gift to them and to commemorate their love story (taken from their wedding website - https://www.theknot.com/us/mary-godfrey-and-jerdal-whitaker-nov-2019): Welcome family and friends to the story of how a Dallas Boy (Jerdal Whitaker) found his soulmate, a girl (Mary Godfrey) from Bryan, TX, in Houston 2016. I feel like a lot of love stories have a sort of a similar cadence in the way that two people involved have known each other for years, have been High School Sweethearts, or nowadays maybe swiped right on the right person! Well, Mary and I’s “story” is a bit different. Let’s rewind back to February 2016. It was a work training (both Jerdal and Mary worked at Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits Alcohol Distributor) and Mary and I met for the first time and maybe said 5 words to each other. So, it can be ruled out that this story begins with love at first sight. Now, let’s fast forward to August 2016. I had just made a big career move to Houston and in my mind was heading to this big city in south Texas for ALL Business. There was no way I was going to come to Houston and find my soulmate, nor was I searching. November 2016, the office was pretty empty and I assumed I was there alone until I received a knock on my office door followed by a question that any of you close to us know by now, “Hi, do you mind if I laminate in your office with you?” Sure, I replied as I looked at this girl with confusion…. Why did she want to laminate in my office? Again, let me emphasize the fact that at this moment I began to think twice about this ALL Business move I had made. But, after that day, something in me began to magnetize towards the laminating girl from Bryan who had just hijacked the corner of my filing cabinet for hours. From that moment, Mary and I began to build our relationship together. We took the official leap Valentine’s Day 2017 and never looked back. What sets our love story aside from others is that it’s ours’. Since the beginning, we know this has all been orchestrated by God. He chose the right times and places for us to be in our lives to bring us together. We leaned into challenging opportunities that would take us on different paths supporting each other the whole time, and in return, God moved us both to Dallas, TX within a week of each other. It’s hard to explain the feeling you get when you know you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. An even more powerful and unexplainable feeling is when you and that person have the opportunity to become one. Our love story is about two people, from two completely different places, that found their true selves in one another. A “story” that started with 5 words (Hi, my name is Mary) and is ending with 2 (I DO), will lead to our greatest adventure beginning November 9th, 2019 as husband and wife! They have done many fun things together leading up to their wedding like (use as fillers if you are looking to fill/continue the story): -going to an Astros game together (see picture) -Visit Lake Tahoe (see picture) -STL Blues game with Mary's siblings (see picture).

Customer Description: Matt and Kate (photos attached) are celebrating 6 years of dating. I would love a story showing us meeting in college at Boston college and traveling/living together through Nashville, NYC, San Francisco, and ending up in Houston. It would be cool to see any imaginative or crazy obstacles to overcame or experienced in any of those places. We love hockey games, vineyards, hiking, etc. Creative freedom with wacky stories is welcome! (More focus on Kate than her sidekick Matt).

Customer Description: My name is Din, my boyfriend is Berto. We're doing long distance, I live in MexicoCity, he lives in Porto, Portugal. I’d love to do something similar I saw in your site about getting trapped in our favorite movies, but with series and somehow incorporate the long-distance element. I’ll give you a list of some of his and my favorites: His: Lucifer (his favorite) Game of Thrones Stranger Things La Casa de Papel Mine: Downton Abbey Doctor Who Black Sails Supernatural.

