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31 Halloween Treats and Gifts | Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat everyone! If you've been looking for some spooky Halloween gifts to surprise your friends, then you have come to the right place. We're here to kick off a whole month of frights with the best Halloween gift ideas, spooky basket ideas, easy Halloween treats, and Halloween presents out there. Our list of weird ideas will get you, your family, and your friends in the mood for a wickedly good Halloween.

Tellinga brings to you "31 Halloween Treats and Gifts" ideas, so you don't have to spend a lot of time browsing online to find that perfect spooky gift for Halloween. Who wouldn't love a little surprise gift this Halloween, so go on and spread some holiday happiness!


Get your spook on with Tellinga greeting cards this Halloween. It's the first big celebration of the fall. Send your friends a personalized handcrafted card with a ghostly feel to it or combine it with a Halloween gift basket from the list below. Tellinga has a team of artists and illustrators who curate spooky cards to fit the occasion.

How it works:

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You can customize your cards and choose a subscription plan from the variable options they have. For example, choose a one week, two week, or a one-month subscription package, and flood your friend's mailbox with greeting cards of your spooky memories.


Give your candle a stylish and ghostly companion to hang out with. These spooky candle holders are great gifts for Halloween for someone who always throws Halloween parties. The ghost candle holder will create an utterly scary and creepy ambiance. Pair this Halloween gift with a customized postcard from Tellinga!


Add a gothic touch to your home with this spooky skull candy bowl. Fill it up with Halloween candy or other easy Halloween treats for the kids. Perfect as a feature item for your Halloween party or as an edgy Halloween gift idea. You can also use it as an ashtray, and smokers will love the handcrafted skull, a functional item that can be used well after Halloween. Complete this Halloween present with a spooky storybook from Tellinga!


Any Child's Play fan won't be able to resist this Chucky face planter. Chucky's eerie face makes for a one-of-a-kind plant; a perfect Halloween gift made to scare! This indoor ceramic planter is going to give you chills this Halloween. Add a wicked card from Tellinga to make this Halloween treat complete!


The jack-o-lantern cookie cake is the perfect Halloween cake idea. Celebrate the holiday with this delicious, moist, and chewy colossal cookie cake. This cake comes with a mouthwatering layer of cream which looks like the jack-o-lantern. This is an appetizing Halloween treat to make for your entire family. Complete this gift idea with a vintage Halloween card created by Tellinga!


These spooky baskets are filled with fun tricks and treats to get your little ghoul into the Halloween spirit. A perfect gift for everyone in your boo crew. You can customize these Halloween gift baskets with healthy Halloween treats for your kids. Don’t forget to let Tellinga create your scary story for you!


A quick and easy way to spice up your Halloween party! The inflatable vampire & coffin cooler is an excellent idea for a Halloween gift. The cooler can hold 48 drinks at once, and it certainly makes the party spookier. The inflatable cooler comes in neon colors, so when the light goes dim, the cooler shines. Pair this coffin with a Tellinga greeting card for Halloween!


The pumpkin tabletop decor is an exquisite gift for the Halloween party host. The present makes a great Halloween display and is a unique Halloween gift idea. You can also make this as a part of your spooky basket idea for your girlfriend. Let Tellinga create your bone-chilling story to complete this idea for Halloween gifts!


A spooky Halloween gift idea that will make their skin crawl! When you're decorating your home for Halloween, you simply can't do better than these giant spiders! The spider ceiling Halloween decoration will make your costume party guests squeal. This decoration is the perfect Halloween present. Complete this gift idea with a vintage Halloween card created by Tellinga!


Fill the room with the Halloween spirit with this witch lantern. The trick or treat witch lantern is a perfect idea for a Halloween gift. All you have to do is put a candle inside the lantern and place it next to a wall in a dark room. Pair this Halloween gift with a customized Halloween greeting card from Tellinga!


A haunted house is the perfect Halloween gift for kids. It is sure to bring delight to children and adults. The finely detailed haunted house looks both cute and spooky. It has lights that provide a creepy vibe. You can quickly deflate the palace, so storing the gift after Halloween will be easy too. Add a wicked card from Tellinga to make this Halloween gift complete!


