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19 Best Audiobook Gifts | Amazing Gifts For Audible Book Lovers!

So, your partner's favorite pastime is to sit in a quiet corner plugging into an audiobook. Do you know what is the best part about this? There are a plethora of cute and amazing gifts for audible book lovers!

And, we are pretty sure your partner will love these thoughtful and relaxing gifts that can perfectly complement their audiobook sessions. Each of these gift items can make their solo dates with their audiobooks perfectly comforting. Let's have a look at the 19 best audiobook gifts!


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Your partner probably loves dozing off to audiobooks or enjoying the company of audiobooks on insomniac nights. Trust us, there is nothing more irritating than getting your headphone wires tangled when you are engrossed in your audiobook. Also, the earphone buds can feel annoying. These sleep headphones can come to the rescue! The material is soft and comfortable and your partner can even use it as an eye mask. Beautiful, isn't it? We are confident that your partner will find this quite useful.


If your partner is fond of the best audiobooks, he/she probably already has an audible membership. But they would like a premium or gold audible books membership a lot better. Unlimited access to thousands of original audio publications where they can best explore their interests will probably make them fall head over heels for you once again. A cup of hot chocolate and a few classics or intriguing documentaries is all they need to fix a bad day. You can also add a cute digital gift note with it for a special touch. If this is what you are thinking of giving, then read this guide on how to gift audiobooks.


If your partner is more practical than romantic, you can rather give him/her something useful. Only audiobook fans know how annoying it feels when their phone's battery dies out just when the story reaches the climax. A light portable power bank charger can be a great savior for them on days when they don't feel like walking up to the switchboard or when they are stuck on a long journey. Gift them this super useful gift and never hear them complaining again!


5. Smart Speaker With Alexa

For a pro audiobook listener, Alexa can make a good buddy. Your partner will be able to skip chapters or restart any chapter from the beginning just with voice commands. All of this makes the listening experience pretty interesting. You can check out the Echo Dot Smart Speaker with Alexa. It comes with a set of free audiobooks every month. It is indeed a piece of heaven for every audiobook lover out there! Just be sure that your partner already has an audible subscription. Such a gift would impress any story lover.


Is Alexa too much of a pricey gift option for you? No worries! You can still gift your partner a little less expensive mini wireless Bluetooth speaker. Just make sure the sound quality and battery life are pretty amazing. We promise your partner can never get bored with these cool, acorn-shaped speakers. Whether your partner is out on a vacation or a night out, we are pretty sure they are going to carry it everywhere. Sometimes, these speakers are just a much feel better option than earphones.


If your partner is addicted to audiobooks, he/she is probably addicted to one more thing. Coffee! Ask them about this, and they will tell you what a surreal experience it is for them to listen to their favorite comfort story while they are sipping on a cup of hot chocolate or mocha. Cool coffee mugs with imprints of audiobooks or quirky audiobook-lover quotes can be a great surprise gift for them. We bet that this would go on their Instagram stories with the caption, "I love audiobooks more than humans." Just make sure the mug isn't too small and can hold enough coffee to get them through one long audiobook listening session. Oh! Brownie points for cute mugs!


Do you know what disappoints audiobook lovers the most? They can't show it off to the world how much they are in love with books. Of course, because their love for literature is hidden in those digital devices. They have maybe only a few hard paper books. A wooden lamp that resembles a book wouldn't hurt, would it? Tell your partner to send you a pic of what their room looks like while they are listening to an audiobook. If it doesn't look that pretty, maybe it's time to add in some gorgeousness. Give them a book-shaped lamp that emits soft, diffused light and has a rusty, vintage look. Just imagine how happy it would make your partner have a perfect date night like ambiance while they are in the world of stories.


If your partner loves audiobooks more than he/she loves you, we are sure they die for some "me-time". People who are diehard fans of audiobooks are usually introverts and they love escaping in their own tiny world. Nothing can make them feel more loved and special than a self-care check kit. Buy them a kit that includes luxury items like a refreshing chamomile tea pack, a hydrating sheet mask, a lovely smelling skincare item maybe, a cute sleep mask, chocolates, and of course a tiny book with colorful illustrations. Trust us, introverts like such gifts more than posh dinner dates! They would love getting all curled up in their cozy blanket with this kit and dim fairy lights on their walls, while they plug into their audiobook and pamper themself. A perfect self-date idea! And it might hurt you, but we swear they like self-dates more than a date night with you. No jokes here!


What do you think your partner misses the most in an audiobook session? You? Wrong answer! They miss the smell and nostalgia of library books. While they love how convenient audiobooks are for them, they also crave the intimacy of real books. But you can give them something that can make them experience the best of both worlds! Guess what? A paperback book scented candle! You never thought of such a thing, did you? Neither did your partner! Show your love for your partner with this unique and creative gift. But, please be sure that the smell isn't overpowering. Imagine how proud it will make your partner feel while he/she lies back on the couch listening to an audiobook and saving the planet at the same time without missing out on the nostalgia. Also, it is a great addition to their self-pamper nights.