Customer Description: Stephen and I have been married for 21 years. I have nicknamed him Brown Bear, bc he's fuzzy ;) Went to Memorial High School in Houston together (he's a year older), but we dated the other's friends then. I played volleyball and ran track; he played soccer. Reunited at my best friend Markley's lake house in April Sound on Lake Conroe, his senior/my junior college years. I stayed up later than another girlfriend of mine with her eye on him to be alone with him, even though he had peed off the deck onto my volleyball earlier. True love stuff, right? He later conveniently got "left behind" at the restaurant where I waitressed, so I drove him home in my Jeep, and he made me take a detour to a street with a lake named Shady Grove Lane. Where he kissed me for the first time. Started dating right after in 94, all the way through his law school. Then he took me back to Shady Grove Lane and asked me to marry. At night. We were both trying to see how the ring looked in the headlights—married in 1997! I had our first boy in 2003. Named him Barrett Lane, partly bc of his dad's Bear nickname and all, but Lane is my hubby's middle name. Nowadays we call him Big Bear. 6'2" 220 - my baby is humongous. Had our second boy in 2005, Jack Grady, the same middle name as my father. He has themed a Jack Rabbit in our home (fitting, he's non-stop crazy), but we call him Baby Jack. (Youngest of 4 grandkids, it just stuck). We love our outdoorsy family. They crack me up and make me nuts every. Damn. Day. And thank the sweet Baby Jesus I learned to cook, bc for the love of God those boys can EAT. Oh, and by the way, my hubby's bday is New Year's Eve, so he gets screwed out of most of everything except boozy lighting of his favorite Oreo cheesecake he requests I make every year. And every year I forget candles, so sparklers come in handy.

Customer Description: A man meets a woman, falls in love, married her, they start a family, and live happily ever after. It should be easy enough. Lol, I was introduced to my wife by a coworker of hers. We met and fell for each other quickly. A few years later, we had our beautiful daughter Chelsea, who is my wife's world now. She home schools our daughter and is a wonderful mother. My wife is from New York, and I am from Texas, so there is a big difference between our personalities, but it makes for an exciting marriage. I tell her all the time that she is becoming a Texan more and more every day. She denies it, so it's funny. Our 5-year-old daughter is smart as a whip and is a firecracker. She is so full of energy and is a handful to keep up with, but she is funny and is a joy to be around..most of the time. She swears she is a "real-life princess." She is big into ice skating. Please include her in the story as much as possible. Please also contact me if you have any questions or need help with the story.

Customer Description: We are a newly merged family of 5 gifted with (and grateful for) a second chance at love. We have vowed to collect feathers together forever. John and Amie are attached at the hip. We enjoy going on bike rides, nature walks, doing yard work and making art together. We playfully bicker and fight over Bluebell ice cream. John is a long, lean golfing machine, always tinkering, troubleshooting and protecting. Amie is curly-headed, powerful in petite package and leaves (perhaps weaves) a colorful trail. MJ is the most precocious 10-year old (girl) who demanded to wear all black beginning at the age of 3 and has grown into a theater sensation. Offstage, you may find MJ sparing in TaeKwonDo, rocking out on her electric guitar, speaking Chinese, exploring nature or lost in a fabulous book filled with mystery and adventure. Bud is a German Shorthair Pointer (resembling a Dalmatian but John insists he is ticked not spotted) who is a perma-puppy, always on point, running in circles to chase lizards and sings opera. Jasmine (Jazzy) is a slightly round in the middle miniature dachshund who is thankful for being rescued, always smiling and has terrible halitosis. I would love a James Bond-style story of the 5 of us crammed into a little electric car, saving baby bunnies and lost cats. We laugh a lot and always stop to pick up feathers, so it may feel more like Scooby-Doo.

Customer Description: Louis is the world’s cutest, squishiest baby. He has curly hair and juicy cheeks you’re dying to squeeze and kiss. We sometimes call him WooWoo, which is an adaptation LouLou, or Wooith, which is how he’d say his name (if he could talk). So, WooWoo is a super sweet, happy boy. He loves his momma and papa and his grandma (who he calls Pokey) and his grandpa (who he calls Gumby...yes, like the claymation characters). He loves Beatbo, his techno robot and, more than anything, he loves his bottle. The only time he’s not happy is when he gets hungry or tired. That’s when we say he turns into a crab (which in baby talk is pronounced “cwab”). “Why you getting cwabby?” his momma and his papa will ask. He has numerous outfits with crabs on them (including a pair of light-green and dark-green striped pajamas with a crab on his butt) and numerous crab toys. So, one day, we see Louis happily doing things he loves with the people he loves. But then it comes time for his bottle and something mysterious happens — he starts turning into a giant crab (a cute one though). And he wreaks havoc on Houston landmarks (such as skyscrapers, Minute Maid Park, NASA) like Godzilla. And he can’t be stopped. And his daddy, grandma, and grandpa fail. But the only one who can stop him is his momma, who gives him a bottle and he returns to his wonderful, cuddly, normal-sized self and the day is saved. Then we discover it’s Mother’s Day and Louis wishes his momma a happy Mother’s Day and thanks to her for being such a heroic mother. And gives her his Mother’s Day gift: a big hug/kiss...and the Bank of America building he tore out of the ground from downtown. The end.