This gift makes the perfect Halloween treat with a holiday like Halloween involving lots of Halloween sugar cookies and sweets. The Halloween Oreo cookies are handmade delicacies that anybody will love. Trick or Treat kids with these healthy Halloween cookies. Complete this Halloween treat with a spooky storybook from Tellinga!


This spooky keepsake ceramic Halloween mason jar is sure to surprise your friends and family. The pot is flat in shape and provides ample space to store Halloween cookies and Halloween candies for trick or treating. Pair this pumpkin jar with a variety of ideas for Halloween cards from Tellinga!


Celebrate the last day of October with spooky Halloween sugar cookies, healthy Halloween treats, and even Halloween snacks. A perfect mix of chocolate and fruity candy treats, this Halloween gift basket is sure to please everyone with its varied selection of Halloween candies. Trick or treating can be a mixed bag, but our idea of "No Tricks...Only Treats" Halloween gift basket is a guaranteed winner. Combine this present with a Tellinga card for Halloween!


The next item on our list of Halloween cake ideas are the cupcake toppers. Cupcake toppers come in multiple shapes and sizes and are the perfect spooky basket idea. Bake up some spooky Halloween cupcakes and decorate the dessert with these cupcake toppers. They are healthy Halloween treats to make for your kids to enjoy and maybe the best Halloween snack idea. Pair this Halloween gift idea with a customized postcard from Tellinga!


Viciously tasty, these freakishly frosted Halloween snacks are genuinely irresistible and an excellent Halloween snack idea. Send these sweet Halloween snacks to all your trick or treaters! These can be healthy Halloween treats for kids or easy Halloween treats for a Halloween party. You can also wrap these cookies in a spooky basket for your girlfriend. Complete this Halloween treat with a spooky storybook from Tellinga!


Having a Halloween party? How cool would it be to serve beverages to your guests with these skeleton hand glasses? These glasses are the best item in our list of creepy-cool collections. These glasses can be used to hold cocktails and bloody marys. These skeleton hand glasses are perfect gifts for spooky baskets for boyfriends. Pair this gift with a greeting card for Halloween from Tellinga!


This Halloween basket is the perfect addition to haunted house decor. The wine bottle cover set brings the perfect spook element to wine bottles and makes the Halloween party more ghostly. The addition of this item to your spooky basket ideas will take your Halloween game to another level. Add a wicked card from Tellinga to make this Halloween gift set complete!


Everyone around you is probably going to dress up as a wizard or a witch. We bring you another perspective. There may be many different elves to choose to dress up for this Halloween, but why not be the best? Grab this Harry Potter: Dobby mask, and you'll be the greatest house-elf ever. It is the perfect Halloween gift for kids. Combine this present with a Tellinga card for Halloween!


If you are having a Halloween party, these pencil monsters provide fantastic party mementos. You can pair these pencil monsters with Halloween candy bags as giveaway gifts at Halloween parties for kids. They make great Halloween treats for kids to hand out at school or give to trick or treaters. This is a simple concept, but kids love simple things. Complete this gift idea with a greeting card for Halloween from Tellinga!


Fun labels for your juice boxes to serve at the Halloween party or as an idea for Halloween gifts. These kool-aid scary berry jammers gushing with juicy berry flavors in the spooky Halloween juice boxes are healthy Halloween treats for kids. This is a perfect Halloween goodie bag idea to trick or treat kids. Pair each juice box with a Halloween card from Tellinga!


Whether you're looking for a Halloween party accessory or something fun to wear at the office party, this magical charm necklace is sure to receive lots of compliments. The magical charm necklace makes the perfect gift for her spooky basket. The necklace features a set of dainty fortune teller themed items. To spice up the idea, gift it in a mysterious Halloween bag to enjoy the veracious spirits of Halloween. Complete this Halloween present with a customized Halloween postcard from Tellinga!


