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61 Fun Cards For Christmas | Christmas Card Ideas!

Christmas has surpassed the boundaries of just the date, the month of December is all about being grateful and spending quality time with family. Exchanging Christmas cards is the least you can do to share this auspicious day with your friends and family who couldn’t be with you this year on Christmas. Make your near and dear one’s holiday merrier by sending out fun cards for Christmas along with a personalized Christmas gift.

Tellinga has curated a list of Christmas card ideas that will alleviate the need to look into the internet’s secret pockets.


We spend the entire month of December making a list and thinking of presents that will make our friends and family happy. This is where Tellinga makes your Christmas merry:

Here's how it works:

  1. Select your Christmas story length (options-one day, one week, two weeks, or one month)

  2. Upload a photo and add a description of your Christmas story (you can reminisce a memory from your past or create a brand-new story)

  3. Their team of talented illustrators and artists will start working on your story

  4. A few days later, the designated recipient of the story will start receiving unique hand-drawn greeting card-sized illustrations every other day in their mailbox until the package ends. Every card shipped helps raise funds to fight Alzheimer's disease, support breast cancer research, or helps treat those impacted with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Tellinga provides subscription plans that are curated towards your Christmas budget and other special occasions. You can choose the plans ranging from one week, two weeks, or a month to keep the Christmas spirit alive.


Woodland Animal Christmas Cards will make animal lovers really happy. This pack has 6 different card options, and you can pick the best match for every recipient. You can also include Christmas photos of your goofy pet to make it a funny card for Christmas. Pair your holiday card with a personalized message from Tellinga!


Tree Of The Heart is a Christmas card that will take you back to the good old days of exchanging notes. With subtle silver foil, this tree highlights and adds an eye-catching shimmer. Send this as a vintage greeting card to your family. After all, who doesn’t love getting a beautiful Christmas card in the mail? It’s so much more personal than a text message or social media post. You can also customize this Christmas postcard from Tellinga!


December 25th is more about a spiritual connection with the almighty; then this Merry Christmas card is perfect for you. This Boxed Set of religious Christmas cards will send warm wishes this holiday season. You can also check out the hand-drawn greeting cards by Tellinga for a more personalized gifting experience!


Charm the holiday card recipients this Christmas with a Pop-Up Card featuring a paper craft Christmas tree display. This fun card for Christmas can also be used as a display or memento of the holiday season. Stylish and crafty, this holiday greeting card can also be accompanied by handmade story cards created by Tellinga!


It's finally time to spread holiday cheer and joy with this Christmas Money Card. Make Christmas merrier for you and your loved ones with this card designed with a secure slot to hold cash or even gift cards. Pair this with a customized holiday storybook from Tellinga to put a smile on your loved one's face!


The season of Christmas greeting cards has finally come, and it's time to spread love and joy to your loved ones all season long. This Green Winter Holiday Christmas Card features a wide variety of Christmas trees and gold foil stars against a green polka dot design. Add a heartfelt customized postcard from Tellinga with this cute card to spread the Christmas cheer!


This Santa Stuck Card has all of the sentiments of a holiday card for Christmas with fun-loving greetings inside. It can be a funny Christmas card for your favorite coworker too. Combine this greeting card with a holiday storybook from Tellinga!


It's Christmas time again! This hilarious greeting card features Snowmen Watching A Family from a window outside. They saw the family eating carrots, and they thought that the family was eating noses. Pair this holiday card with a Christmas gift from Tellinga!


The Cat Lovers on your gift list will probably display this sweet Christmas wish card on their mantel. Complete your Christmas greetings with a personalized gift card from Tellinga!


Make your Christmas wishes adorable with this Snowy Bear Christmas Card. This snowy card will stand out from the rest of the other cards and will definitely make the recipient's day merrier. Add a heartfelt customized storybook from Tellinga with this cute Christmas card!


Disney Christmas cards have been our all-time favorites. We all have grown up watching Christmas movies under a warm cozy blanket, and this Mickey Merry Christmas Card will surely make the recipients nostalgic. Pair this holiday greeting card with a Christmas gift from Tellinga!


