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The 20 Best Yankee Swap Gifts | Yankee Swap Ideas!

So, you've browsed through the internet and you still haven't found a Yankee Swap idea that you've been looking for? We have the right listicle here with varying ideas from funny Yankee Swap gifts to goofy Yankee Swap gift ideas. Keep the surprise element intact with Yankee Swap ideas from Tellinga. Get together and celebrate the amazing idea of Yankee Swap gifts with your near and dear ones. In our daily life, we’re thrown with overloaded choices of products and we just don't know what the best Yankee Swap gift could be. We get overwhelmed by the internet and just can't decide that if we want to buy it for ourselves or that we keep it in our wish-list from Gadget King to Uncommon Goods to soothing home decor ideas, we’re always swamped with the choices. Tellinga brings you some Yankee Swap ideas specially curated by our illustrators that you can swap with somebody whom you haven't gifted in a while!

Tellinga brings you 20 amazing Yankee Swap gift ideas that you can swap with your working buddy or with somebody you haven't had the chance to gift something and send across the sincere acknowledgment.


If you are looking for a versatile personalized and a 100% handmade card to tell your story through a snail mail, Tellinga got you. Tellinga is a startup based in Houston that curates' handmade cards, based on your style and your ideas. Gift your colleagues a thoughtful and memorable handmade personalized card that they probably can show off with, yes! They are that good!

How it works:

  1. Select your story length (options-one day, one week, two weeks, or one month)

  2. Upload a photo and add a description of your desired story (you can reminisce a memory from your past or create a brand-new story)

  3. Our team of talented illustrators and artists will start working on your story

  4. A few days later, the designated recipient of the story will start receiving unique hand-drawn birthday card-sized illustrations every other day in their mailbox until the package ends. Every card shipped helps raise funds to fight Alzheimer's disease, support breast cancer research, or helps treat those impacted with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Tellinga creates a package of cards and soon after they create a story from the description you give, the recipient will start receiving hand-drawn greeting card-sized illustrations every other day until the package expires. The best part, none of the greeting cards are similar, they are unique, and they definitely have the recipients spirits up and make it a memorable Yankee Swap gift. You can also pair Tellinga with the other Yankee Swap gift idea in the blog. Pair the hand-drawn greeting card with a funny Yankee Swap gift and you might just become the group’s favorite person. Not just that, after the package is sent out, Tellinga uploads the digital copies of the personalized gift card so they can be shared with the other members of the group. Tellinga definitely brings out the character in your daily mailbox along with an item from the list of Yankee Swap ideas in this blog.

In today's day and age, life is fast-paced and with the pandemic going on, we can't really meet in person or socialize like the way we've always done. Greeting cards by Tellinga is definitely a marvelous and thoughtful gift you can send to your loved ones. Show them with a personalized illustrated gift card along with a funny Yankee Swap gift how much they mean to you. From every occasion and any experience, we have curated gift ideas for Yankee Swap so that you can recall that beach vacation you took together, that trek you made to the local peak in your city, that spontaneous road trip to the lake, and that crazy clubbing experience you had on the New Year!

Personalization: Unlimited – describe any storyline you desire and add as many photos as you wish

Price: Starting from $9.99

Estimated Delivery: 2-5 days

Subscription services: Yes

Optional money/gift card additions: No

Messaging/Art (Hand-crafted by a human or created by a robot): Human

Cause: Every card shipped helps raise funds to fight Alzheimer's disease, support breast cancer research, or helps treat those impacted with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


A pineapple cocktail mug is the best Yankee Swap gift idea for your "Alcohol Buddy!" Make any drink, and party, more pronounced and fun with this super cute pineapple mug. This multi-use cocktail mug comes in handy with so many gifts in one, impressing your guests at the next house party will be a cakewalk, it looks exquisite on display and will speak volumes about your taste. Next party you can use this very Yankee Swap Idea to welcome your buddies. Enhance the cocktail experience with insulation and aroma of good taste with this Yankee Swap idea. Pair this cocktail mug with a fun storybook greeting card from Tellinga!


