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52 Happy Valentine's Day Card Ideas | Fun Valentines Cards!

Valentine Card ideas are the perfect opportunity to express to that special someone that they mean the world to you. If you are looking for some happy Valentine's Day card ideas, you are indeed at the right place. If you missed out on the right present, a fun Valentine's card could save the day for you.

Valentine's Day is one holiday that calls for a crafting spree. While store-bought chocolates and pricey flowers are certainly appreciated on February 14th, it's really an occasion to show your Valentine just how much you adore them. Nothing says "I love you" quite like a homemade Valentine's Day printable card.

Tellinga brings you 52 Valentine's Day card ideas to fit the mold of every relationship:


Celebrate this Valentine's Day by sending happy Valentines Day cards from Tellinga. Share some unforgettable memories you have with your husband or spouse, and our illustrators will curate hand-drawn pictures and a storyline to express how much he or she means to you through printable Valentines Day cards.

How it works:

  1. Select your story length (options-one day, one week, two weeks, or one month)

  2. Upload a photo and add a description of your desired story (you can reminisce a memory from your past or create a brand-new story)

  3. Their team of talented illustrators and artists will start working on your story

  4. A few days later, the designated recipient of the story will start receiving unique hand-drawn greeting card-sized illustrations every other Day in their mailbox until the package ends

Tellinga subscription package can help you rekindle love and support your relationship.

We understand that you have shared countless moments and memories with your loved one, and it must be tough to pick one. We recommend one of their longer subscription packages, which will flood your bae's mailbox with cheesy Valentine's cards for Valentine's Day or even Valentine's week.


This year when you share your love, make it personal. These custom Valentine's Day Photo Card ideas put your child's smiling face at the heart of things, right where it should be. After all, Valentine's Day is an opportunity to say "I love you" and that message should come straight from the heart. Complete this Valentine's Day idea with a love postcard from Tellinga!


Valentine's Day is such a sweet time of the year for classmates and friends to share their appreciation for each other with funny Vday cards. Our design team enjoys coming up with new, sweet ideas that kids will love to hand out just like this Star Wars Valentine's card. Pair this unique Valentine's card with customized hand-written postcards from Tellinga!


Send a Valentine special delivery with your message of love in a unique way. This Paper Love Robin Card is pretty, sweet, and perfect for showcasing your creativity. To impress your Valentine this year, send a customized storybook created by Tellinga to complete this cute Valentines idea!


Tie a bag of conversation hearts to these charming Harry Potter Valentines cards for a fun treat. With these nerdy Valentines cards, you can also pair hand-written postcards created by Tellinga!


Valentine's Day is all about love so, to get you in the mood, we came up with this Valentine Pop-Up Card to show your loving feelings this February 14th. You can also send a perfect e Valentines card created by Tellinga to go along with your creation of a homemade Valentines Day card!


Since they're so sweet, this Valentine's Day card idea will be perfect for kids. Dress up the Doughnut Card with Valentine heart stickers and colorful glitter to make them more presentable for cards exchanging at school. You can also snag an edible Valentines arrangement to go along with your creation curated by Tellinga!


There's something special about receiving a customized Valentine's Day gift like a cute Valentine's Day card that you made on your own. To add a special touch to this Rose Bloom pop-up Valentine card, you can't go wrong by going the extra mile with a candy heart card customized by Tellinga!


Legend has it that St. Valentine is known for writing the first "Your Valentine" Card as a token of his fondness. So, turning out a vintage Valentine's Day card is actually as close to being traditional as you can get. You can pair these Valentines greetings with customized postcards created by Tellinga!


Surprise someone special with this Baby Yoda Card. Send a Valentine note to melt even the coldest bounty hunter's heart or to let a friend know with this kids Valentine's card how special he is. Add this Valentines Day card for school with a handmade postcard created by Tellinga to complete your cute Valentines Day idea!


Send the office Valentine's Day card based on the US TV show, The Office, featuring your favorite character Dwight. This is the perfect office Valentines card for that Dwight fan in your life. Pair this fun Valentine card with hand-written postcards created by Tellinga!