Customer Description: Eddie turns into a super-hero (Spider-Man, if possible) and he gets the bad guys and saves Christmas in New York

Customer Description: Michael and his wife Ashley become cursed by their Netflix account.  They end up traveling through many movies and don't know if they will make it back home.

Customer Description: Maria goes to the donut shop and orders a donut. The cashier hands her the donut and whispers “you were never here”. Puzzled, Maria takes the donut from the bag and bites into it to also bite into a piece of paper that says “meet by the dumpster”. She thinks to herself “this wouldn’t be the first time I met someone at a dumpster”, finishes her donut and follows the directions of the note. At the dumpster is a homeless man named Kevin. Maria says “hey you’re that homeless man I give my spare change to when I have some, here you go man” and she hands him some change. He takes it and says “Thanks! except I’m not really a homeless man. My name is Kevin and I’ve been watching you. Your love for donuts is like none other. That is why I’ve axed you to meet me here.” Kevin takes a piece of paper out of his pocket and hands it to Maria. On it is an address. “On that is an address that I’d like you to meet me at midnight o’clock. Tonight. The fate of all the donuts in the world depends on you.” “Haha okay, dude” Maria agreed. Later that night at midnight o’clock Maria arrives at the address. It’s a junkyard. Inside the yard, Maria sees an old RV with the lights on. She approaches the RV and out jumps Kevin. “Quickly Maria, we mustn’t waste time!” Maria enters the RV and inside Kevin explains....”I work as an ambassador for NASA and I’ve been undercover as a homeless man watching you. Every day you come to the donut shop and order the same thing. Your passion for donuts is admirable, and now it’s time I let you in on a secret, here, have a donut for the ride”. Maria takes the donut and the NASA dude starts the RV. The RV is actually a space ship and they take off through space. “Woah dude what’s going on?!” Says Maria. “Donuts are actually unfertilized eggs from the planet Glaze-O. Right now there is turmoil on the planet and if Earth is to see another donut ever again I need your help to save the entire donut race....also you will be rewarded with a lifetime supply of donuts if we succeed”. Maria looks at the donut she’s been eating and says “wait so this whole time we’ve actually been eating unborn donut babies?” Kevin replies, “yes”. “Hell yeah”, replies Maria, and she finishes her donut. They arrive on Glaze-O (which looks like a giant donut, of course) and on the surface, Maria can see that the land is littered with hundreds of dead donut people. “This is an intense man. There’s glaze everywhere!” Says Maria. “Yes I’m afraid if this war continues any longer this race of beloved donuts will cease to exist,” says Kevin. “What do we have to do?” Asks Maria. “I need you to talk to the people. Get them to stop fighting”. “Okie Dokie” replies Maria. So Maria holds a city meeting and stands in front of a crowd of millions of donuts and says “hey man can’t we all just get along?” And all the donut people are like “Yeah!” And “aww I love you!” To each other and they hug and stop fighting and stuff. Then Maria and Kevin get back on the RV to fly back to Earth and Kevin says “I can’t thank you enough, Maria, you saved the entire race of donut people and by doing so quite possibly the human race as well. There’s one more secret I have to tell you...” “What’s that man?” Asks Maria. “My name isn’t really Kevin...” and he pulls off his human mask...” my name is actually Slumpy McSleazemeister. I am a donut.” And maria looks deep in his eyes and thinks he’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen and starts making out with his donut mouth (which is actually just his donut hole in the middle of his face). Then they get back to Earth and drive off in the sunset with a lifetime supply of donuts and love.