This Yankee Swap gift will always be in your purse and we can’t even count the number of times that it has come in handy. Especially since more and more places are making you pay for bags, this multi-purpose collapsible bag keeps your day sorted. Optimize and organize your necessary items in this bag. Gift this bag as part of a funny Yankee Swap and alleviate the tension while you are on an impromptu shopping spree. Pair this collapsible bag with a greeting card from Tellinga to complete your Yankee Swap gift idea!


For your friend who spends a lot of time behind the wheel, we bring you the best Yankee Swap gift for your car. There are plenty of options to upgrade your ride experience on the road and we understand that they probably have it all in their car. This Yankee Swap gift idea is perfect for your "motor-head" friend! It has plenty of pockets for keeping driver roadside essentials nearby, a useful car seat organizer to keep everything in place. Pair this Yankee Swap gift idea with a hand-drawn greeting card from Tellinga and show how much your friend really means to you!


Best Yankee Swap gift for your skin, a mini humidifier for the office setting to keep the skin moisturized in the closed environment. It is easy to set up, well worth the money, super cute, and an amazing Yankee Swap gift idea. Keeping the skin healthy and radiating even at office hours is worth the try. We recommend you this mini humidifier for small spaces, so make sure you're within a foot or two of the mist so you can benefit fully. Pair this gift idea for Yankee Swap with a greeting card from Tellinga and express how much they mean to you. 


Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, we understand that you need a buddy to keep you company while you're working late night shifts. A mug with an adorable little animal hiding inside for a Yankee Swap gift idea can brighten your day and lighten your late-night shifts. Cheer-up your colleague’s day with this amazing Yankee Swap gift and add customized greeting card from Tellinga.


Stay energized and yet inspired by your best gift idea for Yankee Swap. Make your coffee break experience more joyful with this amazing coffee mug. A customized replica of a real DSLR camera lens. In combination with its fabulous 12 oz capacity, you’re sure to stay vitalized, caffeinated, and inspired at all times. Add in some coffee bean and a coffee bean grinder a gift idea for Yankee Swap and inspire them to hustle for their goal. This Yankee Swap gift can inspire budding photographers. Add a holiday greeting card from Tellinga to make this gift complete!


A perfect Yankee Swap idea for your bibulous friend. Pour like a pro! A stylish way of keeping the drinks coming. Wood log liquor dispenser is an easy to use Yankee Swap gift idea that can make your hangout session fancier. Keep your home organized with this classy stainless steel liquor dispenser. Enhance the look of your party for a long-lasting impression with this gift idea for Yankee Swap! The wooden design of the dispenser keeps the alcohol cold for those long late-night discussion sessions. Pair this liquor dispenser with fun story postcards from Tellinga!


Help your cluttered colleagues with the best Yankee Swap gift, a stand to organize their table junk on. A wooden stand will not only organize their desk, but it will also add an interesting angle. Add a touch of elegance and an artistic makeover to your home by keeping this wooden rustic charm docking station. One of the best Yankee Swap gift that you can never go wrong with! Pair this Yankee Swap idea with a hand-drawn greeting card from Tellinga.


If your pal is obsessed with organizing little things, wants to keep accessories neat, tidy, and in their place, this is the best Yankee Swap gift idea. Brag about your jewelry by displaying on a tabletop or as a part of your shelf arrangement. Store your ornaments in style with this colorful, funky jewelry holder to spark your wardrobe. It is an easy pick for Yankee Swap gifts ideas. Add a customized greeting card from Tellinga with this ring holder!


A gift to impress! This is the best Yankee Swap gift for the office party. The pen is engraved with, “Success Dreams Create Reality.” This 3-in-1 ballpoint pen is equipped with a replaceable ink cartridge, replaceable battery, and is complete with an LED flashlight and a stylus tip. This handy pen is everything a person needs to get through a busy day at work. You can never go wrong with this gift idea for Yankee Swap. Packaged in a classy gift box, this pen is ready to go. Become the favorite co-worker when they find out this gift and a customized greeting card from Tellinga came from you.