Just like each snowflake is unique, each bond that you share with people in your life is unique. This Snowflake Card is just as impressive and comes in a cardboard texture. Combine these season greeting cards with a personalized storybook from Tellinga!


Send out this year's Xmas greetings in style to your boyfriend with this cute yet quirky "I Like Hanging With You" Xmas Card. A picture of both of you will look great in these homemade Christmas cards. For a more customized and artistic greetings, you can send hand-drawn postcards from Tellinga!


This Christmas Snowman Card is perfect for the family who enjoys making snowmen together. You could make a snowman family using your thumbprints to represent each one of you and wish your distant relatives a merry Christmas. Combine this custom Christmas card with a personalized postcard from Tellinga!


The Doggie In The Window Cards are quite festive, and rich looking cards that will make your heart melt. You could also pair these dog Christmas cards with customized and artistic storybook postcards by Tellinga!


This minimalist Merry Christmas Photo Holiday Postcard makes the perfect holiday greeting card. Choose a photo postcard that lets you show off your growing family, furry friend, or adventures from the year with a customizable saying "Happy Holidays" handwritten by Tellinga!


Santa will be here soon, and we know that you guys can't hold your excitement. The Claus Family Card is a beautiful Christmas greeting that your recipients are going to cherish. You could further personalize the card by pairing a customized greeting from Tellinga!


Thoughtful words can make even the biggest holiday Grinch feel the Christmas spirit. This Grinch Christmas Card is a fun way to send out your blessings and wishes to your loved ones. This animated Christmas card is sure to bring a smile to the recipient's face. For more customized and artistic Christmas greetings, you can create storybook greeting cards from Tellinga!


You will be incredibly proud of this one-of-a-kind Christmas greeting card. If you don't know what to write in a Christmas card, send a family portrait in the Photo Greeting Card to personalize the Christmas present. The card's frame refrains the picture from moving around and ensures that your Christmas wishes are delivered in top-notch condition. Add heartfelt holiday greeting cards from Tellinga to complete this Xmas card experience.


If your friends are pet lovers, they are going to love these Animal-Inspired Christmas Cards. The cartoons at the front are so adorable that you wouldn't need to think about what to write on the Christmas cards. You can also pair a hand-drawn Christmas card from Tellinga to complete the gift!


Send out this Artistic Christmas Card to your loved ones and to your coworkers. The art on the front will express gratitude and prayers on your behalf. It can also be the perfect Christmas card for teachers too. You can also check out the hand-drawn holiday cards by Tellinga for a more personalized experience!


Wish a friend, family member, or client a Merry Christmas with these Handmade Christmas Greeting Cards. Your Xmas greetings will stand out when you pair these designer Christmas cards with a holiday story card from Tellinga!


If your manager appreciates and collects antique items, then this is the perfect Christmas Card for your boss. This vintage Christmas card has a portrait of Santa Claus, and a rustic design that accents the uniqueness of art. Pair a custom-made storybook from Tellinga to add more charm to your holiday greeting cards!


Send your Christmas wishes in an adorable and enchanting way with these Cat Christmas Cards. The cat in the lap of Santa represents warm and snuggly Xmas greetings. You could add a Christmas wish card from Tellinga to your Christmas package to make it extra merrier!


Send out warm Christmas greetings using these Comic Christmas Cards. These fun cards for Christmas are cute, quirky, and will surely make the recipients giggle. Gift a handwritten message from Tellinga to provide a personal touch to your Christmas wishes!


These Joy-In Christmas Cards are a set of the most delightful Christmas cards online. They have the perfect color theme which matches the occasion. Along with these boxed Christmas cards, add a flair of personal touch using Tellinga's custom-made storybook cards!


Enjoy spreading laughter with this hilarious Rudolph Greeting Card. This Zazzle greeting card will definitely send out some laughs and can be used as a Christmas thank you card. You could also pair these Christmas cards with customized Christmas gifts from Tellinga!


Delight your friends and family with this creative Christmas card. The Cocoa & S'mores sketch will bring a wide smile to your friend's face. These target Christmas cards are going to melt the recipient's heart. Pair these beautiful Christmas greetings with a hand-drawn storybook from Tellinga!