Customer Description: ***Special Napier Rice Launch Challenge Judge Gift*** Samantha Lewis, Executive Director, GOOSE Society • https://goosesocietyoftexas.com/https://www.linkedin.com/in/samanthajolewis/ • Rice MBA, 2017 – TAMU for undergrad. Spent a year learning French after undergraduate graduation. • Participated in this Napier Rice Launch Challenge competition in 2017, and is now a judge. • Co-founded New Mexico Green Chile Company – generates over $3 million in annual revenue and boasts of customers like Torchy’s Tacos, HEB, and Trader Joe’s. • She started a lash extension shop in College Station (Lash Resort) and sold it in 2017. • During her time at Rice Business, she helped launch two tech startups, worked with a startup private equity firm, and interned at Station Houston. Samantha pitched at five business plan competitions including the Rice Business Plan Competition and the Rice Launch Competition where her startup, Trace Matters, won the $10,000 first-place prize for their lab-grade, portable chemical analyzer. • Samantha is a recipient of the Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship, the National Association of Women MBA’s Scholarship, and the Jones Citizen Award. Her Rice peers elected her as Alumni Class Ambassador for the full-time Class of 2017. Her favorite position at Rice, though, was as President of the Rice Business Wine Club where she launched the inaugural Rice Business Wine Tasting Competition.

Customer Description: Maurice, Kelly, and their cat Max are living peacefully in Houston. All of a sudden, there's a zombie outbreak! They equip themselves to fight their way out of the city and even give Max some tiny kitty nunchucks. They fight their way to the Medical Center, where they get a helicopter out of the city, and eventually a plane to New York City because somehow the US Northeast was spared from the zombie plague. Maurice, Kelly, and Max settle down in New York City to start their new lives. (Inspired because Maurice, Kelly, and Max will be moving from Houston to NYC soon so Maurice can go to Grad School. Maurice also really likes zombie stories!!)

Customer Description: ***Special order for Napier Rice Launch Challenge Emcee*** Rassul Zarinfar, Founder, Buffalo Bayou Brewing • https://www.buffbrew.com/https://www.linkedin.com/in/rassulzarinfar/ • “Overeducated beer lover” – BA at Rice University (English, ’04) and MBA at Harvard (’10) • Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. was founded in 2011 by Rassul Zarinfar and Ryan Robertson as an effort to bring Houston the type of beer they both love to drink. • What began with a home-brewer's vision, sprouted to producing & self-distributing only draught in 2012 and all the way to 8,000 barrels produced in kegs, cans and bombers, statewide distribution and 74 total beers in 2018. • “After 3 years of getting our buffaloes in a row, we’ve got great news for our city, our fans, and our brewery. Right now, we’re building a 3-story, 28,000 sq ft brewery that’s going to be un-fricking-believable. Imagine if Willy Wonka were a Belgian monk in cowboy boots. That’s what we’re doing: three floors. We never planned to outgrow Nolda. 7 years ago, when we found our home at 5301 Nolda St, it was a neglected warehouse that needed some TLC. We didn’t have much money, but we poured it all into bringing that old boat storage site up to modern day building codes.” https://www.buffbrew.com/history/where-were-going • In order to build the brewery, they raised $1M on NextSeed, which is also co-founded by a Rice alum, Abe Chu. • Rassul volunteers to speak at our classes, was a judge last year at our competition, and is emceeing the competition this year.

Customer Description: Make Olivia find a secret passage to a Unicorn Paradise where she meets a few good Unicorns, but also one secretly mean Unicorn. Olivia recognizes there is something wrong with the mean one and catches her doing something sneaky, like eating everyone's chocolate. All the unicorns thank Olivia and go to sleep because they're tired. They wake up to find all their chocolate was eaten, anyway, by OLIVIA! Olivia says "Sorry guys, it was so yummy, i couldn't stop." :-).