Your kids will love putting these little Love Heart Stickers together and hand-written messages for their friends in the homemade Valentine cards. Add a special touch to your Valentine's Day cards with a DIY Valentine basket and customized postcards by Tellinga to complete your idea for Valentine’s cards!


Even if you're the worst writer on the planet, your Valentine will appreciate a Valentine's Day letter that comes straight from your heart. No matter what, your person will love that you put in the effort to make her day special with this Talk Dirty Card. Pair an inappropriate Valentines card created by Tellinga to complete your gift of love!


Your love will fall head over heels for this love-filled Disney Valentines card. Show your Valentine that she's your perfect match, just like Minnie & Mickey Mouse. This sweet thought will make any occasion for you and your loved one special. Complete this Disney 3D Card idea with handmade postcards created by Tellinga!


Send free e Valentine cards to children at St Jude's. You can also pair a St Valentine's Day Card with some candy hearts. We're sure that these kids could use extra love and some kind words to get them through their Day. Complete this idea for St Jude Valentine card with love cards created by Tellinga!


Are you looking for candy-alternative Valentines Day ideas? This Pokemon Valentines card is perfect for classroom parties and so much fun for kids to pass out to their friends. As Valentine's Day approaches, kids will be passing out Valentine cards at school, and these Pokemon printable Valentine cards are super easy to make. Pair these kids DIY Valentines cards with customized postcards created by Tellinga!


The Unicorn-craze is holding strong, and this mini Unicorn Valentines card is bursting with rainbow colors, Valentine hearts, love, and wishes for a magical day. Bonus points if you have a picture of your child sporting a unicorn-themed outfit to add it to the backside of a handmade happy Valentines Day postcard created by Tellinga!


If you know your Valentine likes a particular style, consider getting creative with it that way. Because this is Valentine's special we're talking about, a little spice never hurts. Don't be afraid to Cuddle up, effort goes a long way. Complete this naughty Valentines card idea with a customized storybook created by Tellinga!


In case you are looking for a bit more room for expressing your feelings, this dirty Valentines card is perfect for you. Show your partner that you care with a funny Valentine's Day card as these messages are too relatable. Add a love postcard from Tellinga to complete this Nasty Love Card idea!


Whether it's your first VDay with your partner, or you're giving your best friend some extra love, this Gift Basket design is sure to make their hearts melt. Anyone who adds a sprinkle of extra love and care into your life will truly appreciate this heartfelt sentiment. You can pair this Valentine's Day Gift Basket with a love storybook created by Tellinga!


February 14 is a fun holiday for kids in the elementary years. Who doesn't love getting little handmade Valentine cards and candies? Valentines card for teachers is a sweet and inexpensive way to remember some excellent teachers and let them know how much they mean to you. If you want to add a small present with Teacher Greeting Card, attach a little pack of handmade postcards created by Tellinga to go along with it!


This Couple Heart Tree Card is perfect as a gift to your loved one on February 14 to make the Day even more special. This handmade Valentine card is excellent as a present for your Valentine to show your fondness or to let someone extra special in your life know that you love him. To make it more customizable for you, you can choose the ideas for personalized Valentine's Day cards from Tellinga!


Does the special man in your life know how much you love him? To pen down your thoughts into words doesn't come easy for most of us. Your Valentine love deserves to hear how you feel, so we've gathered some Seeds Of Love Letter to express what's in your heart. One of the things to do on Valentines Day if you're in a long-distance relationship is to write love letters to each other expressing how you feel about one another. To make it Valentine's Day special, you can add a customized storybook from Tellinga!


Send Will You Be My Player Valentines Day greeting card to your sweetheart candy with a photograph uniquely stitched to the card. Inside this cute Valentine's card, write your story, reminiscing about how you two first met. If you're falling short of words, pair this Fortnite Valentine's card with a customized love storybook created by Tellinga!