Send your tidings to your relatives using a Bright Family Card. These cards are the most basic and subtle online Christmas cards. You can add your family portrait to make it a holiday photo card. Add a personalized Christmas card by Tellinga to send your best wishes!


Send Family Quarantine Wishes to your friends using these Shutterfly Christmas cards. You can also check out the hand-drawn greeting cards by Tellinga for a more personalized Xmas experience!


Glow up Xmas with these Light It Up Walmart Christmas cards. Attach a family newsletter with these printable Christmas cards and update your relatives with some of the major events in your life. Add a heartfelt customized storybook from Tellinga!


Sprinkle love to your lovely friends and relatives with these unique Costco Christmas cards. Send this Starry Christmas Card along with a heart-felt storyline personally curated by the illustrators at Tellinga!


These Foil-based Vistaprint Christmas cards are the most unique greeting cards out there. The foil ensures that the card is going to last for years to come. Pair a personalized and heartfelt greeting card from Tellinga to gift a personal touch to your Christmas wishes!


Add sparkle to this year's Christmas celebration using these Joyful Nutcracker greeting cards. Independent artists make the unique designs of these Minted Christmas cards. Add a personalized Christmas card from Tellinga!


These Nativity Xmas Cards are a set of religious Christmas greetings containing everything you need to send your warm wishes. This homely and straightforward greeting card gives an impression of an old Christmas card, which we are sure the elderly will admire. Pair a personalized and heartfelt Christmas greeting card from Tellinga to give a personal touch to your Xmas wishes!


Personalize your greetings with these Snapfish Christmas cards. These cards are designed to suit your unique and wholesome form of greetings. "Oh, Holy Night" expresses a very calm and peaceful state of your Christmas wishes. You can also check out the hand-drawn greeting cards from Tellinga for a more personalized Christmas experience!


This sweet Yeti Xmas Card is the perfect way to send warm wishes to your friends and family this holiday season. These Hallmark Christmas cards feature a yeti wrapped up in Christmas lighting and creates the perfect Christmas postcards. Don't forget to pair custom Christmas cards from Tellinga to add more charm and flair!


If you are looking to send out humble and modest Christmas wishes, these Image Art Cards will get the job done. These cheap Christmas cards feature four unique designs of beautiful Christmas greetings accented with glitters. Pair a photo Christmas card from Tellinga to provide a more personalized touch.


These religious Christmas cards are the best way to wish Merry Xmas. Pair these Christian Christmas cards with holiday story cards from Tellinga!


This electronic greeting card comes with an Amazon Gift Card and is sure to make the recipient's Christmas special. Choose from various card designs available in this assortment by Amazon. You can also pair this digital Christmas card with a hand-drawn postcard by Tellinga!


These Puppet Greetings are perfect holiday Christmas cards for kids. The cover features a puppet of Santa, a snowman, and Rudolph. Cherish every moment as the magic of holidays viewed through children’s eyes is a blessing. You can also give it a cute little artistic touch by pairing this Puppet Christmas Card with customized story cards created by Tellinga!


Send out your best wishes in style using these watercolor Christmas cards. These fancy Reindeer Cards contain portraits of Rudolph, made using watercolors. Pair these Christmas cards for friends with a hand-drawn postcard created by Tellinga!


This Christmas, send out laughter to your family and friends using these Gags for Xmas Cards. Funny Christmas card photos are a happy addition to your season's greetings. Pair these funny holiday cards with personalized story cards created by Tellinga!


These beautiful and glittery Thomas Kinkade Greeting Cards are the prettiest Xmas greeting cards out there. This Hallmark boxed Christmas card contains everything you would need to send warm wishes to your family. For more gifting ideas and recommendations, please follow


This year send out your best wishes with this Festive Holiday Foliage. These printed Christmas cards, along with healthy green foliage, are going to make your family and friend's Christmas more cheerful. Pair a personalized and heartfelt greeting card from Tellinga to give a personal touch to these picture Christmas cards!