Customer Description: Brian and Whitney met at the bus stop in kindergarten. Over the years, Brian grew to become best friends with Whitney’s older brother, so they were always around each other and hung out. As Whitney and Brian approached their twenties, they realized there was more to their relationship than simple friendship and found themselves falling in love. They had a secret romantic relationship that no one knew about but at age 25, Whitney moved across the country to Florida and Brian planted his roots by purchasing a home in Michigan. They always secretly kept in touch – calling, texting, and hanging out when in town – even though Whitney had a boyfriend in Florida. This went on for years until one day, at age 35, Brian got sick and was in the hospital, and they both realized life was too short to be unhappy. Whitney broke up with her boyfriend, flew home to see Brian, and since then they have been inseparable with plans for Whitney to move home so they can start a life together and be together at last.

Customer Description: ***Special Napier Rice Launch Challenge Judge Gift *** Dan Watkins, Co-Founder, and Managing Director, Mercury Fund • http://mercuryfund.com/https://www.linkedin.com/in/dan-watkins-2880141/ • BS Materials Science, Rice, ‘85 • Dan co-founded Mercury fund which is one of the few Venture Capital firms in Houston. They focus on startups that utilizing software, cloud computing and/or machine learning to drive the next wave of scientific innovation in healthcare, agriculture, and other industrial markets. • Prior to co-founding Mercury, Dan served in a number of operational roles including CEO of DNAtrix and Nanospectra Biosciences, both startup oncology companies. Previously, Dan was Vice President at a boutique investment banking firm and Worldwide Manager of Operations and Control Systems for Scientific Software-Intercomp (Baker Hughes). Dan received his B.S. from Rice University and his M.S. and Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University, all in Materials Science. • Dan also co-founded Rice Alliance. Outside of Mercury, Dan serves on the advisory boards of Northwestern University’s Innovation and New Ventures Office (INVO), the Rice Alliance, the University of Michigan’s Venture Center Council, and the University of Illinois Proof of Concept Fund Committee. • Judge at NRLC.

Customer Description: Fantasy Football New Orleans Draft. A group of twelve guys has been in the same big-money fantasy football league for several years. This year we flew from Houston, Tx to New Orleans to have our draft. We stayed at the Royal Sonesta on Bourbon Street. We arrived and met everyone at an outside bar on bourbon, we lost two guys never saw them again until hours later when we were all standing on the balcony of a bar throwing beads, we looked down and they (Brad (bald) Hal (dark hair)) were walking down the crowded bourbon street with bright orange backpacks. We ate oysters and red beans and rice at Felix's . Next day we had the draft in the conference room of the Royal Sonesta (fancy room, big conference table, huge flat screen tv on the wall) Alex (tall dorky guy) had first pick in the draft and took Le'veon Bell who didn't play all season, Shawn (me, tall muscular guy, backwards hat) had second pick and took Todd Gurley. To end the draft we had a Calcutta draft where we could bet on each others teams, Alex (tall dorky guy) was the auctioneer for the Calcutta (pic sent). On the flight home, Joey got stuck on the window seat with a huge lady beside him, he couldn't move the whole way home and was covered in her sweat when we got back. I was on the same aisle dying laughing, 3 of the guys were sitting rows behind us dying laughing that caused issues on the plane with the flight attendants asking us to get it together. Through out the season we talked a lot of trash through text message and met up at sports bars in Houston to watch games. Shawn (me, tall muscular, hat backwards) won the league with Todd Gurley leading the way. Double Gold Jacket Club (can you put in a picture me looking at a closet with two gold sports coats) We talk a lot of trash and only two of us Cam and myself have won the league twice! The winner says they get a Gold Jacket and we call it the Double Jacket Club! Everyone hates us! Currently, we are talking about where to have the drat next year, so it may be cool to have a pic of a Miami brochure, vegas brochure, and a lake Charles golden nugget brochure, those are the options for next years draft.

Customer Description: Tatum is 6 years old and has a magic fairy named Love whom Tatum has never seen (she just knows that she is a tiny fair with wings), but who visits her at night and leaves evidence that she has been there. Love also secretly watches over Tatum while she is at school. Tatum enjoys playing in the yard and making crafts. Tatum also has a big sister named Nixie whom she enjoys playing with. (In the photo that I have provided, Tatum is the younger one).