If you are too low on your budget and want to gift something affordable as well as practical, this one is a good option. Any audiobook lover clings to earphones all day and tangled earphones are no doubt frustrating when you are excited to find out what's on the next chapter. Look for earphone cord organizers with cute, bubbly designs and bright colors. This gift will keep their earphones tangle-free, easily accessible, and compact. Give us one reason why you think they wouldn't like this extremely useful gift. You simply can't! Don't overthink and go for it.


Your audiobook-lover partner spends a lot of time scrolling through their phone because they are cheating on you (with audiobooks) You probably didn't find this funny! They are mostly busy curating their favorite audiobook list or the best suggestions. Give them a chance to say out loud to the world that they are proud of being nerdy bookworms. Nothing better than a personalized phone cover that looks like a book to express a literature-obsessed personality. Of course, it would be better if the phone cover is made out of high-quality faux leather with multiple slots for adding in useful stuff. Your partner wouldn't believe that you are this creative!


Anyone who likes reading or listening to stories probably likes even writing them. Even if not a complete story, maybe a few poems here and there where they can express their feelings. Your audio-book enthusiast partner can scribble out all their thoughts and plot ideas while listening to an audiobook or doodle the characters on this cool neon-shade notebook. It is a pretty thoughtful book and will help your partner explore his/her creative writer side. Yes, it does seem like too much of a simple gift but trust us not every time over-the-top gifts feel good. This one is indeed a cool gift idea if your partner is not that cheesy.


If your partner's day usually looks busy, he/she might not have enough time to listen to audiobooks while at home. The best place to plug into an audiobook for such busy audiobook listeners is their car. Yes! No one likes getting stuck at signals without something to listen to. And if your partner likes audiobooks, it's probably not music but audiobooks. A hands-free Bluetooth Car Speaker with voice activation will keep them safe as well as entertained while they are on the ride. Seems interesting, isn't it?


If your partner is into audiobooks, he/she probably likes e-books as well. Buy one of the affordable kindle models that fit within your budget. But make sure your partner has a Bluetooth-enabled speaker or you can include it with your gift. Because the device does not have a headphone jack. Your partner can seamlessly switch between reading and listening to avoid straining the eyes or hurting the ears. Pretty, comfortable isn't it? Gift them this lovely surprise and tell them they are as precious to you as audiobooks are to them. Avoid this idea if your partner cringes hard on hopeless romantics!


You can easily find it in e-commerce websites or electronic stores, a smartphone stand that combines a wireless charger, premium-quality Bluetooth enabled dual speaker system, and a built-in microphone that can be used as a speakerphone as well. All you need to make sure is that the charger is compatible with your partner's phone model. You can also video call her at times in between her audiobook session since the built-in microphone makes it convenient. But we are not sure if they would like to get disturbed when they have already escaped to another world with the male lead character. Minimalistic yet a trendy gift idea we think!


Gifting your partner an antique, vintage-themed gift is unique and makes you more love-worthy. Okay, the second part was not completely true! There is no chance that the spoken word vinyl audiobook series will be available any soon. But why not go the extra mile and surprise him/her with this unexpected gift? You can search for some online sites for audiobooks like Discogs and Amazon to buy one of such collections. Try hunting down sellers who sell copies of selected audiobook collections of non-music vinyl records. Trust us, your partner will feel overwhelmed with this amount of effort.


If you always see your partner with a single earbud plugged in, it is because they want to be aware of their surroundings as well. So don't waste your money buying a pair of earbuds but rather invest in a single earbud with exceptional sound quality. A slim, one-ear Bluetooth headphone with a noise-canceling microphone is probably the best gift out there for audiobook lovers. Go for an earbud with a professional CSR chipset and multi-data transmission stabilizer with a wide wireless range and amazing battery life. We promise your partner can never thank you enough for this one.


Are you wondering why we are suggesting this gift for audiobook lovers? If your partner is not a coffee-addict, he/she is probably addicted to tea. Why do we think so? Because an audiobook lover will never let go of the bliss to sip on a hot beverage while they are listening to their favorite stories sitting on the balcony porch. Sounds, romantic? You can gift wrap for your partner an Instagram story worthy tin of handpicked and sorted loose tea leaves in wholesome and delicious flavors. Your partner will not be able to resist such an energizing brew. But if he/she is more of a hot cocoa person, you can go for a big pack of hot chocolate as well.



We hope you found this mixed list of gifts for audible book lovers. Most of them are affordable and useful but some of them are just too cute. Now depending on your partner's personal preferences and your budget, sort out the best ones. You can also suggest 10audioz for best audiobook gift suggestions.


Here are a few other sites to find unique gift ideas for audiobook lovers:


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Ruby Butz
Ruby Butz
May 06

My sister loves audiobooks! I gave her noise-canceling headphones and she can't get enough of them. She wears them almost all the time because she started learning Chinese and listens to audiobooks in Chinese all the time. She read the article and became interested in learning different languages. Now she knows not only English and German, but also Chinese. I'm very proud of her!


Albert Dexter
Albert Dexter
Apr 23

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