Celebrate any occasion with this Yankee Swap gift by flaunting the aroma of your apartment room in style with this ceramic candles. The candle creates a refreshing, delicate, and rejuvenating experience. Light the candle with the three-level wick to create a phenomenally aromatic focal point. Bring the decor to a whole new level with this Yankee Swap gift. The fragrance is just as special — complex, nuanced, and containing essential oils. Enhance the decor of their apartment by pairing these ceramic candles along with a handmade greeting card from Tellinga.


Gift this essential Yankee Swap gift to your careless friend who never shows up on time. The chalkboard can serve varying purposes and goes on tabletops in homes. They can have fun with it too and leave sweet messages for their spouses, write recipes, or make a list of to-do tasks. This comes with a box of chalks, so you never run out of the supplies. You can’t go wrong with this Yankee Swap gift and a greeting card from Tellinga!


It comes with a spacious compartments design, this multi-purpose bag is a must-have in the list of Yankee Swap gift ideas that can be your great partner whether you're going on a business trip for three days or visiting your parents for the next two months. You can adjust the compartment lengths to fit in all the sizes of items you want to carry. This has dual pads so you can carry your expensive electronics in it too. A unique Yankee Swap gift for your wanderer friend! Complete this multi-purpose bag idea with a creative greeting card from Tellinga!


Passport travel organizer is a great Yankee Swap idea for travel freaks! When you're traveling the last thing, you want to deal with is worrying about losing your essential travel documents. Our curator brings you one of the best Yankee Swap gift, this perfect organizer to protect your personal information and keep everything together in this convenient travel case. Simplify your travel fun with this Yankee Swap gift idea to make your journey tension free and more organized! Add a greeting card from Tellinga to make this Yankee Swap gift complete!


Chopping board essential for every household. This amazing Yankee Swap gift idea brings out the obsession of people with OCD. It's time to let your inner obsessive loose in the kitchen, with this precision cutting board. This solid cutting board is printed with obsessively detailed measurements for exact slicing and dicing. The precision chef cutting board is a perfect Yankee Swap gift for all home chefs and your most particular friends. Say goodbye to awkwardly cut vegetables! Complete this gift idea with an artistic greeting card from Tellinga!


These handmade, birthstone-inspired wine bottle stoppers are a classy option and can never go wrong for the gift ideas for Yankee Swap. Don’t worry about buying a specific birthstone, each one is unique and pretty! Amaze your people or get amazed by this quirky and best Yankee Swap gift idea. Impress them by pairing a customized greeting card from Tellinga!


One of the best Yankee Swap gift ideas is a portable suitcase turntable, an absolute classic, and loaded with features. Includes a built-in speaker to wirelessly stream music from any size vinyl records. Portable design and carry handle with Built-in Stereo speakers allow for tunes wherever you may go. Portable Suitcase Record Player is a must-have for somebody who has a great taste for music! A perfect Yankee Swap gift for somebody who has antique and classy taste. Pair this gift with a unique storybook from Tellinga!


The perfect little companion as the gift idea for Yankee Swap for your desktop is always there when you need a little friend to help tidy up. Two vacuum attachments allow you to reach the tightest spaces—even the crumbs in your keyboard. Think out of the box and gift this mini vacuum to your messy workaholic friend as a funny Yankee Swap gift idea! You can also add a sweet greeting card from Tellinga to make this gift complete!


Own the beach with the stunning, vibrant eye-catching beach blanket! One of the best Yankee Swap gift ideas which make your beach vacation easy. Finally, a towel that dries fast! This fun travel towel is an essential vacation accessory. You should recommend the beach blanket as a gift idea for Yankee Swap to your fellow beach enthusiasts. Don’t forget to let Tellinga create your beach story for you!



We understand the confusion of buying "that" gift for "that" person. We understand that not every listicle out there answers your question and we also understand that not every Reddit post has a complete response to the search you made. So, we did the browsing for you and we came up with 20 best gift ideas for Yankee Swap for every kind of person you know, for every kind of mood and every kind of event your friend might indulge in.

Pair these Yankee Swap gifts with the Tellinga gift card and see them bragging about the gift you chose to brighten up their day. We make sure that you have the best Yankee Swap gift experience and that you come out to be the star from the gifting activity. Let us know how you feel about the specially curated Yankee Swap ideas by tagging us in your posts. 


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