Pick any of the creative Unicorn Cards that fit into the category of Valentine cards for school from this Unicorn collection to say Happy Valentines Day, and you're on your way to making that perfect card. Pair these kids Valentines cards with a hand-written postcard by Tellinga!


All of the crushes in your life will appreciate these heart-warming office Valentines Day cards. You can also spice up your Happy Valentine's Day celebration that will make your special someone fall head over heels for you all over again. Complete these Valentine's Day Assortment Cards with customized postcards created by Tellinga!


Handing out Heartfelt Valentine's Day cards at school is a lot more fun when your Valentine does something nobody else does. We had just one thought in mind while designing handmade funny Valentines cards here at Tellinga —what would kids love to get their hands on?


Until there are real hugs, there are Virtual Hugs. Add a cute photo to these fun Valentine's Day cards to create a greeting that will have everyone feel the love in the air. Pair this Valentine card with a customized Valentine storybook created by Tellinga!


The simple "I Love You" is the perfect finishing touch on this elegant punny Valentine's Day card. Pick a perfect pun and share it with your friends on Valentine's Day. You can pair the Zombie Card with a hand-written postcard by Tellinga to complete this unique Valentine's Day idea!


If you're interested in a specific era or you want a better vintage Valentine card selection, this is your best shopping resource. If you're shopping online to buy Valentine's Day cards for mom, we recommend you this Tennis Holiday Card. Add a handmade storybook by Tellinga to complete this vintage Valentine idea!


February 14th can still be fun whether you're in love or not. It's a day to celebrate the love you have for all the people in your life, not just your significant other. There's no better way to say "Love You" than a funny Valentines Day card that pokes fun at your BFF. Pair this Valentines Day card for friend with customized postcards by Tellinga for a personal touch!


Fortunately, with the right DIY Valentine's Day card idea, expressing your emotions To The Man Who Has Your Heart doesn't have to be a big project. If you're stuck finding the correct words, we've got you covered with this Walmart Valentine card. You can complete your idea of Valentine love with a romantic storybook created by Tellinga!


We have another Oh-So-Adorable free printable Valentines card for you. Use colorful watercolors to print hearts with the pictures of your friend to give it as a sweet memento for the special occasion. This is the perfect addition to kids DIY Valentines card ideas. You can combine this candy heart Valentines idea with a personalized Happy Valentine's Day card from Tellinga!


Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with this Valentine’s for friends card. If you’re in a long-distance relationship this Valentine's Day card for friend is a sweet reminder for her that she still has your back. Don't we all wish we could give slobbery kisses and squishy hugs? Your friends are going to love this Valentine Special Card with an adorable photo of you two. Complete this idea for Valentine's Day card with a customized Valentine storybook by Tellinga!


Send your Donut Lovers this fun and romantic friend Valentine card to let them know how you feel about them. Share your sweet sentiments this holiday with those who matter the most. You can complete this idea for Valentine's Day card with customized postcards created by Tellinga!


Be Mine is not an expression that should be reserved only for your Valentine special. You should send this be mine Valentine card to all your family and friends that have made your year special. Let that someone special know you choose them to be your Valentine. You can also customize e-Valentine cards by Tellinga for a personal touch!


If you have too much to say, then there's no reason to limit yourself. Buy customized Photo Valentine Cards with different pictures and Valentine's Day messages on each card and wrap it up in a heart-themed enclosure. You can also personalize your love story with story postcards created by Tellinga to complete your idea of cute Vday card!


If you're stuck finding the right Valentine notes, we've got you covered with this Valentine's Day greeting card with a Message Guide making your way for the perfect card. You can pair this card with a customized love postcard created by Tellinga!


Put all of the art and craft training to fair use for this LLove You LLots Card. A little bit of paper, thread, glue, and creativity are generally all that you'll need to get your kids to make these little corny Valentines Day cards for their puppy love crushes. Complete these DIY Valentine cards with a hand-written storybook created by Tellinga!