If you want your friends to enjoy the holy spirit of Christ, this destination Bethlehem Christmas Card is the best theme to go with. These Caspari Christmas cards add a classic and traditional touch to your holiday season. This particular Christmas card fuse modern style with religious sayings like “We love because he first loved us”. Add a personalized Christmas postcard created by Tellinga to send your best wishes!


Send out happy greetings to your friends and family using these Rejoice Cards. These Dayspring Christmas cards are premium ornaments that show extra love and care to your recipients. Pair a unique Christmas greeting card from Tellinga to provide a personal touch to your wishes!


Sometimes your business associates are as close as your family, and we do not want you to exclude them from your holiday greeting list. These Company Christmas Cards are one of the most casual yet professional cards present out there. You could also order them in bulk to make use of the Christmas card sale. We understand that some clients are more important than others, so we recommend sending them a personalized Christmas card from Tellinga!

walmart photo christmas cards
Merry Days

Tell your tale to everybody using these Walmart Photo Christmas Cards. Everyone loves receiving a Christmas card that’s packed with photographs. Create a picture-perfect card by using images from your family photoshoot or share snapshots off your camera roll. You can also check out cool Christmas cards by Tellinga for a more personalized experience!


We all deserve a smile this holiday season, and these adorable Snowman Cards are going to get that job done for you. These Amazon Christmas cards are cheap, and you can choose a card for every occasion. Pair your holiday greeting card with a customized story book from Tellinga to give a personalized touch to this holiday season!


Send joyous wishes to your loved ones using this Fun Sketch Card. This greeting card is the funniest Christmas card out there, and we guarantee that the recipients are going to enjoy them. You can also check out hand-drawn Christmas cards from Tellinga for a more personalized experience!


Among all the Christmas card ideas, this greeting card goes back in time. The OG Greeting Cards are plain, simple, and artistic. These cards are blank on the inside, so you can write wholesome messages in these Christmas greeting cards. Pair these funny cards for Christmas with Tellinga to make your presents merrier!


Send out the warm greetings this year from the Walgreens Photo Christmas Card collection. This Christmas card features slots for family portraits so the entire clan can send their best wishes to distant relatives. Add a Christmas postcard from Tellinga to send your best wishes!


If you want to choose from an assorted option of Xmas Greetings, CVS Christmas Cards are the best online choice available. These limitless greeting cards have customizable options, and you shouldn't have to think about what to write. Pair a merry Christmas card from Tellinga to make your holidays extra special.


This funny and festive Kardashian Christmas card will convey your warm wishes this holiday season. The Kardashians have been a welcoming distraction in this horrid year; let's celebrate this holiday season by sending out Kardashians Christmas cards. You can also check out the hand-drawn greeting cards from Tellinga for a better Christmas experience!


"We Made It Card" sends out hopeful and warm Christmas greetings. You can order these minted Christmas cards from their website. You can also check out the fun Christmas greeting cards from Tellinga for a more personalized experience!


Send out your warm wishes for Christmas with these Pop-Up Cards that are a set of elegant and exciting displayable Christmas cards. Pair these Christian Christmas cards with a handmade Xmas postcards from Tellinga!


This F.R.I.E.N.D.S inspired Christmas Card is made to send happiness and blessings your friend’s way. “The One Where It’s Christmas” card is a fun reminder of all the moments you have spent with your pals and is sure to bring a smile to the receiver's face. You can also order Christmas cards from Tellinga to personalize the experience!


Celebrate Christmas in a marvelous way by sending out these Marvel Cards. These Christmas pop-up cards are an amazing gift for all the superhero fans and can also be used for other events. You can also check out creative Christmas cards by Tellinga for more personalized holiday experience!


Football Christmas Cards are perfect for all sports enthusiasts. You can send an appreciation or an inspirational message at the end of the game season. Pair a funny Christmas card from Tellinga to provide the best Christmas wishes!



We have done the hard work for you and carefully hand-picked some sensational and unique Christmas card ideas. Each item on the list has its own little quirk, and we are sure that the receiver will appreciate the thought.

You could also choose to go with hand-drawn holiday story cards created by Tellinga if you gift a more fun Christmas card. For more gifting ideas and recommendations, please follow


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