What's the first thing you think of when you consider Halloween treats? Candy, right? So, what better way to give a Halloween candy than to wrap them up in spooky Halloween treats. These tricky treats are a quick and easy way to have those Halloween gifts ready to rock and roll in a jiffy. All created to get ghosts, ghouls, and goblins ready for the most deliciously scary night of the year. Combine this present with Tellinga ideas for Halloween cards!


The Michael Myres brooch is an excellent gift for Halloween for your boyfriend. The pin can be worn on a backpack, sleeve, or wherever you want. You can also flat out the back and put it on your fridge to commemorate any Halloween themed party. This brooch can also be combined with other Halloween treat ideas as giveaway gifts at your Halloween celebration. Pair this Halloween gift with a vintage Halloween card from Tellinga!


Fill your Halloween candy bags and spooky trick-or-treating baskets with these witch finger cookies! Hand them out to little ones in the best costumes, or leave these Halloween treats out for guests to put in their Halloween bags during a Halloween party, or even include them in Halloween gift baskets. These Halloween treats are finger-licking good. Combine this present with a Tellinga greeting card for Halloween!


This skeleton wine bottle holder is a great Halloween conversation piece that might even get year-round use. Make a spooky basket for your boyfriend with a skeleton holder. You can also show off your Halloween spirit and have a bottle of your favorite beverage at your Halloween party. Add a wicked card from Tellinga to make this Halloween present complete!


Make your Halloween pop with these Halloween cake pops! Send spooky Halloween treats as a surprise this Halloween season to your favorite person who you couldn't during the pandemic. You can dare to delight this Halloween cake idea with spooky cake pops to complete the Halloween present. Moreover, make the day of the dead more interesting by baking some Halloween cupcakes yourself and wrap it in a fancy Halloween bag or any spooky basket for your girlfriend to complete the handmade present. Complete this gift idea with a greeting card for Halloween created by Tellinga!


Trick or treat! These pretzels make a spooky Halloween treat and are scarily delicious. They are dipped into gourmet dark, white Belgian chocolate and then decorated for the day of the dead. These Halloween themed candies and pretzels are transformed into spooky ghosts and mummies. The perfect Halloween treats for kids. Get into the Halloween spirit with these yummy crunchy pretzels. Combine these healthy Halloween treats with a Tellinga Halloween card!


Add some fun figurines to your spooky seasonal garden with these color-changing Halloween figurines. Scare the visitors in your garden by putting up these spooky Halloween treats, a stack of jack-o'-lanterns, a witch, and her cat in a perfectly petite size that's ideal for creating your own bizarre display. You can also give this as a Halloween present to your best friend. Pair this Halloween gift idea with a customized postcard from Tellinga!


Hosting a Halloween party for kids? Conjure up some cute Halloween crafts. This Halloween craft kit will make children engage in the party with a kit ready to be turned into ghostly décor, gifts, and artwork to get your little one excited to trick or treat. This craft kit is the perfect Halloween gift for kids. Complete this gift idea with a greeting card for Halloween from Tellinga!


This day of the dead-themed cookie basket is loaded with sugar cookies and chocolate candies. The brightly colored and beautifully designed Halloween treat bag makes a classy, adult alternative to the typical children's fare. Inside the haunted mansion, you will discover a variety of uncanny treats impossible to resist. Complete this Halloween gift bag with other cute Halloween treats to make All Hallows' Day memorable. Pair this gift with a vintage Halloween card from Tellinga!



We hope that you liked our fun list of Halloween gifts and treats. We made sure that our list included Halloween treats to fit all kinds of people and their preferences. Ranging from downright spooky basket ideas to Halloween treat ideas, our blog provides everything you might need for this quarantine Halloween that will have you reminiscing about all of your best Halloween memories.

Keep in mind that the world is going through a tough time, so we strongly recommend sending your best wishes with Tellinga greeting cards. You can pair their cards with a mysterious gift and make a sweet yet ghostly package. Don't forget to tag Tellinga in your Halloween themed social media posts! Here's to Halloween, your way!


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