Let the love bloom with this Wonder Pop-Up Valentine's Day Card. These candy hearts are the perfect way to say "I love you" to a special someone in your life. Add a little note card that slides away with your personal touch with a free printable Valentine card created by Tellinga!


Cute, colorful, joyful stick figures drawn on brown cardboard backgrounds highlights the unique Love Bug Card collection. These happy, cheesy Valentine's cards will warm any loved one's heart. You can pair these free Valentine cards with a customized storybook created by Tellinga to complete your idea for happy Valentines Day for friends!


If you can't be together to celebrate special moments, a handmade reminder of how much you care is a thoughtful alternative. Send your love this Beary Valentine Card that is sure to brighten anyone's Day. You can also pair this pop up Valentine card with a handmade postcard by Tellinga!


This Truckload Of Love Card is a unique way to write sweet Valentine notes to make her heart soar with this Valentine’s Day card for mom. This elegant and touching postcard is the perfect gift for mom this Valentine’s Day. Add this Valentines Day card for her with a Valentine gift curated by Tellinga!


This fun Valentine's card with a Cute Dinosaur Theme is ideal for your cute lover this Valentine's Day. If you know his taste or you know that he's a big fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, nothing can be better than this horror Valentine card for your boyfriend on Valentine's Day. You can pair this card with a handmade Valentine postcard created by Tellinga for a personal touch!


Valentine's Day is all about love and friendship. Deliver a message with Cute-Tea Love Card that exudes fun with a classic little style. Send this funny VDay card with a handmade love storybook from Tellinga for a complete surprise!


Brighten up your special someone's Day with these Natural Bouquet anime Valentine Cards. These cards are an excellent fit for Valentines for teachers or for the office Valentine's card party. To add an extra personal touch, pair these bouquets with love postcards created by Tellinga!


February 14 is gonna be here before you know it. While this super-sweet Valentine's Day is usually devoted to couples, we have a creative and heartfelt way to spread extra love to all your friends and family with these I Love You boxed Valentine cards. Pair these cute Valentines cards with customized hand-written Valentines notes and postcards by Tellinga for a personal touch!


Kids don't often get to have much input into mom's purchases, but for Valentines Day cards for kids or Valentine's cards for teachers that they hand out at school, they love to make their own decision. It's all about matching your child's personality and the things they love to do with the right happy Valentines card. Pair this Minecraft Valentine card with customized postcards created by Tellinga!


Pass thoughtful, heartfelt notes to your friends or your lover with these best Mini Valentine's Day Cards that are sure to bring a smile to their face. Many of these ideas will also work well as Valentine special for your children to bring to school to place in their classmate's Valentines baskets. Pair these mini Valentine's Day cards with a hand-made storybook created by Tellinga for the special occasion!


The love you share isn't just warm feelings, but a heartfelt choice that you make every day. Celebrate the ordinary moments with this Vintage Retro Valentine Card. To create your one-of-a-kind love story, contact Tellinga for a customized love storybook as a cute St. Valentines gift!


"You Love Card" becomes a meaningful gift once you add your words. A blend of sweet and serious for the special woman in your life is perfect for Valentine's Day. Share even more love by closing the envelope with unique Valentine stickers with a matching sentiment. Attach this card with personalized stack of postcards created by Tellinga!


This year show your spouse, coworker, or a friend just how much they mean to you with a cute vintage Valentines Day card. Lucky for you, we've rounded up 52 Artsy Happy Valentine's Day cards for every relation designed to express your feelings, whether you are a crafting pro or not. You can also pair customized Valentine love cards created by Tellinga to complete the Valentine surprise!



Whether you've been together three decades or three months, it's no secret that coming up with some cute Valentines Day card ideas can be stressful. This Valentine’s Day, give your special someone the gift of joy by presenting them with a fun Valentine’s card. Show them how much you appreciate having them in your life by using the above 52 Happy Valentine’s Day card ideas. We can vouch for all the ideas we have presented and are sure that your better half will love them.

If you are seeking a 100% personalized and hand-drawn DIY Valentines card to send as a unique gift by snail mail, then start your story at



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